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$100 Credit (Paid in 4 Instalments of $25 Every 30 Days) for Referrers and Referees @ Powershop


Remember to click from the randomised referral link

From the email:

Switch Your Mates is SUPERCHARGED!

If you refer a friend to us before the end of the month and have them sign up and successfully switch to Powershop, then you are both up for some BIG rewards.

You’ll both score a $100 power credit AND you’ll each go in the Switch Your Mates Supercharge Prize Draw to win 1 of 100 $264 SUPER CREDITS!*

When you combine the $264 super credit with your $100 Switch Your Mates power credit, it gives you enough credits to cover the average cost of a quarterly home electricity bill in Australia!


Copy your unique referral link below and send it to your mates.

Tell them all the things you love about Powershop cough, cough (Australia’s only accredited carbon neutral energy retailer and total people pleasers.)

They successfully sign up with us through your unique link online or if they drop your name over the phone.

You’ll pocket a $100 power credit and so will your mate.*

You'll each go in the running to win 1 of 100 $264 SUPER CREDITS.*

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Both referrer and referee get $100 (paid in 4 installments of $25 every 30 days)

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  • Beat me to it! Just got this mail also.
    For anyone who wants a more standard plan ie flat rate per kWh & daily charge I recommend calling them after you join and asking for the 'secure' plan rates for your area. I had a pretty amazing plan with glowbird but find this offer on one of the more obscure comparison websites & when I called them they denied having any offers near the prices listed but when I referred to 'secure' offer they were surprised as apparently it's only offered in rare circumstances??? I don't really know but the rates for me were 22% below the default offer for Jemena in Victoria and are locked in until end of next year so it's worth checking. If you want the referral also sign up online first and then call them and ask about the 'secure' offer, I've had a couple friends and family switch over using this strategy. Good luck

    • Great tip. Did they provide the "secure rates" over the phone prior to switching? I'll have to give this a go

      • Yes they'll give you the rates but most likely they will tell you that the referral bonus doesn't apply to that offer so if you want the referral it's best to sign up using the link then before the 10 day cooling off period finishes call them and get it switched over.

    • Beat me too it as well. Apparently I took too long writing it out :p

      Anyways people can also compare their current bill with the Powershop calculator to check prices or compare what else is available to you on the Energy Made Easy site.