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$10 off at Pizza Restaurants (Min Spend $25, Delivered by Restaurant Locations Only) @ Menulog


The pizza deal is back on menulog, 10$ off on 25$ spend

Mod: Appears to work for pick up again and the requirement of buying a coke isn't enforced.

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    Got the error "voucher for returning customers only"

    It seems I've never used Menulog. Sorry Snoop.

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    Thanks, dinner is sorted.

  • Crust Pizza ordered for dinner :)
    Thanks OP

  • How long do these deals normally last? Got plenty of food in the fridge unfortunately..

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      Just today, and only before your favourite pizza shop who uses Menulog ordering closes for the night.

      My pizza place closes at 9pm and my other half doesn't get home until after that so no chance to use this promo, not complaining though as there are people who cannot manage to cook and can appreciate the discount for delivered food.

      • Can you order in advance for tomorrow?

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          Yep - just ordered crust for tomorrow and someone actually called to confirm 🤭

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        Thanks! Yep we have lots be to grateful for.

  • Can this be stacked up with cr 5$ cashback?

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    This is ridiculous.
    Just looked at the prices for Domino's on Menulog.
    A value range Pepperoni Pizza which is $5 on their site, costs $15 there.
    Even with the $10 off this is unacceptable as there is also a minimum spend then.

    • Domino's always jacks up their prices to counteract deals.

      • Jacking up is one thing but this is preposterous.

        • yeah on their last "free" pizza deal, i needed to spend $25 dollars minimum and the pizza was horrible, tight arses with the cheese and and the base is shithouse.

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        Doesn't Menulog pick up the tab for this deal anyway?

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      dont get dominos for this deal, go to your local pizza places.

      If you want dominos just use their coupons and it works out way cheaper.

    • Menulog is deffo poor value for pickup. $5 value pepperoni is pick up only. Delivered it's around $15 and always has been on dominos website/app.

      Not too long ago I got the rabbitohs voucher and went to pick up the food. 30% off yet I only saved about $6 when compared to in-store takeaway prices. Order was around $50 after discount

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    Thanks OP. Just ordered from "Old Mates Pizza and Pasta" , they had a family deal. Was able to order 2 x Family pizza with garlic bread and bottle drink for only $24 after the discount.

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    i tried this on a number of restaurants and it hasn't worked ;(

  • Where is the code added?

    • +1

      During checkout

      • Of course. Cheers.

  • I got lots of pasta for fridging (supposedly healthier than eating fresh). Thanks OP

  • Do we need to purchase drink for the code to work?

  • Dinner sorted for tomorrow! Thanks op.

  • Thanks got a chicken and beef parma from a pizza shop, so don't have to get just pizza. Brilliant! Thanks :)

  • Just ordered from my local who doesn’t even sell Coke (Pepsi) and it just arrived!

  • I dont wanna get ozFAT so used for 2x salads instead. Still bit of a waste for $7.50 each….

  • Ordered lunch for tomorrow and just got a call from a delivery driver waiting outside my office!

    Took him a while to work out they'd made a mistake..

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