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Samsung Galaxy Note20 $974.35, 5G $1071.85, Ultra $1201.85, Ultra 5G $1299.35 @ Samsung Education Store / EPP


Samsung Note 20 Ultra currently available in all colours.

Sign up using Australian .edu email for education store.

Edit: looks like it may also be available via EPP

First post (please be gentle!).

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  • To access the Samsung Education Store, you must be an eligible student or employee of an Australian educational institution and have a valid email address ending in .edu.au. Please log in with your Samsung account. If you don’t have a Samsung account, sign up below.

    • keep in mind pricing varies between different EPPs, education store, etc..

      eg. I bought the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G a few days for $2399.20 in my EPP but in the education store it was $25xx (can't remember; didn't give it much thought).

      Other top tip is to get the $50 off coupon for $300+ spend. It stacks with EPP benefits (so I got the Fold2 for $2349.20).

      • Trying to add the $50 off coupon by subscribing but sadly I am not getting the email from Samsung. Not sure if I should wait till tomorrow. :)

        • message them on chat and they'll generate it for you

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    Samsung phone's price is always free falling after iPhone latest series published…..

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      Yep, makes zero sense to go iPhone when you can get Samsungs so cheap

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        The note 20 ultra is a bit more complete package than the 12 pro max. 120hz and fast charging which the iPhone lacks. Unfortunately we are not getting the 865+ variant in Australia

        • +27

          I disagree. This isn't 2010 anymore, Samsung's software has come a long way. As someone who owns an iPad Pro and uses a Note 20 Ultra, there are little things that iOS does that would annoy me if I had to deal with them on a daily basis if I had an iPhone

          • @Kallavan14: How many years of updates does Samsung provide?

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              @Icecold5000: Recently, Samsung pledged to support eligible Galaxy devices for 3 generations of Android OS updates. So that means the Note 20 Ultra should get Android 11 and the two generations after that. This is on top of the regular security updates.

              The eligible list is quite long ranging from their A range up to the flagship Galaxy S and Notes.

              So while it may not be as long as Apple, it's still a good step forward for Android

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            @go2force: 10 years later they'll finally have the Apple pencil built in. Except the phone will have a hole because you'll have to pay for it lmao

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          Missus insists on using iPhone. Tried to transfer own movies via iTunes and gave up. If I've spend 2k on a phone, I don't want to subscribe and pay more for chargers and cables, let alone Apple music or TV.

          I suppose if you just don't have much functionality, yeah it's flawless.

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            @onlinepred: I've just gone to Samsung from Apple and honestly it is on par with the iPhone imo. Actually enjoying the Samsung more…

            • +1

              @Importmonster: I really enjoy using both, but if I was using my own money, I would buy the cheaper one every time.

    • good for us

    • It pays to wait as they plummet in months. Plus we have the inferior CPU to the rest of the world

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    Wish ultra priced at 1k then I will bite…don’t forget the newsletter coupon and get further $50 off ..

    • What's that?

      • Sign up to Samsung's newsletter within the EPP/Education/govt store for a targeted single use coupon for $50 off.

        • Damn, nice

        • -1

          Samsung's newsletter deal has expired and is not redeemable on EPP.

          • @waywardtoaster: I still got the pop up for the $50 coupon newsletter offer but never received the code in an email. I asked on chat and they confirmed it applies still and were able to generate me a code in the chat when I ordered my Fold2 a few days ago.

    • Same

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    Just when I decided to pay the extra and switch to iPhone 12 Pro Max…Probably would have rather saved the money and stick to Android even if it is Exynos.

    • At least you'll retain resell values.

      • +3

        As long as you don't drop it etc. Still after 2 years you lose value to the point that you would be better off with a Samsung anyway.

    • Why do we keep not getting the snapdragon?

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        Because we keep buying exynos.

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    If you are not in hurry to get a phone, I'll suggest to wait. Samsung new flagships are releasing early 2021.

    • Do you have a link for that? I'd be interested, thanks!

