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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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  • Still no Digitals available…

  • cant get one

  • Amazon party over

  • Is HN up? I cant see it been refreshing

  • +1

    Mine changed from Nov-17 to December 18 :(

  • Are the Nov deliveries on Amazon the digital version or physical?

    • Physical

      • Mine changed from November to December make sure you check Track Package.

    • Nvm all gone

    • but can you see available stock? :)

  • and amazon gone

  • Amazon still has stock for those interested, only the non-digital version though (link).
    Edit: Sold out now

  • +2

    Harvey Norman's page worked then Add to Cart froze, refresh and something sure went wrong… yeah lols

    • Ditto.

    • Whats the link? I cant even find the product

  • It's weird how on Amazon's original link didn't work and I had to "See All Buying Options".

    Maybe a way to beat bots?

    • Naa the original link worked for me, I got one but Dec delivery while some others got Nov delivery. Oh well.

  • HN stuck with Adding to Cart!!

    • i dont think it will move past that, got stuck there too. Missed out on Amazon because of this shit

  • December stock. Absolute joke… I'm just going to wait. I waited 2 months for this and I can wait for more.

    • Be glad you got one at all

      • I had one in the cart and then stopped cause I saw december. Hopefully a trade in deal comes up from EB sometime next year. I'm not going to pay full price if I have to wait a month lol.

        • Amazon doesn't charge until it's shipped. Easily cancel if something better be ones available

          • @digitalbath: I've never used Amazon but even then I ain't gonna pay full price even if that means waiting two weeks.

          • @digitalbath: That's what I said to Amazon the last few times I was charged the full amount before it shipped. Amazon say they only charge an 'authorisation charge' before it ships, but in my case it's been the full amount on price error items directly from Amazon themselves and it's taken weeks to get back the money.

            It might depend on your bank, at least with ING those authorisation charges are the full amount and even after Amazon sends them a cancellation of that charge - it's still a week or so for the money to be back in the account.

  • +1

    Amazon had no stock on the desktop version, gave the link to my friend and he bought it straight away on the app. wtf

    • yeah it was pretty screwy :(

    • +1

      Yeah, it showed in stock. I kept clicking add to cart and it wouldn't add

    • +1

      they did but you had to click "See all buying options"

      • I just clicked by now and it worked fine

    • It worked fine for me on desktop

  • Amazon gone

  • +3

    How the hell are people buying amazon - I tried adding to cart from multiple devices and it just takes me to an empty cart

    • Cause it's sold out in between you clicking and seeing the cart.

    • Same here, no idea! Eurgh.

  • Still stuck adding to cart on Havey Norman…. spinning wheel of death

  • Thanks guys, got one through amazon lets go

  • +4

    You guys rock! I managed to get one from Amazon too.

    My extra controller arrives tomorrow, so I can pretend I'm playing PS5 for the next month or so, until the console arrives. :D

    • lol :(

    • Dont let your dreams be dreams.

    • haha, i did that too, ordered the controller yesterday coz didnt wanna try to add it to the same cart as PS5 when the sale was going mental.
      Controller arrives tomorrow, i can present to play with it! :)

  • missed it :(

  • +6

    Looks like amazon won the release day while other retailers are maintaining their websites. What a joke. Way to go amazon au!

    • Amazon runs on AWS, HN runs on Microsoft Azure looks like HN could not handle the traffic.

      • +1

        Well irrespective of infrastructure, any website not implemented correctly for scalability and peek traffic would completely fail at situations like this.

  • Big W: Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to offer customers additional PlayStation 5 console pre-orders on the 12th November. Please keep your eye on Bigw.com for further information in the coming weeks.

    I should of just order through amazon damn it.

  • amazon seems out of stock now - disc version - was so lucky just googled it at the right time and boom instabuy

  • really wanted a digital edition… but at least i got an order in at Amazon… if I nab a digital one I'll cancel to free up stock for someone

    • I got digital but want disc. Happy to swap.

    • -1

      any particular reason you're still hoping for a digital only version in this market? in my experience disc versions would save you $ over time with trade ins and 2nd hand games.

