[Solved] Help Me Identify This Spider

Hello, i'm new in Australia,

Should i burn my house ?


Kind regards,

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    Burn the house
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    Do not burn the house

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    For sure burn your house.

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    That's called a white bottomed scorpion spider. Most people fear it's toxic venom but you should be much more worried about its pincers as they are capable of cutting through bone. They are deemed quite aggressive and will actively hunt humans.

    • Do you think it will start eating my parents or me ?

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        Eat? Don't be silly. It has a neurotoxin that replaces your tissue with its eggs. So I guess it's the spiders kids that will eat you, and your parents.

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    Just to be sure burn your neighbours' houses too.

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      Yes you can't risk the scorpion spider surviving.

  • Looks like a black house spider.

    • interesting, i m not totally sure

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    Hard to tell from the pic, but my guess is a white tail spider. Similar markings on the back, and thicker front legs. Can't see a white tip in the photo though?

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      i can't remember seeing any white tail. Also i m in Melbourne, it's not supposed to be there

      • Hmm.. the only other spiders with similar markings that I could find are all in the USA! Am curious to see what it turns out to be. Besides dead.

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        Where did you hear that white-tails aren’t in Melbourne? I’m in Melbourne and killed a few of them in the past.

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      Not a white tail.

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        Came here for the inevitable “iT’z A wHiTe tAiL!!!” comment and was not disappointed…

        For every black spider with white markings on it, the default jump to is “wHiTe tAiL!!” and then stories about how their aunties best friends step sisters uncles room mate from boarding school got bitten by one and their arm fell off…

        (fropanity) me, a 3 second google search would show anyone that the spider they are looking at is not a white tail, but, hey, let’s just throw that hat in the ring…

        • Geez, "(fropanity) me" indeed! I only suggested it because the markings down the back look similar. Not a default response at all, and not scare-mongering either - in fact, nobody even mentioned the bite, since most people know the "flesh eating venom" is BS. But if you feel better, your mini rant was worth it.

          • @ChocStrawberries: Markings are not even remotely similar. Body shape is wrong. Legs are wrong. Size is wrong. Proportions are wrong. So, well done on your contribution.

            At least my guess was a little bit closer.

            • @pegaxs: Oh, I'm so glad you contributed better than someone else! I didn't know it was a competition? Here was me, thinking we were all here to help each other out. So, I was wrong with my guess (which is all it was!) and was happy to admit as much before you even commented.

              As I said in my first post, the photo made it hard to see much at all (let alone the size, which was only mentioned AFTER I offered my guess, by the way), plus, for what it's worth, some white tails have much stronger markings than the one in your link, which actually do look a bit similar to OP's photo. I'm glad the OP got their answer in the end. No need for you to jump on people who were just trying to help though.

              • @ChocStrawberries: It is a "competition" if someone is offering up misinformation that could have been debunked with a 5 second Google search prior to posting. We are here to help each other, but offering up misinformation via the first spider you could think of that you could have cross referenced in about 5 seconds is not helping anyone. It's the equivalent of the "reposting without fact checking" cancer that is Facebook feeds.

                "Hmmm… Might be a white tail… lemme do a quick Google to check…. Oh, they don't look anything alike…"

                The details in the photo are not hard to see, it's as clear as it needs to be. I got the right answer, or one very close to it. How was I able to do it using the same photo? The mere fact that the spider is completely the wrong shape to be a while tail should have been enough, that coupled with the long white stripe down the length of its body (not just the tip of it's tail).

                The problem is that someone who doesn't know and has the same spider as the one in OP's photo in their house, may come across this thread and your wrong answer is further up the page than the correct answer, and they may just stop at yours, accept it as fact and going off having believed the BS surrounding white tails and then in turn, burnt their house down based on your information. (And "burnt their house down" I don't meant literally.)

                No need for you to jump on people who were just trying to help though.

                On that stance, there is also no harm in saying "I dont really know" instead of proffering up misinformation. Again, a guess is not "helping", especially if a 5 second Google search would have shown you it wasn't a white tail to which you could have said… "Well, at least it's not a white tail *posts_link_to_photo_of_white_tail.jpg* " (That would have been "helpful".)

                • @pegaxs: Nope, sorry, but it's still not a competition.

                  This getting tiresome, so I'll try and defend myself one last time, then you can go for your life.

                  For your information, I DID look into what it could be before offering a suggestion. I looked for a little while on various sites, and based on the photo, some of the pics of white tails that are available online do actually look similar to the OP's photo, believe it or not! Mine was merely a suggestion, which I kind of debunked MYSELF by saying there's no white tip though….so yeah…not sure why you seem intent on making my particular suggestion seem crazy (as opposed to other peoples' wrong suggestions), but each to their own.

