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[VIC] Free $50 Food Voucher at Gatboy Melbourne with Liven


Just had this pop up in the Liven app, offering a $50 off voucher people who scan the QR code at Gatboy, Melbourne today.

They have a checklist to verify people, so you have to go in person.

Google says they are open till 11pm, at 205-207 Russell St, although kitchen is shut, so you’ll have to use the voucher next week

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  • I saw this a while ago on liven. Would it be possible to stack with the liven bonus credit offer and the free bts album they are offering for people paying using liven care package?

    • Hadn’t seen a care package, but sounds like a good deal!

      • I just checked and I realised it disappeared. It was 50 spend for 40 dollars bonus credit. Furthermore if you paid with a liven care package you were given a free bts album. My gf was really keen but I decided not to buy as I didn't see any info about the restaurant online or even an address. I see the address now though on liven as 205-207 russell st.

  • Aren't these usually first time offers?

  • Anyone happen to have the QR code?

  • Only scanning the QR code wont work, the code will bring you to Liven payment page. You will need to go there, and write your name/Liven ID in the list.
    There is staff who will check your Liven apps, and write your name registered in Liven.

    Thanks OP!

  • We were excited about the initial 100% "cash back" but it was cancelled - instead there was the $50 off (found out in the PM today). Interesting I don't think the 50% off (via insta) promo actually ran?? They also changed from 3pm to 5pm opening. When we dropped by around 7.30pm the place was open - but only for friends and family of the owner. So was the insta ad just to create buzz? So strange. Door guy said they're closed for a week but will be back. And yes Liven will message us.