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ATuMan DUKA LS-1 Intelligent USB Rechargeable Digital Rangefinder for US$10.39 or (~A$14.56) Delivered @ Banggood AU


ATuMan DUKA LS-1 Intelligent USB Rechargeable Digital Laser Rangefinder discounted again to $US10.39 with coupon BGATMLS delivered from an Aussie warehouse

Almost 2,500 5 star reviews.


This Laser Rangefinder has won 2019 the German iF Design Award, with it's light weight only 28g




Aluminum alloy

Product type
Portable laser rangefinder

Measurement unit
m(meter), ft(foot), in(inch)

Measurement accuracy
± 2mm

Operating temperature

Storage temperature

180mAh/About 3,000 times

Measuring range

Laser type

Charging method
DC 5V <0.2A

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  • Comes up as $15.11 for me with the code and free shipping

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      You have to deselect the shipping insurance option that is already checked.

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    Note that using this is kinda iffy.
    I find that comparing the distances it measures vs a physical tape measure it's sometimes off by 10mm+. So I just use it as a ball-park.

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      You can calibrate it.
      Mine was only out by perhaps 2mm but adjusted it.

    • I used this a couple of times and then never again.. Even for small distances it was unreliable and erratic. I ended up just paying for Bosch PLR-30C and it's usually within 1mm up to 30m away.

      • I ageee and won't be as good as a Bosch. This is more as a guide rather than a serious tool that requires absolute accuracy. The Bosch is somewhat more expensive and no doubt yiu get what you pay for.

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          I'll put it another way. If I had my $15 back, I'd spend it on a tape measure instead. :P

  • I brought one with angle measuring, level sensor, voice readout and trigonometric calculation etc. It is about $40.

    there is a $50-ish version with CAD output (not free?) via Bluetooth

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    • I bought one of these a while back. The lack of a spirit level is a major shortcoming - if you’re measuring a wall, for instance, if you don’t do it perfectly horizontal or vertical then your measurements will always be off.

      Also being so small, just pressing/releasing the button to take a measurement will mess with the alignment/orientation.

  • Thanks, OP, got one

  • I have one, too small to steady when using it.

  • Thank you. Been meaning to buy one of these for a while now

  • Thanks

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    what do people commonly use this for? renos?

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    The discount coupon "BGATMLS" has expired. Got the message "This coupon can only be used 100 times." when it was applied.

    • Worked fine for me just then.

      • Work for me too $15.11 AUD with insurance

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    LOLS i remember this, bought one from banggood as well for that price months ago, ran out of stock so they left me there in limbo for like a quarter year then they shipped it and arrived pretty quickly considering the interval. Needless to say i tried measuring the distance to the moon and it came up inconclusive, so pretty sad for that but still pretty good toy.

  • Just tried the coupon and working again.

  • Woah so darn cheap compare to Bosch deal. I think I regret my purchase

    • People say these aren't as accurate as Bosch anyhow

      • Where's the evidence? any reviews

        • I have both. I use the Bosch. I never use this. You're better off spending your $15 on a nice tape measure.

          I've never had the Bosch unit give me a number more than 1 - 2mm out from what I get with a tape measure over 30m. The last time I used this cheap unit I was measuring something that was only 700mm and it wouldn't give me a reliable figure.

          • @Praeto: Woah that is convincing. Wth people use this for then

            • @neonlight: I have no problems with it. I however don't use it for work purposes. I use it to give me measurements of rooms (it's very accurate, as I cross checked with Tape Measure). I also use it for measuring bric a brac stuff eg: Roof Heights, Door frames, Windows etc. Works well but only for hobby purposes. I wouldn't be relying on anything but a tape measure if I was looking for absolute 100% to the mm accuracy. If needs to be within a couple of mm then no drama's myself using this.

  • What's this mystery carrier BGAU have used to send this?
    The having number is in the format A000092012345JNT… Not tracking as Australia Post, or Fastway/Aramax…

  • Got mine today

  • is code expired?

  • I just checked and it seems to have expired.