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Leffe Blonde 330ml 24 Pack - December 12th Dated - $54.99 (Save over $40) + Free Delivery @ HelloDrinks


Leffe Blonde 330ml 24pk with Free Delivery from Independenly owned HelloDrinks!

Save $40 off Dan Murphys Listed Price

Buy Now Pay Later available with Latitude Pay or Zippay.

$54.99 - Use code HELLOSUMMER for Free Delivery

Stock is dated best before December 12/12, offer available whilst stocks last!

This beer generally holds its freshness for up to 6 months, Beer has been taste tested with no issues reported.

We just secured 1000 more cases from a new supplier at $10 cheaper than last price, so we are passing this on!

The best beer deal you will find this side of Christmas!

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      • Yeah good point, I believe Covid played a part in the overstock as the on-premise pull through wasn't as strong, so lucky for us and everyone here we got to share a bargain.

      • +1

        Yeah I agree. I like Leffe, but I wouldn't spend $80+ on a case of it, there are other beers around I'd rather have if I'm paying premium prices. I pay $120+ for Tripel Karmeleit. Having come from the UK and spent a bit of time in Belgium, I used to buy this for only marginally more than other options and that's fine, but I don't think it's worth the RRP in Oz. At this price I was happy to get some though.

  • thank you for restocking, got 1 :)

    • You are welcome, cheers for supporting HelloDrinks!

  • I don't even drink beer… The comments made me buy a slab though lol

    • It is a great tasting beer, you can't go wrong :) Thanks for supporting HelloDrinks!

  • +3

    "Stock was tested today with no issues reported"
    = Best job ever

    • +1

      it's a tough life lol

  • +5

    "another 100 cases released" "unlocked another 200 cases" "boss says sell sell sell….another 500 cases go go go!!!"

  • +2

    Missed the deal last night.

    So frustrated and had to drink a pack to fall asleep.

    Got one case this morning.

    Going to celebrate with another pack.

  • -1

    bought one, I'm sure it will be gone before the expired date! now I have to start thinking about my other $135.01 left in the voucher from NSW gov.

  • 300 cases added this morning, 150 sold through already, so grab them while you can!

    Perfect time of year to purchase a premium imported beer, and save yourself over $40 by getting it delivered to your door!

    Why not grab 2, it is going to be a long summer!

  • The order won't ship to my addresses around Hobart 😕

    • Hey, Can you message our team at [email protected] with your address and we will try get it sorted for you!

    • Hellodrinks got back to me. Unfortunately they can't offer this deal to Hobart. Their shipping cost would be too high 😔

  • +8

    Your stock remaining is bogus and pushing the fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) onto consumers.
    6 remaining, refreshed page, 5 remaining, refreshed page, 4 remaining until it was down to 2.
    I opened the same page on another browser, and got 6 remaining again.
    Refreshed first browser, and have 2 remaining.

    • +3

      just called the boss and guess what everybody ……UNLOCK 500 more cases at KA-raaaaaazy prices!!!!

      • That would be nice

    • +2

      Hey mate, if you read back up, the Algorithm is not handling the volumes on the page, our developers are trying to fix, as for stock remaining, the deal came into us yesterday after 4pm, we spoke with Supplier and said we would give it a push last night and come back to him this morning with an order, hence why we said stock would not ship until next Monday, as it is not at our Warehouse! We sold 160 cases in the first hour, so we called them back last night to get a further allocation so we could keep selling to the demand, and so on. $74.99 with delivery is a great bargain on this beer, we went deeper, and chucked in free delivery, along with a sharper price to shift as much volume as we can. Cut us some slack mate, we are a small business trying to do the right thing and bring a crazy hot deal. If you don't want to purchase that's fair enough.

      • I did purchase already, I'm not here to troll your post.
        The purpose of my comment was to help point out to others that see "2 remaining" that it's not right, and not to suffer FOMO.
        So, as an update for us all - how many are actually remaining?

        • Approx 80 cases left when I checked 10 minutes ago

    • Not saying this is the case but most likely it is due to a Shopify plugin that will display a random number within a certain range. https://apps.shopify.com/social-proof-urgency for example.

  • +1

    Ordered, cheers. Now, how’s about a deal on La Chouffe? Then we could really be friends…

    • +1

      Cheers for supporting HelloDrinks, will see if we can get La Chouffe on special!

  • +1

    Ordered - what a treat! Hope y'all still make some profit on these

    • +1

      Cheers for supporting HelloDrinks, Appreciate it.

  • +3

    Hey everyone, as of midnight, approx 35 cases left!

  • +1

    Is it better to check out using a credit card or paypal - which is less fees for the business?

  • +1

    5 cases to go! Thanks everyone for the amazing response!

    Beers arrived today, so we will begin shipping them out over the next 1-2 days.