                  I'd also like to add that anyone who would accept the words "…my GUESS is a white tail spider" and "can't see a white tail in the photo though?" as FACT should probably not be on this site in the first place. It was clearly NOT an informed, expert opinion from me, nor was it meant to be, and that would be obvious to anyone but you, it would seem!

                  At least the other person who suggested it could be a white tail (or those who suggested a wolf spider, or a "white bottomed scorpion spider") weren't treated the same way! Congrats on turning a casual mystery spider query into a nice little saga. It's been a treat.

  • couldn't find it in https://australian.museum/learn/animals/spiders/
    the photo is not that clear. is there only 3 pairs of legs? weird.

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      yeah, i only saw 3 pairs of legs, i suppose the two front were glued together.

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    Is it a spider?

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      No it's not. I don't know what it is but I do know it's not a spider.

      • You’re wrong.

        • No, you're wrong.

          • @spackbace: Reeeeee! It’s spider, I studied entomology and was something something, eh who am I kidding, I barely passed…

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              @mapax: I'm a person on the internet, you're wrong.

                • @tshow: Please advice, is your your you’re or your your your?

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                    @pegaxs: My your is your your. The same your that yous use.

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    It might be a wolf spider.

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    It’s a type of jumping spider. The size, shape and lay out of the legs. I don’t know exactly what one, but I’ll update if I find it.

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      I thought that at first but I think it’s a bit too elongated for one of them. I was thinking stripy wolf spider.

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        I’m thinking possibly Ocrisiona leucocomis or victoriae? I’m pretty convinced that it’s a jumping spider, especially with those front legs…

        Have a look at some of these…

        • I reckon you’ve got it.

          There should be a rule that OPs can’t use a potato to take flora or fauna photos…

          • @mapax: This looks pretty close…

            Should have done and MS Paint diagram…

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              @pegaxs: Op’s friend doesn’t have the space in marking, it’s appears to be solid stripe with dots either side?

              MS Paint wouldn’t have been worse.

              Maybe this one? Click the juvenile image.

              • @mapax: Yeah, pretty much so.

                Crisis averted, you can all go back to bed now, no need to burn the house down… unless of course OP has another photo of the spooder and next to something for scale and it’s about as big as a small dog…

        • Wow, thx for the information !

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            @cbastien: Yeah, 100% it’s not a spider to worry about. You can put down the petrol and matches, pick up a dust pan and brush and take the little champion back out to the garden…

            I love spiders, they are so fascinating. I have a black house spider named Ebony and a Huntsman named Roger. We live in peace and harmony.

            Ebony eats a lot of flies, and I mean A LOT. She is also (fropanity) messy. She likes it when I play music with lots of bass.

            Roger likes to hide and surprise me, the little rascal. He has part of a leg missing (so I know it’s him), story is, he lost is playing poker, but he doesn’t give a rats ringbit. Other than scaring visitors, Roger also likes to hunt and eat other spiders.

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    It's definitely Steven. Raymond has a spinneret dysfunction and he just has that look. Laura just got a chelicera job done so that rules her out.

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    Now that the mystery is solved.

    Everyone close you’re eyes and concentrate on spiders for 60 seconds, think about their legs, they way they move, and how they seem to just vanish in the grass and leaves.
    Now open your eyes and look around, do you see anything?
    Now think about your shoulders and your neck, do you feel anything?

    I used to this when I gave student tours and 90% of the kids would freak out :D

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    Arrived late for the discussion, but I saw your spider's cousin when I was living in Melbourne Eastern suburbs, a few years ago. I don't have much tolerance for spiders, and I was the one paying the rent, so I had to kill it after it refused to leave after long three minutes. I probably sprayed half a can of some "anti-spider/insects/extra-terrestrial creatures" over the animal.

    I understand that spiders are good for the environment and they eat other insects and bla-bla-bla, and I tolerate them if they stay outside, but when they cross the line there is no talking. I know that huntsman is not dangerous, but I could probably have a heart attack and die if I wake up in the middle of the night with a huntsman walking on my pillow. Anyway, the spiders won; I left that house and no longer have a backyard. Peace!

    • Careful, you're scaring the women the children.

  • Welcome to Australia, but any true Aussie knows spiders are our friends. Fear drop bears and the birds.

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      i have plenty of zip ties on my helmet, so i m feeling pretty safe

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    White Tailed.
    It is harmless…. it may produce minute localised pain, but you are not going to die.
    Toughen up, you are "Australian"!

  • black lives matter!