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6x St Hallett Faith Shiraz $77 Delivered @ Cellar One [Free Membership Required]


The St Hallett faith is back in stock and can be had for under $10 using a referral.
Only $57 for 6 delivered.

Membership at CellarOne is free. $20 comes off your first purchase. No further commitment to purchase.
Currently $85 at Dans for six.

Last time this was on OzBargain it sold out so best get in quick.

Bargain at $57 for six if its your first purchase

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Referral: random (219)

Referee receives $100 off selected welcome mixed 6 packs (limited time). Referrer receives $20 credit.

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    Lots of good wines on sale at the moment. The Eddystone and Stonier Pinots are personal favourites, as is the Petaluma Hanlin Hill Rieseling and the Arras Brut Elite for some festive bubbles.

    • +2

      I feel with all the export issues in relation to China, will see a lot more good wine deals for the time being

      • +3

        Agree. Looking forward to over spending and over drinking.

      • +1

        Accolade aren't massively impacted by the issues with China, its Treasury who will really be feeling the effect especially with Penfolds. So it will be interesting to see if wine that was meant to go to China gets cleared here.

        • True. There aren't a lot of Australian based wineries that have a massive slice of their inventory going to China. It has always been an aspirational market that is now unfortunately off limits.

        • +1

          @atheistpeace Don’t underestimate the volumes that Accolade were doing in China. Not only Hardy’s branded product but also Private Label wines. You’re right probably not as big as TWE but significant all the same. Cheers RD :-)

      • +3

        Maybe add to that the reduction in sales via hospitality venues over the past year.

        • The domestic slow down is the most likely culprit. Particularly for the wineries that didn't pivot to marketing heavily online back in Mar/Apr.

      • @adelv Maybe not. As a McLaren Vale grower and producer I can tell you in my experience the larger companies appear to be currently taking a longer term view (or are being slow to react). Depends how long the uncertainty with China goes. :-)

  • OP, I clicked on your referral link it saids I've got $20 in my account but it won't let me use it unless I first need to refer a friend, they make a purchase before I can use the $20 credit. Is that right?

    • +2

      No. You can use straight away before referring.

      Just need up select use cellar dollars at checkout

  • how do you sign up?

    • +1

      Click a referral link.

  • +1

    Is working for me if I follow the referral link. 20$ taken off only at last screen where I choose paypal..
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Worked for me thanks OP

  • Can't check out on their website with Chrome. Checkout page keeps spinning and can't select Continue to Payment. Had to use Safari.

    • Chrome has always worked fine for me with this merchant.

    • This happens if you're using adblocker addons.

      • That must be it then, good to know, thanks! Out of interest, do you think that's poor implementation/code on CellarOne's end or is AdBlock to blame for this?

  • Great drop, missed out on the full sized bottles last time and paid the extra $10 for half bottles. Still happy with the purchase & wine.

  • +2

    Grant burge 5th generation on discount too

  • Has anyone who previously ordered be able to let us know which year vintage this is ? TIA

  • I ordered in the last deal and pretty sure it was 2019 vintage

  • Link goes to a login screen but no where to sign up

    tried multiple browsers

    • you will need to click on the referral links (in the description) to register

      • Gotcha Thanks

  • Whoever it was that made their purchase and used the referral link ~5:30 thank you, I got the deal too because of you.

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks

  • thank you for m****** for using my referral link,

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