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WD Blue 2TB M.2 3D NAND SATA SSD $249 + Shipping (Free Pickup) @ Umart


Just posting this deal for people who missed out on the Amazon deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580213.

Solid value for a 2TB M.2 Sata Based Drive.

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    Plus free pickup loll that's only worth placing in the title if free shipping but umart wouldn't ever do this.

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      Back in my day pick up used to cost a shilling, uphill!

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        @Skinnerr these days though everyone wants a bargain ha, That's why we are all here…

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    Remember that this is SATA version and WD Blue is only recommended for office, school pupose.

    If you are looking for high speeds, performance, gaming, editing, this storage might not be fo you as the main disk, secondary disk MIGHT be okay. It is not as fast as a SSD NVMe PCIe.

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      totally agree, but still very good value for 2TB SSD as a Steam drive for example, rather than storing on a 7200rpm HDD. A fair few motherboards have their secondary m2 slot as only SATA speed, not NVME so this is ideal. Less cables throughout the PC as well when you can keep it on the board instead.

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        @andmajor my office laptop is using a M.2 SATA but it does accept NVMe PCIe, the same is applied to motherboard. I use Linux instead of Windows and somehow I cannot install Linux when using NVMe into this laptop so my NVMe is connected into my XBox One X waiting for a better use hahaha

        If for some supernatural reason this WD SSD does not work, you can still buy those M.2 to SATA 2.5 adapter and use the motherboard SATA cable just like a normal 2.5 SSD.

        The speed won't change. The only difference between a 2.5 SSD SATA and a M.2 SATA is the size.

        • good points - could definitely use an adaptor if required. And yes, the only difference with this is the size, certainly not worth using an NVME M2 slot if possible.

        • Are you saying it has a m.2 port that will take NVME, but is using SATA?
          I was under the understanding that they were different protocols.
          NVME is PCIE 3x4, AHCI is PCIE 2x4, and NGFF is SATA.
          My experience has shown NGFF drives like this do not work in m.2 PCIE ports.

          I've tried this only recently after buying a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO m.2 (NGFF) and trying to put it in my Asus G751JY.
          It refuses to work in my m.2 slot which is AHCI PCIE 2x4.
          After much searching, apparently I can update my BIOS for it to support NVME, but it will be limited to PCIE 2x4 speeds.

          Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, just trying to make sure someone else doesn't make the same mistake I did.
          My understanding is they aren't compatible.

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        yep ignore longevity and price…

      • It's mind blowing how far storage technology keeps improving at such a rate. I built my last pc in 2012 and I remember paying $150 for a full size brick ssd that adds cables and clutter, now ssd's are basically plug and play onto the motherboard. Very cool!

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      A lot of people still game off a HDD, this is more than fine for a secondary drive.

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        How can you possibly get a good KDA with a HDD. Noobs. PCIe4 or go home.

        • Can’t tell if your serious or sarcastic lol
          (Didn’t neg you btw)

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            @FireRunner: I think someone bought a PCIe gen 4 storage and stick sucks at FPS games.

    • @whiiiskyy I swear your comments are repeated in another Amazon offer loll this would be fine as a 2nd gaming drive. Just remember sata spec is 6gb/sec whIch retail drives do not exceed. Nvme pcie is faster in reality but still no retail Drive exceeds those limitations either. So a drive with 500mb+ read and write would wipe any standard spinning drive out. The drive is only as fast as it's designed to go. This drive in sata lane vs pcie is still only going to give you Max 500mb+ read and write.

      • And people have to understand alot of motherboards with m.2 slots share the pcie, sata lanes. That also affects speeds! Regardless sata vs nvme based. Your motherboards chipset plus drive chipset needs to handle the designed speeds. I.e I have a nvme drive capable of 3500mb read, 3000mb write but i do not achieve the max speed because I have sata drives plus 2x m.2 drives, gfx card sharing the same motherboard chipsets, sata, m.2, pcie. There are many factors when thinking about speed.

    • Unless you are super disgruntled about having to wait a few more seconds when loading games with a SATA SSD vs an NVMe drive it should really not matter.

      Editing and other creative workloads that deal with large files, understandable.

      Performance only matters when your application can harness it.

      • They don't really make a noticeable difference to loading in games. Like you're not going to notice the difference between 15 seconds and 17 seconds

  • I was about to pull the trigger then I read the comment it's the 'SATA' version, LOL.

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    Stick one of these in an enclosure like a Silverstone MS09 and you've got yourself a 2TB USB drive!

    • For m key drives, you can get an enclosure on Amazon from about $10-$20

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        Yeah but no cable with this one, just a retractable USB port.

        • Ah okay fair enough

  • it seems nice for a single 2tb sata m2. However if you don't mind dua m2 2 x sn550/a2000 is only $30 more than this and performs way more better as long as your board supports enough pcies (-eg:x99 has 40 pcie

  • Sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s. WOW this is slow compared to NVME, 2000mb read and write.

  • If I put this in a USB 3.2 enclosure, will the USB be the limiting factor in speed or the drive?

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      The drive by a long shot. It's SATA

  • Sequential Read Performance

    Sequential Write Performance

    No thanks, isn't NVME at this price would be at least 2.5GB/s?

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      NVME 2TB cost $150+ more though? This is good if the m.2 slot on mainboard only support SATA.

    • Not NVME it is SATA in a M.2 format. It is a 2TB M.2 and 2TB NVME's are typically over $350.

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    Love all the comments acting like SATA is crippling slow. Yes, it’s not as fast as NVMe but it’s perfectly fine for secondary storage. It’s actually ok for a primary drive too but if you’re machine supports NVMe I’d get that for the boot drive.

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    For those buying enclosure, stay away from JM JMS583 or any JMicro chipset.
    Instead, look for the ones with chipset Realtek RTL9210.

    The JM ones have bad performance, crazy heat, pull more energy from the USB.
    I just found out mine is JM chipset and that explains why my Silicon Power 1TB gets extremely hot like you can toast your finger :(

    • Got links to any enclosures that you'd personally use?

      • I have been looking during the week but I wanna spend some time this weekend just looking at this. I wanna use it on Series X instead of my current external WD 3TB HDD and I don't wanna fo wrong.

        Either way, no matter how cute they might be, buy the ones with Realtek controller.
        I didn't pay cheap on mine to find out it's JM. I can create a list with all the performance problems, heat like hell my poor SP NVMe 1TB was having coz this enclosure :(

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