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60-80% off L'oréal Australia Friends & Family 11-15th Nov + $10 Delivery/Free With $250 Order @ L'Oreal


LÓreal Group Friends and Family sale with 60-80% off

Brands include:
Giorgio Armani
IT Cosmetics
Maison Margiela
Ralph Lauren
Shu Uemura
Urban Decay
Viktor & Rolf
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Products include cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrances and gift sets

Probably not the super popular shades but some good prices there. Limited to one email address per order. I had issues accessing the website through my phone (iPhone) but worked on my laptop. Must use code 'Loreal_f&f' to enter site.

Hopefully you can find yourself a bargain!

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    "Total order value is capped at $5,000" Dang, I was really hoping to spend $5001.

    The selection of skincare is really meager, so better luck to others.

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      Make 2 orders

  • -2

    Good prices but it's the stuff they can't really get rid off. May want to include selected items in your title

  • +2

    These sales usually occur in October…
    Checkout this guy from last year. They had limits as well but he slipped through the cracks.


    • Where was this taken ?

      • Melbourne, South East burbs

  • +2

    There is the ralph lauren red rush and red extreme fragrences , pretty cheap approx $50 for 125ml + 40ml

    • Was the only thing worth buying but I'm not familiar with the fragrance so I hesitated, Myer is a rip off for fragrances vs chemist warehouse

      • not really. I buy perfume from chemist warehouse and notice that the perfume doesn't stay on as long as perfume bought at myer or duty free shops. I think it is inferior stock

  • +1

    Great post, but had a look through and couldn't find anything decent. Seems like a lot of old, discontinued cosmetics as well.

  • The perfumes seem decent?

  • I can't seem to check out with any address…

  • good prices, too bad shade range is very limited :(

  • Thanks OP! Purchased a few things

  • +1

    LÓ means horse in hungarian :D


    Just for later search.

    • +1

      Fixed hahaha

  • Thanks OP got some cologne for a steal

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing. I've always been jealous of those who those who were able to attend the sale instore. I can finally get some good stuff!

    • I used to go to the sales in Sydney… it was piles of items in plastic tubs… Never really realised how good the sales were, till I moved interstate… lol

      • where are the instore sales ?
        you have to know what you are getting with lipstick colours

  • ordered yesterday

  • Is this site legit? Anyone had prior experience?

    • This deal was on Telstra staff reward portal for staff only few days ago with different code, it is legit

  • Thanks! I managed to snag 6 items I had my eye on for long time and would never dream of at these prices!

  • +1

    Cheers! Picked up the Maison Margiela Music Festival EDT.

    • Do you know if it's good?

      • +1

        I like it, but I suggest you test it out first if there’s a MECCA near you.

      • +1

        It has to be better than the smell of Rainbow Serpent Music Festival.

        • +1

          esp when they're on the trains back to melb, after a week of no showering…

  • +4

    There website suuuucks, it’s so hard to navigate. Wish there were more photos too

  • +3

    Because you're worth it

  • old stock, not interested lol

  • +1

    For the Men check out the gift sets. The Polo Red Extreme will stay on for longer than the Rush but Rush is a lighter crisper scent. Each to their own.

    RRP $175 from the normal department stores, for $50 its a steal.

    Make sure you get the 125ml with 40ml travel size companion.

  • Thanks OP, got the Maison Margiela Music Festival EDT for the misses anniversary

  • +1

    Anybody got their confirmation email after ordering yet?

    • Got mine instantly

    • I haven't got mine yet…!

  • +1

    It's good to know we're worth it.

  • +3

    Had $600 in my cart and culled it down to $250. Did I need more makeup. Probably not.

  • cheers OP - bought some Xmas presents

  • Great post OP right in time for Christmas !

  • Thanks OP - mum and dad Christmas presents sorted. Both getting perfume

  • Thanks OP. Now I have heaps of lipstick to wear under my masks 😉

    • I'm waiting for the Pat McGrath lipsticks to go on sale during Black Friday!

  • Thank you! Crazy considering I pay RRP for some of those products.

  • +1

    Pierre de Lune at $129 is a steal. Christmas gifts sorted. Thanks

    • +1

      I hope you're right! I'm giving it a try.

  • Thank you.

  • thank you !!

  • Thanks, love ysl but so $$ so this was fab!

  • Thanks OP. Sorry to miss the Flowerbomb but bought the Margiela instead.

    • Looks like I just missed out the Margiela. Bummer!

  • Thanks!

  • Can't seem to check out, both using card (both Amex and Mastercard) and Paypal (says I cancelled my order and go back to the cart). Anyone else having the same issue, or just me?

    Edit: Could be a Firefox thing; now working on Chrome on mobile

  • +1

    Does anyone know if they still do the sales in Melbourne? Haven't been in a very long time.

    Thanks for this post, shopping sorted!

  • +1

    How to sign up to the mailing list and get notified again next year?

  • +2

    I think I hopped on too late. Not much left

  • "pierre de lune giorgio armani" cost over $400 and its special to $120 .
    I wonder why there perfume cost over $400? What so special ? Like what different ?

    • It’s private collection

  • did you guys had payment issue? i couldnt pay with any of my card as it saying declined, and when i choose paypal , the website jsut saying i cancelled the order, help here please.

    • Had issue with Amex, but Master card went through.

      • Similar - didn't work with Amex, worked with visa.

        • i cant use both my master & visa or paypal… what browser did you guys use?

  • Anyone got order confirmation email? My payment went through via PayPal but no email.

  • new stuff is out

  • We are sorry but this code is not valid and cannot be used to access the store. Please try another code. <— Code not working, tried Phone and PC can't access store :(

    • i think its finished now.

  • Hi,
    Is there another code that might be working?

  • @gloomyash could there be another code you can share? :D :D

  • I’m logged in still so I hope I never log out

  • Got pinged with international transaction fees on my credit card. :/

    • Me too!

      • [email protected] ,contact & refund ur international transaction fees.
        I received invoice shows L'oreal Australia Pty Ltd , no Foreign Fee

    • [email protected]) I contacted the office to solve.

      • Did you get a resolution?

        • Replied me the next day

          • @zzyy: My invoice is from Scalefast though, not L'oreal Australia.

            • @bluedufflecoat: me too. if it's an aussie website do they have any obligation to disclose foreign feees? i get them refunded anyway (ING) but its annoying

  • Very fast delivery, I'm impressed.
    Though the size of the boxes is a bit of an overkill.

    • Was the delivery from StarTrack?

      • Yes. Add their tracking number to Auspost tracking app.

        • Thanks! Was the tracking number b provided by Loreal? Haven't received one yet.

          • @TheMommy: Yeh, I got an email with tracking number.

  • I never received the confirmation email or a shipping tracking number??

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • No. I received confirmation email. Then item got delivered before I received a shipping email.

    • I didnt receive any confirmation email. Just the payment has been deducted via Paypal, havent received the items as well

    • Did you try to send them an email? They're quite responsive. It's [email protected].