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Telstra Rewards - Xbox Series X/S Controller - 29,000 Pts / 5,000 Pts + $75


I've been eyeing the XBOX one wireless controller on the Teltra Rewards store, but it has been out of stock for months now. I just checked this morning, and thew NEW version of the Xbox controller is available for purchase using 29,000 rewards points, or 5,000 pts + $75

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  • 29,000 points for a 90-100 $ controller is about the usual point value.

  • Yeah, I don't think this is a bargain.

  • Only for White and Black. The Blue controller is 31,500 points

  • Spend the extra and get the elite

  • The picture isn't for the Series X or S controller, it is missing the share button.

    • Can you please check again today?
      I was on the site a few days ago and it was the old picture with two middle buttons.
      Now it's three and has the "scooped" D pad.
      Isn't this the new one?

      I just ordered a black one.
      No time for gaming these days, but hooking into an iPad pro will setup teaching the kids about gaming and is step one to getting gaming back in my life ;)

  • The controller pictured is the old Xbox One controller, not the new Series X controller.

  • Works with PC?

  • good if you have too many points to burn

  • Black / White controllers - 29,000 Pts, Blue - 31,500 Pts
    Since $10 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit costs 3,000 Pts, 300 Pts = $1, 29,000 Pts = $96, 31,500 Pts = $105
    RRP is $89.95 for Black / White, $94.95 for Blue.
    And there's a "Xbox Wireless Controller + USB-C Cable" version on xbox.com, cost $89.95 too, but comes with an extra USB-C cable.
    Not a bargain, but not a bad choice to spend Telstra Points.

  • Thanks OP. No longer with Telstra but got 26k lying around, paid 25k+$15 for it. Just got my XSX as well so good time! :)

  • Controllet arrived yesterday, almost damaged it straight away because the box had already been opened and the controller fell out like a pinata!
    Really sloppy, Telstra, really sloppy.

  • Thanks - took up this offer.