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30% off Storewide eg (Ivory Coat Adult Lamb & Kangaroo (13KG + 2KG Extra) $89.60) + Free Delivery over $50 @ My Pet Warehouse


exclusions Veterinary diets, Orijen, Snooza
expires midnight Thursday the 12th of November
don't forget cashback / shopback
always shop around you may find cheaper prices elsewhere

deals on
Blackhawk (20 kg bags sold out)
Meals for Mutts egMeals for Mutts Kangaroo and Lamb 20kg $90.30
Ivory Coat
Ziwipeak and more

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My Pet Warehouse

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    nice one, OP - also includes ZiwiPeak, sensational. Thanks

    • Is ZiwiPeak comparable to Providore in your opinion?

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        Ziwipeak is better than Providore.

  • +1

    Thanks op this comes in handy as my dog is finishing our 20kg bag!

    • +23

      my dog is finishing our 20kg bag!

      Buy two bags so you don’t have to share!

      • 😆

  • +1

    That was easy, PetStuck can learn a thing or two from MyPetwarehouse

  • Ordered Thanks

  • Any cat food on specials?

  • Thanks for posting, just in time to get new supplies.

  • Thanks OP…20kg bag of Meals for Mutts is about $20 cheaper that i have ever been able to get it for.

    • Yep best price I have seen, so ordered two bags!

  • Great prices on Ziwipeak.
    Thanks OP.

  • Any recommendations for a 5 year old American Bulldog whom has just been diagnosed with stage 1 kidney failure?

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      Go see a vet, may get you a prescription diet

    • I reckon you could try Hills K/d or Royal canin (renal), but you should call up your vet to ask if these diets are appropriate first.

    • Recommend not ozbargain for important decisions

    • You should consult your vet first, but I agree that Hills and Royal Canin are pretty good brands. If you for some reason cannot get to a vet, their renal prescription diets are good choices.

    • What others said, see a vet if you haven't already (you did say has been diagnosed)

      Yes, a kidney specific helps a lot - our cat has stage3/stage4 CKD and was diagnosed 2 years ago.. and we switched her from Royal Canin Indoor 7+ (which we've been using for years) to RC Renal Select..

      We didn't expect her to make more than a few months at best but its been 2 years so far and she still seems happy, grooms herself and so on.. so while she's happy we'll keep doing what we do.

      It's also important to think about other things that can get affected by kidneys failing - which is why the vet visit is important.

      e.g. ours has high blood pressure so she has to have blood pressure medication along with the special food..

      We buy the (kidney) food from Budget Pet Products and they've been great in terms of price and supply/delivery.

  • Damn it just spent a bunch of money there yesterday. Any chance the store will let us have the difference if we go back in? I.e. "return everything and repurchase"

  • -1

    What about dog

    • +2

      It isn't fair

  • +7

    Does it also stack with the $10 off first order https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/coupon

    • +1


    • +1

      I haven’t received this coupon after waiting around an hour…anyone else had luck?

      • +1

        Mine came after 2 mins

        • +1

          Was the code generic? Can u post as mine has not come through either

        • Thanks trickma - would you mind saying which email provider (out of curiosity)?

          • +1

            @Dealhunter967671: My code didn't come through on 1 of my emails. Tried another and it came through quickly. Same for wife. Code was not the same on the accounts

          • +1

            @Dealhunter967671: Worked for me too. Gmail. Took about 5 minutes. Was in the spam box. Didn't come through on disposable email (mailinator.com).

        • gmail doesnt work

          • +1

            @Turd: My code came through after about 5 minutes to my Gmail account. Code is unique.

            • @SoDelicious: I used a ISP email and it worked. Came through within 2mins

              • @Turd: Tried 5 emails, 2 worked. No rhyme or reason to the provider! Weird, thanks anyway all.

                • @Dealhunter967671: I've tried 5 and haven't received a single coupon. Have received the "welcome" email on 2 accounts but that's it. Their system may be overloaded.

      • I didn't automatically get it when I signed up. But it did finally get sent when I entered my email into the coupon page above. Took about 20 minutes to get sent through.

  • Awesome! Thanks!
    With the 10 Dollar off sign up I bought 2 bags of cat food for 86… Usually 1 is 65!

    • -1

      Dry cat food is quite bad for cats.

      • A balanced diet is better for cats.

        • +1

          Any source to back up your claims? Genuinely interested if true.

          Last cat died old and happy eating dry cat food all his life :)

          • +1

            @Nils: Dry food has over 30% carbs. Cats do not need carb.

            • @Prince K: Cats are obligate carnivores. Carbohydrates aren't the problem per se, it's more the inclusion of cereals and cheap ones at that. Have a look at petfoodreviews.com.au as that site's been really useful and he goes into a reasonable level of detail.

              There's nothing particularly wrong with high quality kibble as long as they have plenty of water to go with it.

              It does help to give them things like chicken necks regularly that help to clean teeth.

              We complement our cats dry food with a pouch of 'wet' stuff.. just a teaspoons worth per cat per day..

          • @Nils: What did you get?

  • Thanks really good deal

  • Didnt get the coupon :(

  • Thankssaved me $80 on 2x 15kg hill science

  • Saved me $30 on the 20kg Black Hawk Lamb & Rice bag (used sign up $10 new customer coupon) for my GSD. Thanks OP!

