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Intel Core i5-10400F 4.3GHz 6 Cores 12 Threads LGA 1200 CPU $199 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Clock Speed (GHz):
Boost Clock Speed (GHz):
Number of Cores:
Number of Threads:
Unlocked (Overclockable):
CPU Cooler Included:
Motherboard Compatibility:
LGA 1200 (H410 - H470 - B460 - Z490)
LGA 1200

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  • +14

    Intel.. now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

    • +1

      Well, at this price it's 6 core value king, considering Ryzen 3600 is ~$300. Beats it in most games, if paired with Z490.

      • +2

        no point going for a z board when you can only overclock the ram not he cpu

      • +2

        This. The 3600 is great, and is a far better CPU overall, but for gaming it's quite close to a 10400F and I don't think the 3600 is worth an extra $100. Don't forget, with Ryzen 5000 being released the 3rd gen parts should be coming down in prices soon so, if you can wait a bit, good time to wait that's for sure. I'd pay $250 for a 3600 no worries.

        • +3

          I paid $266 for a new one from Amazon back in July… Would have thought it should come down to less than $250 after the 5000 release.

        • Been waiting forever here :( after same cpu but …

    • +4

      It's an older meme but it still checks out

      • +1

        i gave you a + for the name ;)

  • +2

    I know it's better value than the 5600X, but still having the urge to go Ryzen this time.

    • +3

      5600X is priced pretty steeply and it would be better to wait for cheaper non-x 5600 imo. 3600x was only about ~4% faster than 3600 while being 20% more expensive. Higher clocked Ryzens don't really offer that much better performance in gaming from what I have seen lately.

      • it also comes with a far better cooler unless I misremember

        • Yep. The 3600x had a slightly better cooler (Wraith Spire rated for 95W TDP) whereas the 3600 non x came with the Wraith Stealth (rated for 65W TDP).

          Interesting how the 5600x didn't get the traditional upgraded cooler as all Ryzen "x" variants do. So I wonder what the main difference between the x and non-x will be

      • +1

        im with you

        It's because the 5600X is new, more "future-proof" and since I only build a new pc every few years, I rather spend bit more.

      • +1

        Hardware Unboxed's latest video said they heard there might be a 5600 coming for $220USD.

        So, what I get from that is… there's a 5600 coming for $220USD.

        • good to hear, since that would have to drive 3600 prices down

  • +4

    A bit deceptive to call this a 4.3GHz CPU when it's a 2.9GHz CPU that will never achieve it's max all core boost of 4.1GHz with the included stock cooler.

    • It doesn't even include a stock cooler according to OPs details…

      • +1

        trust me, you dont want to run this with the intel stock cooler

        • Why would you if it's not included in the box? Lmao

      • +2

        Could be a error with the listing. After watching several unboxing videos, retail box definitely comes with stock cooler. Better to confirm with retailer before ordering.

        • +1

          Gotcha. Appreciate the clarification mate

        • Yes, this should come with the cooler. I think its only the "K" CPUs that don't have a cooler.

    • +2

      achieve it's max

      Hate to be that guy, but It's its in this context.

    • This kind of false advertising has been normalized unfortunately.

      Most AMD CPUs dont reach the clockspeed on the box on ANY cores, let alone all cores.

      • +2

        Apparently they've fixed this with the 5000 series, now reporting the minimum boost number rather than an optimistic boost clock achieved by a silicon lottery winner when the wind is blowing just the right way.

  • Is it enough for an office desktop? I would like to build one and I don't know what to buy. Any recommendations?

    • +2

      This should be more than enough if you are not running anything too intensive

    • +2

      This would more than suffice for office tasks.

      Edit: Yes, as others have pointed out, for office tasks you're better off with a CPU with integrated graphics like AMD Ryzen 3 3200G or Intel Core i3-10100.

    • +2

      Easily. But for a standard office PC you might be better off going with a CPU that has integrated graphics on board.

    • +3

      F means no iGPU.

      Which means you need a dedicated graphics card to display something on the screen.

    • +4

      The i3-10100 would be a better pick. Tbh you don't need the extra 2 cores, you'll save some money, and also not have to buy a $50 gpu just to get video output (the 10400F doesn't have an integrated GPU)

      Avoid any CPU's with F at the end of them, or at least tack on $50 for the price of those in your head to account for having to buy a cheap GPU to get video output

    • +1

      You should buy a cpu without the f suffix at the end if you're using only for office job as f indicates no integrated gpu and you would need to buy an external gpu which is more costly

  • +1

    How would this compares to 3300x? Any issues if its pair with this mother board: Asus PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) AMD AM4 WiFi 6 mATX Motherboard

    • +1

      Yeah that motherboard is for AMD cpus, which this isn't. You'll need to get a new mobo.

      This should be around equivalent to a 3600 so it'll beat 3300x easily.