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        Samsung always released their phones in between feb-march. Rumours say new one could be in January

        • Probably won't be at this price point though

    • Not notes though

    • Waiting for note 20 FE

  • Imma gonna have a look at it via EPP. Want the 512gb version

  • Currently sitting on a Galaxy S10+, anyone have an idea when the next Galaxy S flagship will be released?

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      January 2021, if you can wait two months

    • Feb-Mar 2021

    • +1

      same here but truly don't see a need to upgrade right now.

      • yeah spot on, I just splashed on the Series X and PS5.. I think I can hold off on a phone upgrade until early next year..

        • good on you, I am not much of a Xbox/PS person.

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    those prices arent coming up in the education store for me. anyone can help?

    • I can help you with my epp Samsung account.

  • Should I pull the trigger now? Or will there be better deals during black friday?

    • Wait for new series to come out if you can wait.

      • wouldn't really want the new series as they will be exp. or are u saying the old ones will be discounted when the new series are released?

        • I think so. Old ones are already discounted so , by then you may get more cheaper.

  • Will the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G hit the $1000 mark on boxing day ?

  • Good price on the Ultra, even though I hate Exynos, the phone itself it great (currently using an overseas model with Snapdragon).

    • Any issues with network/ samsung pay using in Australia or any other issues?

      • Samsung pay is in HK region which you can't change, but have no trouble adding Aus cards. Just all the promotion messages are for HK.

        No other issues fully support all 4g (inc B28) and the 5G network currently in use by Telstra and Optus.

        The only thing to be aware is it supports dual sim (1 slot shared with MicroSD) but no eSim feature.

        Model is n9860.

        • +1

          Thanks for that.

        • Does VOLTE work on your phone even though it is an overseas model?

        • Same model as mine and I can support everything you have said.

          The only thing I noticed that was off is that our phone does not have the included Hiya service Caller ID & Spam Protection in the Phone settings. I have a feeling that feature is region specific as my Aussie Note 8 had it.

          • @Menzoberranzan: Possibly. Honestly, I didn't even realise it until you mentioned it.

            • @fidelio: It isn't that big a deal but it was a nifty feature as its pretty good at identifying spam calls and letting you know as they are calling.

  • Better buy Oneplus 8 pro 5G IN2023 from Amazon UK or this?

    • Depends on your needs really, or whether you want that Snapdragon processor. If you buy here, the 2 years warranty is guaranteed and comparatively easier to claim.
      Camera performance arguably has always been better on the Note series.

  • I bought a Note 20 Ultra 5G at launch and battery life is really bad!

    With 120Hz and 5G on it dies in a few hours, no where close to their all day battery life claim, Exynos is to blame here.

    • +2

      Yup if I were you, I would consider getting the N9860 model with Snapdragon if you like the phone.

      I switched from S20+ to Note 20 Ultra Snapdragon, and much better.

      I could not cope with the stutters and lag in games with Exynos S20+.

      • +3

        I actually ended up importing a Korean Snapdragon SM-N986N model.

        Much better battery life and photo quality is also slightly better due to the different ISP.

        • -4

          Don't mind no local warranty support etc just so you can save a few seconds on app opening.. Mental if you ask me.

          Not happy about SD not being sold here but not willing to trade local warranty at all for an SD. Hell no.

          • @LifeStories: Speed isn't the issue, it's battery life.

            The Exynos model needs a recharge halfway through the day. Speed wise it's snappy and there's no noticeable slowness.

            • @fireforce: What's a realistic soc for your SD model?

              • +1

                @Elendir: SoT really depends on your usage pattern.

                I usually get 6+ hours with 120Hz, 5G Off, and medium screen brightness. I also have all the Korean bloatware apps disabled with package disabler pro.

                When I had the Exynos it got around 3.5 hours SoT with similar usage.

                • @fireforce: 3.5 h. Wow.
                  And I was thinking of buying a local one…

        • PLEASE answer this question. Does VO-LTE and VO-WiFi work for you with this Korean model? I'm with Telstra and I am wanting to import the Korean model. Oh and does Google Pay and Smasung Pay work for you? Thanks a lot mate!