  • $10 coupon for purchases over $75 only

  • Ordered some Mutts. Cashback tracked instantly too. Great experience!

  • Nice! With the newbie coupon I got a bag of Black Hawk 20kg for $70 :)

  • Great, ordered some Prime 100 (never goes on sale) and Holistic Select (never goes on sale).


  • Can you feed this to cats as well?

    • There's Blackhawk food for cats. My cat preferred it the least over the others

      • What do you recommend? What cat do you have?

        • +1

          I'm not Vet haha but from my experience cats seem to love "grain free" you buy from Coles, with wet food every now and then. Especially the chicken gravy. And I have a few short & long furr kittens and a cat at home. Plus a few I feed at work. Currently feeding all the ones at home Purina One kitten food as the mum is breastfeeding. As for snacks, you can't beat Temptations (green pack).

  • My two Pugs thank you, OP!

    • What do you feed your pugs?

      • +1

        They have been on Black​ Hawk Lamb and Rice for a while now!

  • +2

    Also for anyone needing anything urgently, petbarn will price match these guys :)

  • Cashrewards - 4.2%

  • 2x BlackHawk 20kg ea + $10 + cash rewards = $145 - 40kg delivered … Bargain! Thanks OP, still had 30KG from previous OZB deal now wont need anymore for next 12 months!

  • Thanks OP. Except I forgot the Cashrewards (again!).
    2 bags dog food, 1 bag cat off + $10 welcome off. $217.

    • Should have split order and used 2 $10 off welcome coupons for a bigger saving

  • +1

    For those picky cats, feline natural is very good priced at $25.xx.

    Bought 10, substantial savings stack with 4.2% cashback

  • Thanks OP 🐈

  • Thanks OP, stocked up!

  • Got my dog some meals for mutts. With the $10 first time buyer, I got it for $80 + $3.65 cash sick on top!
    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks for this!!

  • The wife was just telling me today we'd finally emptied out the last of the 20kg bags we bought during the COVID. Perfect timing, thanks OP.

  • Great deal, thanks OP! I may have gone a bit overboard but my dog will be well fed!

  • +1

    sales have been good
    they have extended the sale till midnight on the 12th
    Get in quick, stock may not last

  • pet warehouse is fantastic for consistent deals

  • I just got this email from My Pet Warehouse:

    Unfortunately we are currently out of stock of the following at our Victorian Warehouse:


    We are expecting to receive this item back in stock in the next few business days and we will complete your order as soon as possible.

    Alternatively, please let us know if you would like to exchange this product for another item or would prefer a refund.

    I ordered at 12:50pm yesterday. I'm going to wait, I'm not in a rush for it.

    • I ordered at 12:50pm yesterday.

      I've ordered roughly an hour before you
      no msg yet
      fingers crossed

  • No message for me either with a delay or shipping but no rush, I've a plenty of food. Was a great deal, I imagine they got hammered :)

  • no more stock

  • Their site has not responded tonight with the $10 code for any of our family email addresses. On a previous occasion, they did but not until the next morning while I was away at work. A day or so later when I had time to try using them, they would not work as having "expired". Poor performance. Also, the 20 kg Lamb & Rice which was their featured item is showing as out of stock and they won't even accept an order for delayed delivery! I've now picked a more expensive alternative but dammit I am not going to order it without that $10 coupon. "Not happy, Jan".

    • Just had my son try, and the $10 worked…but as the bag ordered cost $10 more than the Adult Lamb and Rice that I would have ordered, I'm not sure that this is a great "win". Nevermind, I'm sure my Bernese Mountain Dog will love the food; after all, it has her picture on the bag! LOL.

  • They sent me an email that out of stock and will fulfill order in few days ….

  • Ugh, my preferred food just went in stock, popped it in the cart, took a 2min phone call, came back and it's gone :(

    • What's your preferred food?

  • +1

    Cashrewards increased to 10%

    • Thanks updated

    • +3

      20% @ SB 6-10 pm tonight!

      • cheers mate updated

  • Been waiting over 24 hours for my $10 off first order coupon, but so far nothing ☹…ozbargained ?

    • It doesn't work with the gmail dot trick and it only works once with the + trick (as in it'll work for +extra but not for +extra2). Also, the coupon works on ANY account as long as it's the first purchase on that account.

      • Thanks. Have now tried 3 different family members legitimate email addresses, none with previous purchases, and no first purchase coupon received on any of them 🤷‍♂️😒.

  • Anyone get their order shipped? Radio silence here

    • I've made 3 separate orders over the last 2 days, all on different accounts to make use of the welcome voucher. No movement here either. But I reckon they would've gotten heaps of orders during click frenzy, so probably just back-logged.

    • Mine is in transit. They are usually a bit slow but not terribly slow.

  • Got my order delivered

  • My tracking number came in earlier fwiw. Looks like I got in at the right time.

  • Still nothing. Just an email to say sorry for the delay.

    • I haven't even got a delay email, nothing since order on 11th. Not sure if cashrewards tracked either.

      • me either, on both points

  • Got my order today.

  • My first of 3 separate orders arrived on Friday (20/11).

    Have to lodge a cashback claim with CR though as it didn't track.

    My 2 other orders were with SB. First one was tracked by second was not.

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