    • +1

      If I have the option between these two, I would definitely go with 10400F. Those 2 extra cores come in handy, especially in productivity tasks. Here's a gaming comparison, but please note that they paired it with Z490 board.


      That board you listed is for AMD CPUs though and won't be compatible.

    • Damn! Would been nice, Oh well. Guess its back to 3600 or 3300x when its on sale then…. thanks guys

  • +1

    This is a pretty good deal, considering it beats the 3600 in most games, but buying into the 3600 means you get an upgrade path to the 5600 in the future. Also it's really not worth buying a z490 motherboard for the faster ram for the 10400. I'm waiting for the 3600 to drop in price again, hopefully $250

    • This gives you an upgrade path as well. 11th gen intel won't require a new board. Only question is if 11th gen intel is any good

    • +2

      Upgrade path is the biggest buzzword.

      Sure if you had a 2600 and now you'll jump on a 5600, good stuff.

      But if youre going from 3600 to 5600 youve probably been hit in the head pretty hard.

  • Damn! Would been nice, Oh well. Guess its back to 3600 or 3300x when its on sale then…. thanks guys

  • +4

    Here's a motherboard with a decent feature set to pair with this CPU. USB3.2 Gen2, Intel NIC and Realtek ALC1200 audio.

    Asrock H470 Phantom Gaming 4 for $139: https://www.umart.com.au/Asrock-H470-Phantom-Gaming-4-LGA-12...

    It shares the same VRM as the Z490 model reviewed here, which is pretty decent for a non-Z motherboard.

    Or for $15 less, Asrock B460 Phantom Gaming 4: https://www.umart.com.au/Asrock-B460-Phantom-Gaming-LGA-1200...

    Worse VRM and loses USB 3.2 Gen2.

  • Good price, but then I don't get the set bonus from the AMD set :(

  • -3

    Buying Intel is so 2015. Boy 5yrs can make or break a tech company!

    • +2

      I don't want to be "that guy", but in the last 5 years their net revenue has grown billions on a year by year basis. 16bn more in the last year than 5 years ago. Earlier this year their stock price was double what it was 5 years ago too.

      The last 5 years certainly didn't break Intel.

      It does seem that other competitors have gained strong footholds in the gaming market, but that is a niche market anyway.

      • Exactly. In the old days when Intel was king, AMD was nowhere in the list. Today, when AMD is "king", I'd be hard-pressed to find any CPU performance list that doesn't include Intel parts among the top 5. They are hardly "broken".

        • Chip manufacturers play long game. They have to plan 5 - 10 years ahead. Personally I think Intel made a mistake years ago hiring non engineer as CEO (Paul otellini) where he focus on short term goal and cost savings. Intel might not be broken, but they stuck in the past. 14 nm manufacturing processes was planned in 2011 and its still in use right now and they are struggling to keep up.

          Intel missed out big time in mobile market, gaming console, their GPU launch is pretty meh, and not much innovation in their storage/networking/servers. No game console using Intel.

          My take is as soon as Apple drop Intel from their line-up, their stock will be going down hill unless they can pull magic rabbits in mobile/pc/server space.

          • @Indomietable: I disagree profoundly.

            Intel filed more patents than any other company in the world last year. They are anything but backwards looking.

            CEO requires completely different competencies to an engineer, not that they are mutually exclusive. An Engineering focussed CEO is less likely to have as broad an outlook.

            By every metric measurable (with the exception of OzBargainers' favourite gaming CPUs) they are excelling.

            • @DisabledUser247855:

              Intel filed more patents than any other company in the world last year.

              Care to share where you get that info from? I had IBM as the top patent generator but I would not want to invest in IBM.

              By every metric measurable (with the exception of OzBargainers' favourite gaming CPUs) they are excelling.

              I don't know how you get your information but Intel latest quarterly report shows only 2 segments excelling

              • Mobileye up 2% and Consumer PC up 1%.

              I don't know how MobileEye will keep up now that Qualcomm & NVIDIA. Consumer PC will most likely to suffer now that AMD able to beat Intel CPU in almost anything.

              An Engineering focussed CEO is less likely to have as broad an outlook.

              Agree - faster growth most likely achieved by focus and this can backfire when they make the wrong bet.
              This is just my broad generalisation for tech companies .. but tech company with CEO in accounting/finance/sales background generally run the company in defensive mode rather than true innovation. Intel already making cuts by selling its assets (memory/storage arm) and in the process of outsourcing their manufacturing.

  • +1

    At this pricepoint, this is an amazing CPU, especually if it comes with a cooler. (There is contradicting information)

  • +1

    I ordered this cpu on Thursday last week and it was shipped with AusPost the same day. I received on Monday morning and it arrived with other items in a nice well protected packaging. It came with stock intel cooler in a box.

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