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Silicon Power 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 3600MHz CL18 $73.09 Delivered @ Silicon Power via Amazon AU

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Silicon Power 16GB (8GBx2) XPOWER Turbine Gaming DDR4 3600MHz (PC4 25600) 288-pin CL18 1.35V UDIMM Desktop Memory Module (SP016GXLZU360BDA)

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  • +1

    Tip if buying for new ryzen 5000 do quad rank since apparently that improves around 8% of performance. Also I believe that you cam push those memories to 3800mhz wich also makes ryzen happy haha


    • +2

      For the uninitiated: quad rank in this case refers to either 4x single rank sticks (commonly 8GB these days) or 2x dual rank sticks (commonly 16GB).

      Be mindful that there are some 16 GB single rank sticks, and that you should confirm the model details before purchasing.

      • -1

        This has been known for ages. Looks like the people have been watching the recent Gamer Nexus video. It has been working since Zen 1. AMD posted an article in 2017 about it. Also make sure interleaving is on in BIOS.


        • Sure, but the relative performance lead is double those figures.

          I was just clarifying the original reply anyway, should people be confusing quad rank with quad channel.

          • @jasswolf: There is an advantage to having 4 sticks of 16gb single rank. It creates less stress on the IMC, allows a capacity of 64gb, whilst allowing 4 ranks to be used and the full 256 bits of memory bandwidth for Zen. If someone is able to get hold of the Crucial Ballistix Max 4000, 16gb single rank modules, they may have a bettier chance of overclocking Infinity Fabric to 2000 in 1:1.

            • @shellshocked: I've no doubt, but there's not really a substantial home user benefit or use case that would see people otherwise strapping 64 GB of RAM to their motherboard. So it doesn't really apply to 99% of people reading this exchange.

              Eventually you have to jump off the value curve, and that's probably maxed out at some sort of 32 GB configuration.

  • Oh no! not compatible with MSI X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI :(

    • whew i nearly purchased this ram for my x570 tomahawk

    • It looks compatible with DDR4 3600MHz ram unless i am missing something?


      • It is not mate, search the Model No. on MSI X570 Site you will not see it there in the memory list.


        • +7

          The manufacturer can't test every kit of memory, it'll work even though it's not on the QVL / approved memory list.

          All RAM's the same and Ryzen isn't fussy like it was with X370.

          • @maybe a bot: I hope of you can give me a report for your claim, I want to believe that tho

            • @max-pc1010: A lot of people have used memory which have not been on the QVL and it has worked perfectly fine. As the other person said, it's not like that anymore.

              You can search it up and all of the recent results are reporting no problems at all.

              Edit: https://www.build-gaming-computers.com/is-memory-qvl-importa…

              "To summarize the rest of the article, whether or not the memory QVL is important or not ultimately comes down to personal opinion. The general consensus among most experienced builders and hardware enthusiasts on this grey-area of a topic is that it's not necessary to worry about the QVL for consumer gaming/workstation PC builds, and that it's only crucially important to stick to when building high-end servers and other professional-grade systems of that nature."

            • @max-pc1010: I've purchase plenty of RAM over the years that wasn't officially supported (ie tested).

  • 100% Claimed

    • That was quick, I would have thought they would have more stock being a lightning deal

  • gone no more bye bye

  • Looks like 100% claimed, and I only see a "Join Waitlist" button. Might be sold out already.

  • +2

    latency is too high

  • +1

    Pretty poor timings, the prime day crucial ballistix was around the same price, better timings and lasted a lot longer than this deal.

  • any tech savvy people can give me tips….

    building a pc, x570 tomahawk wifi, gonna get the ryzen 5 5600x.

    Thinking about getting some 4x8 3200mhz CL 14 ram . Is that a good choice? read somewhere going lower CL is better than 3600mhz.

    • +2

      3600 cl16 and 3200 cl14 should be pretty similar performance. I've found ryzen easier to get everything running smoothly with dual channel over quad, consider going 2x 16gb, also leaves room for more later.

      • +2

        post from femelo from gamers nexus

        It seems like 4x8gb might be better for Ryzen 5000 series up to 10%

        Just in regards to frequency ive read somewhere ryzen builds tend to benefit more from lower latency as opposed to going for high frequency.

        • Looks like you're better informed than me, thanks for the link. Going solely off that video I'd pick 3200 cl14 x4 too for 5000 series. And if you're going to trust anyone I reckon Steve is a pretty good choice.

          • @pin4e: Steve just acts like he knows what he is talking about. You will notice that Steve always refers to Wendel from Level 1 Techs. Wendel puts a lot of the other Tech Tubers to shame with his knowledge. Any way you can have either 2x16gb dual rank sticks, or 4x8 single rank sticks. It just allows Zen to utilise the full 256 bit memory bus, and allows the memory cycle to start before finishing a previous cycle. If you used only 2*8 single rank kits, only 128 bit of the memory bus would be utilised. This works from Zen 1 to Zen 3 to improve performance.

            AMD posted a blog about RAM settings in 2017


    • I think so. 3200mhz is enough, and 3600 will not give a significant improvement.

      • Zen likes good memory subtimings, the timings on this kit are substandard.

  • Got one thx. The stock of this lightning deal may under 20 or even less cause I saw it from 60% to 70% and when I finished my purchase it was 90%…

  • 90% claimed again, or back in stock. It looks like someone cancelled their order.

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