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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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  • +10

    Havrynomarn is a great store

    • Nice.

    • +1

      Sorry for the hijack but I thought it's a pretty important question: Does anyone know what time these are expected to be available?

    • +1

      2nd hijacker here - does this mean these stores will actually have stock that you can pick up (assuming you manage to get an order in)?

      I'm just surprised since JB and EBgames are only taking pre-orders now for next year's stock (and actually stopped for now).

    • +2

      I apologise for taking over this thread but does anyone have any insight as to the time these orders "go live", due to the world's widespread decline of competence I dont expect an official source to even imagine that customers would want to know this let alone provide an answer.

    • Anyone heard anything else from harvey norman? i preordered for the december batch a few weeks ago, but havent heard anything since. I had a chat with their online support and they said they still don't know specifically when in December, but could be any time.

    • +66

      Here for the “ Here for the OzRRP comments”

      • +31

        Here for the "Here for the “ Here for the OzRRP comments”"

      • +6

        Here silently judging the commenters

        • +4

          not really here, at all…

        • ….Silently 💨

  • I am surprised they have stock lol.

    • +24

      TSMC spitting those AMD chips out faster than flies reproducing in the outback.

      • +4

        THAT is interesting, any data backing up?

        • +10

          Still waiting for the flies to fill in the google docs form, i'll give you a buzz when they step in.

        • TSMC manufacturing throughput has been freed up for other products after cutting Huawei off.

          • @Blitzfx: that was back in may only effective now…

    • +9

      they probably have stock since people ordered 1 from 6 retailers and then subsequently cancelled 5 when orders were confirmed.

      • are you sure about that? its more likely other 5 pre orders are on ebay / scumtree / fb

        • i thought about it, but given ebay will take $150 off your sale to start with and do you really want to deal with people on gumtree and get stabbed over a console at christmas?

          • +1

            @STE: no risk - no reward. Wounds heal. Live a little!

    • i think you better wait and see how it goes first

  • +2

    Will they have the disc version too?

    • +67

      Of course you need the disc version to play disc games. The console might be awesome but it isn't magic.

      • +1

        So not MagSafe ok cool.

      • +1

        When Macs first started shipping without optical drives you could access disks from other computers(PCs or Macs) by installing a bit of software provided by Apple. Neither Sony nor Microsoft are going to do that, but it wouldn't be magic if they did.

    • +40

      My current workaround is to use my PS4 for PS4 disc games. They might patch it later, but seems to be working well for now.

      • big brain time

      • +1

        To be fair i just got $300 for trading in a 2013 Xbox One with a few games at EB towards a new console so ppl may genuinely not want to hang onto their old ones when you can get that kind of trade-in value.

        • where was this?

          • @xecky: EBGames. There was a deal posted here, they gave extra credit for trading between 3 Nov and 9 Nov to stop the stores being packed on release day. I took mine in on 8 November.

            edit: deal in question: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574439

      • To be fair, a lot of PS4 games appear to run much better than even the PS4 pro on the PS5.

  • +9

    To all the complainers, RRP is a bargain lol

    • +12

      True, a PC with those specs would be over $1000

      • +17

        … and have 10000 more uses.

        • +3

          VR Adult Action Video :D

        • +14

          None of which enables you to play ps5 games

        • +1

          this guy!!!

        • +1

          Best move is a decent non-gaming laptop and a PS5. The laptop's portability gives this combo the edge imo

      • And you'll be able to immediately resell for a profit for people desperate to get pre Christmas stock.

        I don't condone price gouging, but it's going to happen.

      • really interested on this actually… has there been any news (official or 3rd party) if either of them can be made to run windows without serious issues?

      • … and can output 1440p

  • +1

    Even the disc version has the update saying it will be available to order on 12th Nov.

    • +1

      Cheers Kazer, I couldnt find the link

  • +4

    PS5 wins due to excellent controller and better game line up?

    • +3

      PS5 wins because it has an artificially intelligent Fan

      • +20

        I'm a real fan btw

        • It's the intelligence that's artificial?

          • +3

            @dny: I don't let facts get in the way of a crap joke

    • -7

      The controller features and exclusives make up for how bad it looks.

      • +1

        The memes made up for how it looks to be fair

      • +2

        I preordered it, it looks terrible, I can't wait for side panels to come out

      • +1

        I'm not sure why you got downvoted, it does look like a 12 year designed it in 2005 to be radicool. Plus there is the other issue of it being a gargantuan behemoth. I think people are gonna be surprised when they unbox it at how actually BIG it is.

