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AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT CPU $339, Crucial P1 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $129 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT CPU $339 + Shipping @ Shopping Express. This is the cheapest I've seen since last month. Includes Wraith Spire Cooler.

Clock Speed (GHz):

Boost Clock Speed (GHz):

Number of Cores:

Number of Threads:

Unlocked (Overclockable):

CPU Cooler Included:

Motherboard Compatibility:
AM4 (X570 - X470 - X370 - B450 - B350 - A320)


Crucial P1 1TB 2000MB/s 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD $129

Found this one while browsing for deals, ends on 12/11/2020 11pm. Closest I can find to this price is $153.00 @ Mwave + Delivery.

Storage Capacity: 1TB (1000GB)
· Securely load and store up to 1TB of important files on Micron® NAND in a tiny M.2 form factor
· NVMe™ PCIe® technology delivers sequential read/write speeds up to 2,000/1,700 MB/s

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    Thought for the last 3-5 months I was building a Ryzen 5600X gaming rig. Now with small gains in gaming I'm going back in time and building a 3600 gaming rig. What are we thinking the absolute lowest 3600 and 3600X will drop to ? (also tempted by 3300X)

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      I've got a 3600X and prob won't bother upgrading to 5000 series ryzen… gaming at 1440p or above is pretty much GPU bottleneck. Who games at 1080p any more?


        Yeah same, I bought 3600XT two weeks ago for $389 (kicking myself now). I have RTX 2070 Super so will probably be GPU bound if I upgraded to 5600X.

        Going to wait it out for the 5600 non-X and see how the market is then.

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      Mate the 5600x challenges the i9 10900k in terms of gaming and beats the i7 10700k. It's up to 30% better than the 3600. It's the new best budget gaming chip until probably 5600.

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        It's up to 30% better than the 3600

        And 50% more expensive too. Definitely, if AMD decides to release a cheaper 5600, that would be a better deal imo.


          And no difference at higher resolution gaming too…

          As good as the 5600 is, it has its negatives.

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        If the 5600x is 30% better than the 3600, and costs $470, the 3600xt for $340 looks pretty good.

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        All this is true, at 1080p


          Well then what CPU would be good for 1440p then?

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            @Caleb9295: Whatever fits your budget to allow for the best GPU possible.


              @Soothsayer: My monitor is 144Hz 1440p Ultrawide so I intend to max out the monitor's spec.

              Even without a budget, at a 100$ difference. I don't really see a point in upgrading to a 5600x, considering they are both 6C/12T and both boost up to 4.5 Ghz.


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                @Caleb9295: Unfortunately the userbenchmark is not a good site to use to make comparisons. They have a bad reputation.


                5600x has better IPC than the 3600x and Intel 10th gen. The next gen consoles are also based on 8 core Zen 2. So next gen game ports will benefit from a more powerful Zen 3 CPU.


                  @shellshocked: Next Gen is zen 2


                    @mordinhoz: Isn't that what I said in my previous post. Hence a 6 core Zen 3 in a PC, with better IPC, would better handle a next gen console port than a 6 core Zen 2, because they have a higher core count.


                      @shellshocked: Changing the architecture means games optimised specifically for zen2 would not be as optimised for zen3, negating some of the optimisations, and also negating some of the zen3 benefits over zen2.

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        For Aussies, 10600KF was the best budget, value gaming chip before Zen 3 came out - now it's out I'm not sure 5600X actually changes anything, all things considered. It's important to distinguish for Aussies, as Intel/AMD value propositions are way different in the US than here.

        5600X trades blows with the 10700KF in gaming, yet is down 2 cores and is the same price (10700KF was on sale recently for $463). 10600KF with a mild OC can match 10900K performance in gaming, yet is a whopping $160 cheaper than 5600X.

        The introduction of a 5600 might change things, but then Rocket Lake is also coming as an upgrade path for Intel. 3600 can be argued as it is cheaper than 10600KF on sale, but with lower performance.

        In the real world, where most people don't run new CPUs at 1080p/medium settings, I just don't see the value with 5600X at $469 for pure gaming applications. $160 can go towards a GPU with much bigger effect at 1440p or max'd 1080p.


    Also Crucial P1 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $129 + Shipping.



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    If you’re not planning to buy a Big Navi Gpu and/or have an old B450 or X470 board it’s a great choice


    Just wanted to ask
    Has anyone received their 5900x?


    Bought a r5 3600 previously at $300 and haven't yet opened it. Would this be worth the extra $40?

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      Nope. XT isn't worth the premium, sure you might have a higher chance of a better binned chip, at stock the difference between the two isn't that significant at all.


    R5 3600 non xt models have been $260 and lower historically, which is much better value when considering price/performance. Surely those prices should appear again as retailers clear out stock for next gen


    Is the crucial 1TB a great deal or just an ok sale?

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      While overall the prices have been dropping, the only recent one I can think of was Amazon Prime Day the Kingston A2000 1TB at $138 which was a decent drop a month or so ago but now sits at $147 (plus shipping) @Shopping Express.

      So this one with $10 shipping its about the same as that previous deal at $139.

      Kingston A2000 has 2200MB/s read speed
      Crucial P1 has 2000MB/s read speed

      Probably can't tell the difference, Crucial has the better brand name?

      I think its an OK sale.

      I'm waiting for the next Kingston drop.



      If you are going for speed this is a deal. Samsung have the best name in the business.


      Here is the A2000 on special $135, maybe $129 was the better deal. Oh well.