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Kogan 34" WQHD Ultrawide 144hz Monitor $499 + Delivery @ Kogan


Half price, although it does seem very overpriced at $999 usually. Does not include shipping.

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  • Do people rate Kogan monitors? How easy is it to scrape off the Kogan name on the monitor?

    I'm thinking of pairing my Xiaomi 34" QHD ultrawide with either of the following; has anyone got oneeeeeeee of these?


    • I can't speak to the quality of Kogan monitors but I have a question regarding your addition of another monitor to your setup. Are you considering doing so because you need more screen real estate? Or do you find that having an ultrawide is in some way inferior to having two separate monitors?

      I ask because I'd like to build a new system in the near future and am tempted by a 34" ultrawide, however I find it very convenient to be able to move documents to different sections of the screen or a different screen entirely whilst working. Do you find any issues doing so with an ultrawide? I also sometimes like having discord or a browser window open whilst I game on the other monitor, and I don't know how viable that is with a single ultrawide monitor.

      I hope I don't sound skeptical of your decision because I'm definitely not, I'm just very curious about your experience because I would guess that if I bought an ultrawide I wouldn't have room on my desk for more screen and I'd hope that would be like the "be-all end all" of monitors for me for a long while. Thanks!

      • 34" QHD ultrawide is the bees knees for a near equivalent of two screens side by side… Windows + Arrow keys are nice to "box" them together… been running an ultrawide setup (2560x1080 previously) and it was working perfectly fine.

        Guess, come WFH, it's great to have a second screen, as I ran triple 1080p monitors at work…

        On the ultrawide - One screen/window for an active "productivity" document/spreadsheet/PPT, one screen for material I may be referring to/referencing/reading (could be a PDF, website etc)
        On the second screen - Email/chat etc where I don't want to be focussing my attention on 100%.

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        Tiling WMs are great for multi-monitor (and I imagine ultrawide) productivity work if you're not scared of a little linux. I find it much more efficacious than "snapping" windows in a traditional window manager. ;)

      • I'd be tempted to get something like https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Monitors/Monitor-Stands-... and then have 2x34" on top of each other. Given the Kogan and Xiaomi have similar specs in terms of curvature, that could work.

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        Window management software makes it super easy to segment your desktop into different windows/areas. Check out FancyZones (part of Microsoft PowerToys) which is free, or DisplayFusion as a paid option.

        Having said that, there are pros and cons to a single ultrawide vs dual 16:9. One isn't superior to the other - they are just different, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Just depends how you work, and what suits your needs.

        The main downsides of a single ultrawide (compared to dual 16:9) are less total real estate at the same vertical res, and potential issues with / less convenience in relation to fullscreen of apps (eg. playing fullscreen on one, and having other stuff on the other) and screen sharing (eg. if you share fullscreen, if will be a terrible experience for viewers on 16:9 screens - although this can be managed by sharing a portion of the screen). On the flipside, you get the flexibility to use the screen as a whole or split in more different ways (eg. into thirds, offset/asymetical, etc). And better immersion in games.

        IMHO, ultrawide + 16:9 is the superior option! It gives you the best of both worlds! (You can stack them vertically if your desk is not big enough, or have the 16:9 in portrait which is what I do!) :)

    • I would wait for the Samsung CJG54 to go on sale on Samsung Education Store. If you decided to get a Kogan monitor consider using electrical tape instead of trying to scrape off the Kogan name.

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    How's it compare to the ever popular Xiaomi 34, 144?

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      same panel, different name stamped on it. specs are all the same , curvature, refresh. rate, only thing different would be manufacturing quality i wreckon

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        Xiaomi also has a better stand (adjustable and taller, I believe).

        • Does Xiaomi come with HDR? Because the Kogan is said to have "HDR400" but unsure on the Xiaomi.

          • @pableeto: I believe it does. (It's the same panel, so it should)

            Having said that, HDR400 is rubbish/pretty meaningless anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much either way! :)

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      Better according to hardware unboxed

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    You can get a xiaomi 34 curved for this price here, why would someone spend this much for a Kogan monitor with mediocre build quality when you can just get a xiaomi monitor with amazing premium build quality. And xiaomi 34s are gonna be under $500 on Black Friday sales.

    • I have the Xiaomi 34 and it is beautiful

      Kogan also advertise the Xiaomi as 4ms, 20 percent quicker than their monitor. The Xiaomi also has better cable management options.

      I think the build quality is better than my Kogan monitor (27" 1440p flat), though not by much, and my string of bad experiences with other kogan products has put me off their brand.

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    I've got the model before this one and love it. No regrets at that price.

    It took a bit to get used to going from 2x 22" to the 1 screen. Can't comment on scratching off the kogan brand on the front - I think Id end up just scratching the gloss plastic. Just cover it with a sticker or something if it worries you that much.

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      Buy a car badge sticker with Porsche and no one can tell the build quality difference. /s

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