        • Yeah im not sure why I got downvoted either, its not a great looking console, and totally agree its huge. I had my Xbox delivered yesterday and is very small, its going to look tiny next to the PS5.

        • i love it. classically japanese and a feature piece at that.

    • +1

      And 3d audio

    • +3

      I'm PS all the way, but mainly for the games that will come out in the future rather than anything on the launch lineup.

      If we compare the actual systems head to head and ignore the games, I "think" XBox might have the edge with game load speeds. That said, they'll probably end up more similar to eachother as third party developers learn the ins and outs of each of the systems.

      • +6

        the load speeds was the one thing Sony promised they would do twice as fast as Xbox, and according to testing they are actually SLOWER. That isnt the Xbox advantage, the Xbox advantage is in every single other facet of the hardware, it is significantly more powerful, not "a bit", but significantly more powerful.

        • +1

          That could be right dude, but in the absence of Sony exclusives, I'll opt for PS5.

          As for the "a bit" comment, it was drawn from YouTube comparison vids of the same third party titles loading. They loaded a bit faster on Xbox, maybe 5-10% faster. That might be "significant" to you, but it's not enough for me to turn away from the exclusive Sony games.

          • @AlanHB: i really shouldnt have to do this but i will explain it further for you. When i said it is significantly more powerful i was not talking about loading times. Please reread my comment.

            The ONE advantage Sony was meant to have was loading times, and we have seen they do not have that. Now, on every other facet, ie, frame-rate, resolution, performance, you know, the actual power of the unit, that is where there is a significant power advantage to Xbox. It is 12 Tflops to 10 and that is after Sony did a late boost to not be totally embarrassed by being even less powerful.

            As the commenter below said, Xbox AT LEAST 20% more powerful, not the meager amount the PS4 was over the Xbox One when we never heard the end of that. So, yes, the power differential is certainly significant, especially when they cost the same.

            • +1

              @Iggemo: I think you might be missing my point mate. At this point in time the only real effect we've seen from XBox's increased power is that it's a little faster loading some games. We'll have to wait to see if there are any more actual effects along what you're saying past the tech specs.

            • +14

              @Iggemo: I'd rather play TLOU2, GOW and HZD on 30fps than Cuphead and Sea of Thieves on 120fps

              Also I buy a gaming console to have an immersive experience and get access to the best games, not to fuss about the extra 10-20% gains I'm losing out on in performance.

              PS5 may lose in hardware and performance on paper and early benchmarks but what it makes up for is better quality games

            • +9

              @Iggemo: Cool man. That's really interesting. Enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on your amazingly powerful new Xbox.

            • +6

              @Iggemo: I also think, if you look at actual ps5 games, the load times are insane. See Spider Man Miles Morales even astrobot. It seems that Sony is limiting the loading speed on their backcompat stuff to ensure stuff works, at least that's the theory. It's not a lie that their SSD is about 2x faster.

              Both also have significantly improved compression/decompression speeds which will also significantly help on new titles made for both consoles.

              Tflops are just one measure of performance, and the higher you go the less meaningful the difference. It's clear Xbox has been more heavily subsidised and it's a slightly faster machine, will it matter that much if they both do a mid cycle upgrade in 3 years or so? Will it matter much if 70% of sales are Series S so that's what developers end up targeting? It's impossible to know.

              I honestly cant decide which to get, God of War 2, is probably the reason i'll get a ps5. Although nervous the next big elder scrolls game will be on everything but PS5.

            • +2

              @Iggemo: "The ONE advantage" - Nah, the advantage is the games. Why get an Xbox when I have a PC? Though I don't really have an interest in the Xbox exclusives anyway so doubt I'll even play them on PC either. Games already look great on PS4, don't think anyone is gonna be disappointed with either PS5 or Xbox, if you don't have a PC and like the Xbox exclusives then get Xbox, if you have a PC then get PS5.

        • -1

          Exactly. This isn’t a ps4 to xb1 situation. The difference is large. Like 20% faster large. Not 5% or whatever it was last time.

          • +5

            @Hunterex: Or buy both

            • +1

              @killingtime: That’s my plan. Got a XSX on the way. Just gotta find a PS5 that isn’t a ripoff.

              • +2

                @Hunterex: https://youtu.be/GIIhJqTERls

                First comparison between XBSX and PS5 games if you're interested.

