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Kirkland Signature Walnuts/Almonds 2x 1.36kg $19.98/$16.98 ($0.74/$0.63/100g) Shipped @ Costco (Membership Required)


Kirkland Signature Walnuts 2 x 1.36kg $19.98 Shipped (Best before 02/07/2021)
Grown in Australia

Kirkland Signature Australian Whole Almonds 2 x 1.36kg $16.98 Shipped (Best Before 18/06/2021)

While stocks last.

(Very good price for both nuts and shipping cost is also included for Costco member.)

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  • +1

    Dang! Wish their pecans were on sale!

  • +1

    Almost worth becoming a member just for the nuts…

  • +1

    I bought Costco membership only because I wanted to purchase a pair of Serengetti Sunglasses. Seems like membership is worth.

    • +2

      Occasionally you come across deals like this. Definitely worth it.

      • True..

  • I’m struggling to find good, smoked almonds these days.

  • I don't know a lot about walnuts but my friend's bird loves them and I want to get it an Xmas gift. Is this a good price?

    • +1

      Very good price: hardly you can find the similar price from the market.

  • Walnuts are out of stock already 😔

  • Someone stuffed up, this is the price for one packet

    • Do you mean price is different in-store?

      • This is about the price of one packet instore, whoever put it in the system prob didn’t realise this

        • If you check previous deals, almond was this price in July. Not a system error.

          • @Buyers Remorse: Which too sold out straight away too, no way they would be half price inc delivery… well that’s what I think anyways, yay for us lol

  • OOS

  • +1

    It was around $15 instore.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, was able to get some. Very good deal!

  • I wish the pistachios were on sale. I just went to Costco today, I bought 3 bags, $90 😭

    • I just buy what's on sale… If pistachios go on sale next time, I'll be buying them.

  • Love the imperial converted weight - 1.36kg lol, that's exactly 3 lbs.

  • Hope they honour it. My order still says processing.

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