          • @Tillaz123: Yes, VoLTE and VoWiFi works perfectly with Telstra. Samsung pay doesn't work but Google pay works fine.

            • +1

              @fireforce: Mate you're an absolute legend. I was literally holding out till I got an answer on that. When you're up in Brisbane, I will shout you a beer.

              Just out of curiosity. Instead of saying "Manufactured in Vietnam" on the back of the phone, does yours just have the Samsung logo with some Korean writing on the bottom of it?

              • @Tillaz123: Glad I was able to help!

                Yeah, on the back it has the Samsung logo with some Korean letters and the IMEI number. Mine is made in Korea too, checked with the 'Phone INFO * SAM *' app.

                • @fireforce: Ahhhh awesome! Can’t wait to get mine. Have you put an amfilm or white dome tempered glass on it?

                  Yeah even the made in Vietnam ones will say it’s made in Vietnam in the phone. However the best way to tell is from the box. Your one will say made in Korea on the box. Where did you get yours? Wondamobile?

                  • @Tillaz123: I'm actually happy with the factory installed screen protector so just have that at the moment.

                    The box is all in Korean with Korean paperwork too. Got mine from buybuybox.

                    • @fireforce: Oh true! Did you have to pay GST or import duties? That’s what I’m worried about.

                      I checked on Google and their website has 2 stars on product review 😂.
                      Who did they use to deliver it? FedEx or DHL?

                      Thanks again mate.

                      • @Tillaz123: No import duties with them. It was DPEX and TOLL does the local delivery.

                        Yeah It's a weird company. No communication whatsoever but the item turns up lol. PayPal payment should be pretty safe though.

                        • @fireforce: Oh wow interesting! How long did it take to get to you?

                          Is this the link you bought it off? It doesn’t specify if it’s the SM-N986N

                          Link: http://buybuybox.com/product.php?id=52342

                          • @Tillaz123: Took about a week and a half. Yeah that's the one I got.

                            It was career branded (KT Corporation) SM-N986N. So there's some hardcoded items in the settings menu that can't be removed. Probably best if you can find the unbranded variant.

                            • @fireforce: I just ordered mine this morning! Is it true that on the Korean models the camera shutter sound can’t be turned off?

                              • @Tillaz123: Yeah, the camera shutter sound can't be turned off due to Korean law. But if you set the phone to vibrate or silent the shutter sound stays off.

                                • @fireforce: Phewf that’s awesome then. How has your phone been? How does it do with signal and have you ever used 5G on it?

                                  Mate, thanks so much for everything. Definitely owe you one. Will keep you updated :)

                                  • @Tillaz123: It's been great so far! All day battery life with mixed use. 5G works perfectly with Telstra, with good coverage once I got 550 Mbps download speeds.

                                    I also have all the Korean bloatware disabled with package disabler pro, think it helps with battery life too. Oh and the dialer has bulit in call recording, not that I use it lol.

                                    • @fireforce: Oh wow I always use call recorder haha.
                                      Was your box already unsealed when you got it? Apparently they open it to make sure it’s unlocked? So you’re 100% sure the shutter sound turns off when you put the phone on silent eh?

                                      Are you using the original charger or have you bought an Australian Samsung charger?

                                      • @Tillaz123: Mine actually looked factory sealed. Yeah, I take pictures all the time and definitely no shutter sound on mine.
                                        I just use the included charger with a plug adapter, seems to work well. Sometimes I also use wireless charging pad.

    • Can owners of note 20 ultra confirm this? Saw comments in Samsung forum complaining about this as well hence hesitant to pull the trigger

  • +1

    These prices are also available at the Australian Government employee portal.

    • Didnt seem to work with nsw gov epp account. Unless the offer is expired.

      • it works for Qld Govt

        • +1

          Yup turns out i used the wrong link. Comfirmed works for nsw gov epp

  • OP: how do you know that the deal expires today? Still deciding if I should wait for potential better deal on black friday.

    • same here.. so tempting tho :x

      • +1

        They have free returns provided it's unopened. Order it, and don't open until black friday to check the deal.

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