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Kogan 27" KAMN27F24SA 240hz FHD Curved Freesync Monitor $329 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


From the website:

Boasting a blistering-fast refresh rate and breathtakingly beautiful resolution, this incredible 27” curved Full HD gaming monitor takes your gameplay to the next level while wrapping around your field of view to fully immerse you in the action.

Stunning 27” curved display with Full HD 1920 × 1080p
Rapid 240Hz refresh rate and 6ms (OD) response time
1500R Curve allows eyes to track smoothly across the screen
3 x HDMI ports support multiple devices simultaneously
Up to 16.7 million display colours
Eliminate tearing and stuttering with FreeSync

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      It's in the description. Perhaps I'll put it in the title?


    6ms oh dear, going to be some ghosting gaming at high refresh rate

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      You're technically right, but the average response time target manufacturers would set would be 4.17 ms, and most 240Hz monitors would peak at 2 to 3 milliseconds in a usable overdrive setting.

      There's some more recent 240Hz TN offerings that drop just below 1ms for some peak readings, but everything else is unusable in such advertised modes and it's more about most or all coming under that 4.17ms target.

      I don't believe there is a single monitor on the market that does this yet, not even a 360Hz monitor, and that's with grey-to-grey measurements, which represent the 10-90% range of all response times.

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    CSOT owns Samsung's LCD production lines now, so this 240Hz monitor is the same panel as this:


    Which comparatively looks like this.

    Do not buy this monitor, get the updated Kogan QHD 144Hz model instead, or look elsewhere for a 240Hz panel.

    The only decent 240Hz VA right now is the Samsung G7, otherwise I would tend to look at 240Hz TN, and here's a video explaining why.


      Is the kogan 144hz QHD using LG nano ips panel?


        No, it's using an updated Samsung VA panel, that's largely similar to the CHG70. So, decent for the price.