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40% off Coffee + Delivery (Free with $50 Spend) @ Grand'Cru Coffee


Grand'Cru coffee have started their Black Friday sale early and are offering 40% off sitewide on their coffee with free shipping on orders over $50. Based on previous deals, their single origin is supposed to be good and it's now back instock.

  • Apply the coupon BFP2020 at checkout
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Grand'Cru Coffee
Grand'Cru Coffee

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    Grand'Cru coffee have started their Black Friday sale

    No milk today ?

    • If you want some milk get some ST. ALi ICE LATTE. For $18 you better hope it's good.

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        For $18 you better hope it's good.

        But people passing by don't know the reason why

        get some ST. ALi ICE LATTE

        The company was gay we turn'd night into day

  • Any chance of in store pickup since I do live very close by?

  • 8.95 Postage to Melbourne. Anyone tried their Nicaragua Single Origin beans?

  • Free postage over $50 by the looks!

    • +1

      Yes that's what the deal says 😉

      • 😂😂 saw 40% off and smashed the link!

        • Like a true OzBargainer

  • Can anyone get it to work with coffee pods?

    • Even LAUNCH40 coupon doesn't work

  • $9 postage kills it for me.

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    Free postage must only work with over $50 after discount. I had $58 in the cart before discount but still wants to charge me shipping.

  • $12.20 postage to ACT, deal killer.

  • I said in comments on order I was happy to wait for fresh beans and I received a bag from the 2nd of November today. Not happy, have liked there blends and have bought plenty in past but these roast dates received are pushing it. See what they have to say about it, if nothing I'll be switching to another roaster.

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      Most would consider 2 weeks to be fresh so I guess to you that's not fresh? I think you should have specified how fresh you wanted them.

      • I did, I believe I asked to wait for next roast date but will check, 15 days is certainly not fresh in my mind for coffee, they suggested we leave a note for fresher beans but have obviously either not read them or ignored them. I normally vouch for their coffee and have bought a lot from them.

        • Damn that's a real shame. Definitely shoot the rep a message here and see what happens.

          • @Clear: Yeah its otherwise great coffee I'll remove my neg till I hear back from them

        • Two weeks post roast is about the perfect time to drink coffee. Obviously this is a problem if it takes you a while to get through a bag, but 2-6 weeks post roast date is perfectly fine.

  • Most ozbargainers will disagree, no email response, pitty.

  • How quick is the free shipping? I live in Perth.

  • These guys have 40% off all the time. If you want fresh Roasted beans then look elsewhere.

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      Way to punish OP. Thanks

      • Nothing against you OP.

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          You should do it on rep posts.