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WD Blue 2TB M.2 3D NAND SATA SSD $259 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price has just dropped from 325. Cheapest ever according to camelcamelcamel. Great to use as a secondary/games drive at this price. Fulfilled by Amazon AU, so available for free next day on Prime

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  • Price dropped so quick

  • But this is SATA speed not nvme. Only like 500 mbs write and read speed

    • for game it matters not

      • for now until more games implement the APIs to use NVMe speeds.

        • 5 years? will get a new 10 gig ssd by that time

          • @botchie: it'll be a lot sooner than 5 years before the boost loading is implemented.. might be that long before it's a requirement for AAA titles

          • @botchie: Since consoles released this week are doing it, i see it hitting mainstream within 6 months since its been known by devs for a while. And within 2 years it'll be widespread enough to be common place. 5 years and it'd be like running your games on a HDD if you dont have an NVMe - doable but you'll stand out performance wise.

            • @Kill Joy: Gotta wait for Microsoft to bring directstorage API to Windows. Then after that devs will implement it, It'll be a bit longer than 6 months, within a year we'll see it tho. Couple years till its mainstream in my opinion.

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    Those buying, be aware of the difference between m.2 sata and m.2 nvme ssd's. Speeds do vary dramatically.

  • I just brought a 870QVO for $289 this would have been better. More compact same speeds.

  • Thanks, was just looking at this yesterday for $325. Bought one today.

  • hope sata version is at this price and it would slay any others

  • Yup, sata speed, nothing like the real TLC NVME drives.

  • I had a nvme drive in my Acer Predator lappy that worked perfectly for 18 months until the laptop wouldn't power on with it in it, maybe after a firmware update to the bios. Laptop was fine going back to the original small sata m.2 and the nvme drive is fine in my desktop, but finding decent sized reasonably priced m.2 format SATA drives has been all but impossible since, so this is awesome. Cheers.

  • Is it compatible with macbook pro retina late 2013?

  • Do you think it might get any cheaper during black Friday/cyber Monday?

  • What are the speeds v 870 qvo given that is currently $284… cheers

  • Will this work with PS5?

    • No, needs to be NVMe and PCIe 4 and reach speeds of internal PS5 SSD (5.5 GB per second).
      Also I believe the extra SSD slot is disable at launch and will enabled in a future update

  • Is it sold out? Price is now $334.74 from Amazon UK

    Oh well, I guess I saved $259 by not buying this

  • As a secondary, non-boot drive these are pretty good by the looks of it. Found a good review which puts SSD, M.2 SSD and NVME up against traditional spinning disks and there isn't a huge difference when it comes to gaming, load times etc. As long as it is SSD or higher there isn't much between them at all. Different if you are looking at boot times though.

  • I was thinking about buying this and it sold out.

    • Umart have them on sale as well for $10 cheaper. Still in stock, that's where I got mine from.

  • Guys, remember that M.2 isn't enough when buying a SSD.

    Both SATA and NVMe PCIe SSD use M.2 connector.

    The best way to avoid making silly mistake, look how this SSD has 2 cuts on its connector, only SATA SSD has that.
    NVMe PCIe which is the latest SSD version you wanna buy, only has one cut.

    Observe this picture: https://www.atpinc.com/upload/images/2020/04-22/793d32bfe767... for a visual understanding.

    No less important, WD Blue is for office, school, everyday use. It is not recommended if you are looking for performance and high speeds.

  • Hey OZBners,

    I was doing some research last night for my new build.

    If people are looking for a cost-effective m.2., consider the PNY XLR8 CS3030 2TB m.2. NVMe. 3D TLC NAND.

    It's got good read/write speeds (3.5k/3k, respectively) for about $388 at Mwave, and has about 2.5 x the TBW endurance as its competitors.

    Picked up two last night.

    Competitors such as Samsung cost about $200 more.

    • Also, TBW is the rated endurance. Samsung from memory are about 1.2k, and the XLR8 is about 3k. Pretty amazing.

      I wasn't sure about PNY, however, have read that they're pretty popular in Europe, which is probably why we don't get them here often in Oz.

      It's got about a 5 year limited warranty, but like any product you buy from Australia, you're protected by the Australian Consumer Law.

      Also, regarding the AC Valhalla, I also picked up the 1TB Samsung 860 Sata for about $170, for even more storage, but mostly for the free AC Valhalla ;) Can justify $100 for 1TB HDD.

      Happy Shopping / Storage.

  • how reliable is umart?

    • Bought many different things from Umart, delivery times can be a bit longer but they are not shady.