                • +2

                  @FabMan: Cool comparison. Early multiplats will focus on being playable rather than highly optimized for either console. TBH the true test of the consoles will be 5 years from now when devs know them inside and out. You don't get TLOU part 2 or RDR2 on launch day. But like they said, we can't really judge it or take much away from it. It'd actually be awesome if they are even more competitive than I thought (ill stop pretending the raw TF actually matters, when game engines and optimization is 10x more important).

                  If you don't have a sweet PC and can only buy one console (the vast majority of people), Xbox isn't a dumb choice like some people are saying. However people SHOULD be picking the console they want for the same reasons as every generation, for the games they wanna play.

                  Sorry if I came across as fanboying or something. I still think there is a difference in hardware. I don't have a stake in one being better than the other. I've went with Playstation going on 4 generations. This will be the first Xbox I've ever bought, so I don't even have a backlog on it. People should be happy with either console. I'm guessing this gen is going to be very divisive.

          • +7

            @Hunterex: Is <17% a big deal (10.3 vs 12.0)? I don't think so but then I've been playing games since the 80s and traditionally consoles each generation were vastly different and had significantly different performance capabilities. PS2 was significantly slower than the GameCube and XBox, yet PS2 massively outsold both. Wii was significantly slower than X360 and PS3, yet massively out sold those two consoles.

            PS4 had a 50% higher compute count than the XBox One and the PS4 had faster RAM than the XBox One, not the 5% you mentioned. Did 50% compute count and faster RAM translate into a huge difference in the end? I don't think so.

            I had both PS4 Pro and XBox One X, I'll only be getting a PS5 for the exclusives, and use my PC for XBox games.

        • +1

          The Sony speed up wasn't exclusively a test of the hard drive, is the problem. It relies on the games being designed to take advantage of it.

          This is why - as usual - Sony's exclusives will be some of the best games of the generation.

          Third party titles have a lot less reason to calibrate their game designs to take full advantage of the way Sony's tech works… it's a shame, but it's the way things are. When it's just brute forcing hardware speed, the Sexbox wins. When you design the game for the unique feature, PS5 probably will.

    • -6

      Xbox due to complete backwards-compatibility and no strict censorship rules. Get ready for many devs leaving PS5 because they are not allowed to show cleavage anymore.

      On the bright side, this is finally the chance for Xbox to actually get popular atleast once in Japan.

      • +3

        Sony moving PlayStation HQ to California has been the dumbest mistake so far.

    • +7

      Well, i dont know, let's see. The controller.. i mean i definitely prefer offset analog sticks but i guess that could be subjective? I mean i use an Elite on the Xbox and i found it really helped with my tendonitis so hard to imagine a better controller than that.

      What isnt subjective is the Xbox is significantly more powerful for the same price. IT also has far superior back compat. You can also use existing peripherals. It has a bigger SSD and it also has GamePass which is the most consumer-friendly thing to happen in gaming for many years and saves you thousands of dollars over the life of the console. This is especially the case where Sony are now charging $120AU for first-party games - lol - whereas MS publishes every single game on day 1 to Game Pass for no extra cost. That is a massive, massive difference. You can get 3 years of Game Pass for the cost of one single game on Sony.

      As for better game line up, i mean a lot of ppl say that but imo Sony games are all third-person narrative-based cinematic "interactive experiences" and if you've played one you've played em all. There's also the fact Xbox has 16+ studios now so whatever perceived advantage Sony has on exclusives, it'll surely evanesce soon enough.

      If you're asking which one will sell more - if that's what you mean by "wins", then yeh it'll be Sony for sure prolly 2 to 1 or maybe even 3 to 1, but it isn't the better console by a long shot.

      • +5

        Couldn't all third person games be described as "third-person narrative-based cinematic "interactive experiences""?

        I guess maybe sports and driving games would be the exception, but still, that's a pretty interesting comment to make. For example although God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted are all third person action games, I wouldn't say that by playing one I'd played the other two.

        • -2

          God of War is a great example, it used to be a hack and slash but it was squashed into Sony's identikit formula for how all games have to be now, a third-person action adventure. I know this will be a hugely unpopular opinion but i find Xbox games to be far more diverse. Sony aren't making an equivalent to Ori or Cuphead or Forza Horizon or Sea of Thieves, that's for sure.

          • +6

            @Iggemo: Sorry been out of the console wars for a long while, would you mind reeling off some of the more diversive games that the XB has to offer? Whether in the past or upcoming i dont mind, just curious

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