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10% off Apple Mac Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


Another 10% off Apple Macs at JB Hi-Fi.

Excludes November 2020 Release Models. iMac Pro MHLV3X/A, iPad, Refurbished and Factory Scoop Models, Apple Built to Order. Prices Displayed inclusive of discount. Discount off ticketed price.

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  • Excludes November 2020 Release Models. I knew it before I even looked at the exclusions. Ay Jbhifi you done it again.

  • 10%? New macbook air is 3.5x faster then previous i7 config… WITHOUT a fan.
    MBA 2020 November will have DCI P3 colour where the early 2020 does not.
    Nothing against OP (thanks for posting!) I just hoped for more of a discount.

    • Yes watched the keynote, they've made some pretty bold claims! I'm sure they will be better but Apple probably picked the worst example to compare against to maximise their numbers on stage. RAM is also built in and 16GB max, no longer user upgradable for those not wanting to pay Apple premium upgrade prices. We shall wait and see how they perform..

    • Did they say 3.5x faster than previous i7 config? I thought just 3.5x faster than previous model. I would assume they compared it to the base model.

      • I was thinking the same, but looks like the website fine print says the testing compared it to an i7 to render a Final Cut Pro clip. Will be investing to see further reports upon release.

  • Pay more the new ones

  • eventually those new M1 macs would be on sales, just be patient :)

  • Why would anyone buy these? Via unidays you get 11% off anyway for the new one. True you could pay with gift card and get another 9/10 % off but not sure that’s worth it

  • Joining the queue to wait for the next 10% deal

  • I wonder what the compatibility of the new mac with m1 chip would be on third party app? It would suck it can only runs apple apps and just a limited amount of stuff like the surface pro x

    • It runs iOS apps natively, Rosetta 2 is suppose to allow a large portion of existing apps to run. Various third parties are also releasing updates to apps to be compatible. The keynote made it seem like it's not going to be as walled off was iOS, and apps can be obtained and installed from outside the app store.

    • reasonable question. Will have to wait and see.

  • Damn I just bought a mac air 2020 few months ago.. any chance theyd let me exchange for new one? haha

  • +1 vote

    10% off via apple education section, without asking your edu email, just bought base model MBA.

  • Not a Mac boi but damn the 2020 Air seems bloody good for a student (edu discount).

    These need a bigger discount

  • most of the products are actually ~ 14.5% off …

    eg Apple MacBook Air 13-inch i3 256GB (Gold) [2020] TICKET $1599 $1349.10 $249.90 OFF^
    most Macbook Air's and Macbook Pro's

  • Obligatory Mac Buyers Guide post: https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#mac

  • wtf the new macs dont support multi monitor displays! One external monitor only.
    apparently only the mac mini supports 2 external screens. something to think about.