This was posted 11 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Everyday Rewards] $10 off $50, $20 off $100, $25 off $125, or $30 off $150 Spend @ BWS


Greetings everyone, credit to life is suffering for spotting this last night. BWS currently has $10 off $50 spend if you make a new account, however from my testing it seems as though this is actually just a generic code which can be used on any BWS account :)

This can then also be stacked with the current Everyday Rewards promotion (Cliqour Deals)! These are:

$10 Off $100 ($20 off with Code)
$15 Off $125 ($25 off with Code)
$20 Off $150 ($30 Off with Code)

Should be able to stack with other Woolworths Rewards points / $ off Offers also I believe. Can use discounted gift cards for further savings also.

As always, enjoy!

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    Johnnie Walker Black at $40 and Double Black at $45 seem great prices. Cheers doweyy!

    • Thanks. Got the double black due to your comment.

  • Also bowmore $55 is ok

  • Bundy black at $55 after discount. Not a bad price.

  • Nice one doweyy

  • Where do I find the other every day reward promotions, I can't see anything?

    How does tracking work, I swear I entered my rewards number on my last purchase on BWS and there's no activity

    • It should be sent to you via email

      I got this link in the email

      Your reward card should be linked to your account so you don't have to enter it when you checkout. If you have to enter during checkout then you are doing something wrong.

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    This can then also be stacked with the current Everyday Rewards promotion (Cliqour Deals)! These are:

    How to use this?

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      Make sure you're logged into a BWS account which is linked to an everyday rewards account and it should activate the offers in the OP. It's a one day early bird special for rewards members and then it opens to anyone tomorrow.

      • Double stacks?

        This is annoying, one bottle of champagne I want is $91 and the other one is $73 and there at separate stores 😬😬😬

  • Got a 1ltr of Makers Mark for $45 with code and WW $10 off

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    Just spent $120 there yesterday, I knew this would happen!!

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      Get plastered and buy again


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    Was trying to figure out how to get stuff from First Choice Liquor, but this deal definitely makes things easier. Thank you

    Bottle of Roku for 57$ as a Secret Santa gift. Good deal!

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    $30 in total, I get it. Thanks.

  • Can't seem to get more than $10 off no matter how much I spend (have Everyday Rewards card associated with BWS account)?

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      I noticed the total comes out when you confirm in your cart at the end

      • Ah you're right!

        Thanks mate ;)

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    Roederer Brut Vintage X 2. - $152
    It was already on clearance at a store in South Australia.

    Dan Murphy's $125 a bottle

    • i couldn't find any vintages around me

      • Luck of the draw mate, some of the boys were saying in New South Wales there was crazy deals

        I know that Edwardstown had some vintage champagne, Tea tree Plaza has some aswell

  • Oh wow … thank you for the post OP..and all fellow members.. great Sunday morning for us Victorians .. bonus deals on alcohol as well.!!.

  • Xmas drinks sorted

  • Thanks OP

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    Thanks. Just picked up 8 x Shaw and Smith M3 Chardonnary 2019 for around $21 per bottle.

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      How did you do that?

    • In the immortal words of Pauline Hanson - 'please explain….'

      • They must have had rewards credit otherwise not possible

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    Thanks doweyy.
    Just bought a dozen of reds!

  • Thanks.
    Picked up a Chivas Regal 12y 1L and Smirnoff Red 1L for a neat $103. That's a good deal for the chivas, even though everyone else has a sale for the same product it's still at least $10 cheaper using this.

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    Nice one got 2 x 1L Jameson’s for $109

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    Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon code.
    What am I doing wrong here? I'm logged in, have my card linked, and still get this error. Nothing on my rewards card too.

    • Getting the same error

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      Looks like they fixed it and only applies to new BWS accounts now..

      • Applies to mine and I have ordered before

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    Why has this expired, T&C's indicate midnight expiry?

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      Marked as expired as the extra $10 off doesn't work anymore, however the other discounts still work fine.

  • Code still working here.

  • Went through to checkout, it worked on $50 or $100 spend.