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Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 700ml $50 @ BWS


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  • +7

    This is an awesome bourbon. Makers Mark on it's own is yummy, this is next level.

    Great price.

    • What do you usually mix it with?

      • +2

        Coca Cola

        • +4

          will be Pepsi be ok?

        • Second that, goes awesome with coke. Has a unique taste compared to other bourbon I get.

      • 46 is tasty enough to have neat IMO. If I were mixing I would just use standard MM.

        • For $50, you can do whatever you want I suppose.

      • Ginger beer

      • usually have it neat, or with dry ginger ale mate.

        • Thanks for letting know, otherwise I would've wasted a bottle of pepsi

          I'm usually a single malt scotch drinker, I haven't tried drinking bourbon whisky neat before.

      • Merle Haggard records and a strong sense that my best days are behind me and I could've done more with my life if I had applied myself better in my youth.
        Or about a teaspoon of cool spring water, to take the edge off the alcohol content a little.

  • +1

    Also noticed that I'll collect 1560 points for the first bottle, then 60 points per extra bottle in the same transactions.

    • +1

      How? Through Boost?

      • Not sure, I can't see any boosts active on my card. Just added to cart and it was there. Maybe it's targeted?

        • +1

          Hmm, wonder what the deal is with that.

          Mine's coming in at 2066 points when I checkout for the MM 1L bottle, effectively bringing it down to $45 (when taking into account the $10 I'll get after purchase from the points boost). Plus I've got a 5% Wish GC and $10 in Rewards $ to use, so…. winning! :-)

          That'll definitely be the cheapest I've ever paid for a 1L bottle (duty free included).

  • +1

    Coupon doesn't work for me :(

    • +2

      Are you logged in and have rewards card attached?

  • Not accepting code. Believe it is $10 off orders over $100 right?

    • +1

      Need to be logged in and have rewards card attached. Just tried again and it works

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Just snaffled one :)

  • Just picked up a bottle. Cheers for the great deal

  • Worked for me. Ready in 30m

  • +2

    Standard Maker's 1L for $65, would be $55 with this if it works, that's also a good deal!

    • +2

      Can confirm it works for the 1L bottle as well.

  • Great stuff op, just bought a bottle. Marvellous drop.

  • +1

    Omfg… Heh heh .. great Sunday morning for us Victorians..
    Thanks OP .. picked up 2 bottle of the makers and a bottle of Ketel for $135… And can share it with some friends now .

  • Worked for the first bottle, tried to reordered a second bottle but the code doesn't work lol :(

    • Need to make another account with your partner's everyday Rewards card and can buy with that

  • Thanks OP, bargain! Been wanting to get this for a while (plus had $40 woollies rewards so only cost $10!) 😁

  • Thanks OP. Husband had $10 in rewards. Only paid $40!

    • +1

      Female who bargains and drink whisky, you're a keeper! 🤗🤷‍♂️

      • Why did this comment get downvoted?

        • +1

          We're all woke now in 2020

  • +1

    Brilliant offer, with two bottles, applied the code for $20 off, added a 6 pack of Pale Ale to keep it above $110 for 2140 rewards points ($10), used two Woolworths gift cards purchased with 5% ($10 saving). Think BWS are basically paying me to drink these, haha! Brilliant offer. Well done.

    • how did you get 2 bottles? When I tried ordering 2 it came up with a message saying its limited to 1 bottle only

  • Sweat action

  • Picked up this, 700ml bottle of double black Johnnie Walker and some $10 bottle of wine for a total of $100.

    Thanks OP!

  • bought this last time for $60, was well worth it. $50 is a bargain.
    good enough to drink neat.

  • I got a box of these last time on sale I paid $44 each

  • +1

    No option to remove an unavailable item (Fat Yak from the other day) from my bws app's cart. So dumb

    • Try opening a new incognito/private window

      • +2

        A bit hard to do that on a phone App aye…

    • +1

      I was struggling with this too.
      Swipe left on the cart item.
      You're welcome.

      • Thanks - surprised there was actually an app solution!
        I had to go onto the desktop site to remove it.

        • Yea, not very intuitive. There should have been an x or some sort of prompt. Well, all of us at Ozb now know for next time!

  • +1

    Too funny. Just walked in from the shops with a 1L bottle of regular Makers, also on sale, after $10 off.
    Just tried the code for the '46' and that's another $10 saved :-)

  • Awesome deal doe this bourbon at $50. Thanks

  • I was running out.

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Collected mine and the person who served me asked whether there was a deal online or something. Apparently my local store has never sold this many bottles in a day before haha.

  • Thanks OP, You just 'Maked' my day, a Makers46 for fiddy bux :)

  • Cheers great bourbon grabbed a few and some gift packs for xmas presents

  • Thanks OP $50 bargain with 2060 points for that extra $10 rewards card

  • Got one for fiddy, bargain, cheers op

  • So BWS is still affiliated with Woolies even though it doesn't own the store anymore?

    • +1

      Woolworth Group still owns BWS and Dan Murphy. Not sure what you are talking about.

    • Most BWS is literally inside the Woolworths store and run by Woolworths staff lol.

  • Sorry I can't find the coupon code. What is it?

    • It's at the top of the post: XC3z-1QB-a5y

      Also spend $100 to get another $10 automatically deducted

      • Edit: Nevermind

        • Looks like one of the $10's expired before midnight :(

      • +1

        Thank you, however I just tried and it says "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon code."

        • +1

          Yeah it expired just a few hours ago. So I'm getting something from First Choice with 20% cashback instead.
          Update: Nevermind, that expired too. Left with nothing…

  • Still works for me

  • Doesn't work right now for me - same error as phil08 'not eligible'..

    • You should login and link your Woolworths everyday rewards card for it to work.

  • OP, I found this in the BWS website.

    Please update this in the post.

    *Cliquor Deals Offer offer is available from 9.11.20 12:00am to 10.11.20 11:59pm (AEDT). Spend $100 get $10 off, Spend $125 get $15 off, Spend $150 get $20 off. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Tobacco. Not available in the Northern Territory.

  • Cheers @ OP - added a case of Pale Ale to get it over $100 and got the additional $10 off - solid bargain

  • I tried logged in with woolies card attached, failed

    • Same here

  • +1

    Works for me still :-)

  • Drinking this right now, very nice drop. Taste similar to a single malt whisky like a Glenfiddich

      • ooo tempted lol

        Do you drink this neat or mix it with ginger ale? Is it a waste mixing it with ginger ale?


        • I drink neat. Over some ice after work and it's so good

          • @Pricebeat: I bought another 2 bottles for $114

            thank you

            Have you ever mixed it with ginger ale?

            • @Homr: I haven't but I am keen to try

              • @Pricebeat: I'm drinking it right now, nothing special really. It's a waste using the 46 as a mixer. You're better off using the normal makers mark if you want to to mix.

        • Ginger ale and lime is normally the go-to for me,
          or a whisky sour for a nice treat that's fun to make :-) https://www.facebook.com/700799066/videos/10156839283174067/

          For something neat, Bacardi's Oakheart Spiced Rum as been my best find yet.

          • @scottb721: Yes whisky sour is a nice cocktail, but you wouldn't waste a makers mark 46 to make that. You would a less premium whisky for it lol

            • @Homr: Correct ;-) plus with 3 shots you'd be under the table too early in the night

              • @scottb721: Yeh you're right, this thing is pretty strong. I ended up having 3 drinks of it with 2 shots each and I was gone now nursing a mini hang over haha

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