This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$40 off $100 Minimum Spend (VIP Members) @ Spotlight


From the upcoming Spotlight catalogue. Can be redeemed in-store and online.

Promo code to use online - 40INSTANT.


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    Great deal even for the knit-picky

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      Such a crafty response. Left me in stitches :)

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        People like you two are the fabric of this country.

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          Cut from the same cloth?

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          Indeed they can have a good yarn.

      • Never mind the quality, feel the width!

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      this is such a worn thread

    • Hopefully it doesn’t exclude cutting mats for cutting machines. It says excludes machines but doesn’t mention accessories.

  • OP - can you please advise if this is on Full price items only, or includes Sale prices?.. (I have not yet received my Catalogue). They run a few $40 off $100 spend coupons each year, but sometimes it is only on full priced items.

    • Big list of restrictions in the image op provided

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        Yep, Spotlight are known for their restrictions on sales like this. It's usually most things are on special except things sold at Spotlight.

        • I find a lot of their regular items are overpriced but if you wait for coupons like this it can be reasonable price, but certainly not as good as they make it out.

    • If you click the 'go to deal' link, it shows the catalogue picture with the terms - valid on sale items, from Nov 18 - Dec 6, must have VIP card present to redeem in store, one coupon per customer per day per transaction, excludes clearance, hot buys, everyday bargains, gift cards, existing lay-buy purchases, 2-day deals, and a whole bunch of individual product exemptions.

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        From my experience with past sales it usually includes everything in store, even those clearance items.
        Never tried it with giftcards though.

    • It says in big font "includes sales items". However, exclusions apply.

      • Thankyou everyone - I totally missed the second photo on the link… may have been to do with the 1 yo assistant diving to mash the keyboard just as I had clicked on the link, so I only saw the first photo. I know from experience 1 yo's seem to have an ability to press the exact keys in the blink of an eye to change computer setting you didn't even know you had.. and it takes a week before you can work out what it is and how to change it back..!

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    Don't Spotlight have this deal often? I think they're trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

    • 2 or 3 times a year

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    It's a shame I can't find the new catalogue anywhere to look at the stacking deals.
    Any chance you could tell me if minky fleece/nursery fleece will be on any kind of sale during the deal?

  • My question is whether you have to be logged in as a member to redeem the code?
    Or if you can checkout as a guest (with standard pricing on items to keep the cost over $100) to then get the $40 off?

  • Curious as to whether it will work on Dunlopillo which is already on special.. anybody have feedback on whether it would be worth it?

    • It will stack with sale items as long as the item isn't specifically excluded. In the past spotlight have had 50% off decor at the same time as this deal which stacked for a great saving :)

      • Really I havent had that experience. I actually went in to buy 2 dunlopillows yesterday but left as they were price jacked. If i could have used the coupon I would have bought them.

        • Just tried to do it online (Im in SA so locked down) and it failed. told me conditions not met. But also told me no stores have stock which is interesting as they did yesterday…

          • @Allwentmarching: maybe they are hot buys? I think hot or maybe everyday buys are excluded but the usual 20% etc will stack

    • I got one and didn’t like it at first but eventually I got used to it and it is amazing now. Helps a lot with my sore shoulders. I got mine for $60 when it was half price then take an extra % off.

  • Seems they've removed free shipping over $100? Bummer

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      Does the code work for you? It is showing invalid for me

      • Nope neither codes are working for me

  • I placed an order and within a couple of hours Spotlight cancelled it saying unable to supply. Yet when I check the website, the item still shows in stock and is able to be purchased.

    • Their stock inventory is terrible. They were advised not to have an online store, then Covid hit.

  • Went yesterday to get some dunlopillows. They werent 40% off as on sale, which is fine, but they scanned up as supposedly $159 normally, now down to $79. Yet the price on the shelf had them at $109. Talk about price jacking. Sure $79 is cheaper than $109 but Ive seen them cheaper elsewhere. Fed up with bait advertising wasting peoples time!

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      Its the new normal. ebay, catch, kogan etc also do it blatantly
      That is why Ozbargain is an amazing site.

    • Did you go to the counter and let them know the price on the shelf was wrong? at $79 spend a little more to get to $100 and save $40 making the pillow $60 and a bunch of other items for free. This deal is pretty damn good I guess you just got to know how to use it….

      • Yes I did go to the counter. I was trying to buy 2 pillows so > 100. The lady said thats the price it is regardless of shelf price, and it did NOT stack with the coupon as the pillows are 'on sale' so they arent included. Thats my point. Its not the worst price ever, but it certainly is bait advertising as its not really on sale.

        • It would have been a better deal to do 2x transactions of $100 anyway. The pillows in your case would have been $59 but in 2 transactions $60 each plus $42 worth of other random stuff for freeeee. I should also explain I am fairly sure it is 1 transaction per day so before telling the person at the counter it is a scam either bring a mate or buy them on 2 days.

          Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex Classic Pillow White Standard? I just did it online and it worked for me so not sure how spotlight are baiting you? Did you show them your VIP card? You have to be a VIP try logging in online and seeing if that works online then go to the store and show them it works….

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    Another coupon code is CHRISTMAS40

  • Online code doesn't work on sale items and even on a regular price items - try add 4 to cart and redeem 40INSTANT

    • Works for me. Are you logged in and a VIP member?

      Discounts: -$40.00
      Estimated Delivery
      (Standard Delivery) $12.99
      Subtotal: $68.00
      Estimated AUD total: $80.99
      Includes GST of $7.36
      Congratulations, you’re saving $40.00!

      • Oh yes, it still works. I wasn't logged in.

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