      • discs are an inconvenience I don't want in my life anymore… they are near pointless as they are literally just installation media and DRM checks these days and I moved this direction mid xbox one and ps4 anyway… it helps I have this mentality from PC gaming, its an all digital world and its great… 360 and ps3 it made more sense to have physical, but those days are done (for me anyway)

        • I really want to make this move but scared of monopoly pricing on ps store once discs and resale market disappears..

          • @chriise: patience will be key… don't buy a game on launch and wait for sales… sony have decent sales… i totally get the flip side of it but i'm set on my decision personally

  • Harvey site is dead,

    Got one from amazon, got the confirmation email as well and Arriving Nov 18 - Nov 25

  • Got one from Amazon but changed to December delivery. Was looking more for November one.

    Should I just cancel this?

    • +2

      they don't charge until shipping so why cancel? keep your position for now

      • Ah is that so.. fair enough.

    • +2

      Then you lose your spot.

      Was there any November ones? Pretty sure all of today's orders are mid December.

      • My order is November 16th-19th

    • Doubt you will find any November ones. Most of them sold out in September. All seem to be for December.

    • +1

      Keep it until you source a November one - you can cancel any time before they ship and they won't charge you until it does

    • Yes please

  • -3

    Got an Amazon one for my old man while in the car to pick up a launch model from EB. Luck on my side.

  • -3

    Bought ps5 disc from amazon. But i want series X tbh.

    • +1

      I have a Series X order from JB for December 7, but would prefer a PS5. I'd be more than happy to swap!

      • I might take you up on that, think X will have it this generation with the extra power and backwards compatibility increasing graphics and performance in generations old titles.

        I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to get a PS5 from this deal though, and luckily I managed to get one.

  • I had one in my cart from Amazon and then couldn't remember my stupid password. The autosaved one was wrong, even though that let me log in. Just couldn't complete transaction with it. Then kept seeing it in stock but wouldn't add to cart. Now oos after updating password. I am sad.

    • That's why you need a password manager

      • well I thought the saved password worked, seeing as it let me log in with it.

    • same as me, I think they could let us checkout as a guest like other sites.

    • This is why you log in before 9 am to avoid such issues.

  • -1

    This was worst than the first batch of pre-orders back in September.

    And yeah, the bots and scalpers won AGAIN!!!

  • damn my amazon orders coming dec 17-22…

    • +2

      thats the worst case predictions. my past orders with them arrived weeks earlier. Hope you get yours in time :)

    • Same here. Here's hoping it comes earlier! In the meantime I got the Series X to play. Yass

  • Amazon now out

    • +1

      Thanks bud! Managed to nab one

  • I'm still a bit suss that the Amazon orders will be honoured. I've got an order, and a live order number and everything looks fine for delivery in 4 weeks, but they didn't charge my card yet, so that's an obvious concern. Not even a pend.

    • +4

      They won't charge till dispatch

    • +4

      Amazon charges until the item ships.

    • +1

      Normally charges land in shipment commence

    • +1

      From previous preorders, I think amazon charges you around when they ship

    • +1

      they clearly stated they are not charging until they ship… this is very standard with Amazon

    • +1

      This is normal for all pre-orders on Amazon of any kind.

    • +1

      they only charge after they ship

    • +1

      Amazon never charges immediately

  • -2

    don't be too upset I put one in the cart on amazon but I haven't used my account in ages so I had to verify my account so by the time it was done it took my ps5 out of the cart, and the sad part is this is for my birthday, so I will try with target and if not then I will have to wait till next year.

    • +6

      rookie error not being logged in already

    • +1

      Sorry to hear. Do try Jb hi-fi and the Gamesmen. I do not see anything on Harvey Norman's website

  • +3

    Honestly you can definitely count on Amazon, there's probably no other retailer that can withhold this scale of refreshing and bots and what not.

    • Nothing you can’t do with a trillion dollars!

  • Was anyone even able to get one at HN?

    • None. Page not found apparently.

      • I saw the page go up but it never let me add to cart and now it's gone.

        • For me the digital and disc versions vanished at 8:59 AM and never appeared again.

  • Did they release the digital version? or will they do that?

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