    If you need any more drinks, look no further, and get 10% off your next order with code: HELLO10

  • +1

    The gift that keeps on giving, Good News folks, Supplier has been in contact and has released two more pallets, so approx 140 additional cases now added to the website! Tell your mates, they won't find a better beer bargain this side of Christmas! $64.99 with Free Delivery using promo code: HELLOSUMMER

    Thanks again for the support!

    • +1

      Hi I ordered one and order number is (edited), received email saying it is on the way - called courier please and they are unable to locate the tracking number provided by hellodrinks . Can u please confirm if it has been sent ?

      • Hey, These are getting loaded to the truck today, too many for regular driver to take in his van the past 2 days, so scans will begin updating later today. On the tracking page, click on the track my order button, the tracking label always begins with CP.

        • Hi no updates for delivery, can u confirm when will be shipped

  • +1

    Would you have any Leffe Brune or a Brune/Blonde mix case?

  • +1

    Hi HelloDrinks rep, I ordered on 16 November, and live in Sydney. Similar to comments above, I also rang Couriers Please, and they couldn't locate the tracking number, saying it's incorrect. Using the Shippit link I received on email, I can see that the last update on my order is "Booked for Delivery" in Smithfield on 18/11 at 12:54pm.

    It really shouldn't take this long for delivery within Sydney. Can you please investigate?

    • Hey mate, Team are working through the backlog, and will be sent out asap, we are still waiting on the last shipment of stock to arrive so the team are pre-booking couriers to ensure they have slots assigned for our collections due to the high volumes. If you reach out to [email protected] they will check up on the details of your order.

      • I have emailed your Customer Service thrice, and I still haven't received my two cases, even though these were ordered more than a week ago! The ShippIt link still shows the same status as "Booked for deliver" on 18 November 12:54pm!
        Please review my order.

        • -2

          Hey mate, as per our original post, all orders were scheduled to go our as of Monday 23/11, we got ahead with some orders and began shipping last Thursday, All Couriers Please orders were ready to go on Monday, however they sent a van in stead of a truck, and couldn't take the volume, same Tuesday. Thankfully after many heated calls, a truck arrived this morning and all orders are now at their depot, which began scanning tonight, and will continue in the morning, when you will start seeing scan updates shortly afterwards. Thanks for your patience and support.

          • @HelloDrinks: Well, it's Friday 27th now, and the ShippIt link is showing the same status! Received an email from customer service yesterday at 8:23pm that "we are just waiting for the courier to collect all the pallets for distribution".
            So it seems that the orders have still not been collected by the courier, let alone, started to be delivered to customers…

            • -2

              @mogambo: Hey mate, all orders from the initial sale last week have shipped, Couriers Please orders were collected on Wednesday, they had an IT issue on their side which was resolved yesterday, so I will follow up with their IT team to confirm orders are now moving, which they confirmed yesterday that they were.

              • @HelloDrinks: Monday 30/11, and still no news of the delivery, with ShippIt still showing exactly the same status. Looks like the excuses are running thin; first it was wrong sized trucks and delayed pickup; now it's an IT issue. Surprisingly, all of these issues are with Couriers Please, and none with Hello Drinks…

                • +1

                  @mogambo: Yeap. Ten days in transit here. No meaningful reply from Hello or Fastway. Getting close to dispute time given the slack response.

                • @mogambo: Same issue for me! Sick of it, first time buy from this site, is it scam or something?

                  • @Joyful999: And crickets from the reps. So many different stories when they do respond. Incapable of addressing concerns when the proverbial hits the fan which reflects their approach via email too.

                    • @5cooter: Hope the heat doesn't affect the beer quality during transit. It's been hot lately

    • Finally received the beer today, 30/11. Even though I was WFH and didn't leave my house all day, when I opened my apartment door around 7pm, the beer cases were left outside. Not sure why the courier didn't buzz my apartment, or knock on the door, if they managed to somehow get inside the unit block. In case anyone's curious, expiry date is 10/12/20.

  • +2

    I got my case. Bottle caps were rusted and the gold tin foil left glue on the bottle.
    But wow, delicious beer. Actually ordered another. Drank out of a glass of course.
    The bottles look like little fancy wine bottles too. Pretty cool

    • Expiry date on box/bottle?

      • +2


  • +2

    My box was delivered yesterday, beer taste fine .
    Just grabbed another 2 cases.
    Good deal. Looks like the OP is right, I’ll be drinking this on Xmas.

    • Is yours tasting a bit bitter and just a hint of sourness? Is that normal?

      • I’m familiar with leffe and mine’s taste right.
        Some people might think it’s bitter and/or sour, for most people Belgian beers will take some time to acquire a taste for it. Make sure you pour into a glass.
        i had a friend that said it tasted like rust so I get where you’re coming from.

  • Anyone still waiting for delivery to be picked up? Mine was set as "booked for delivery' four days ago…

    • I vaguely remember the shipping date being from 23/11. Doni don't mind waiting a bit knowing the large volume of orders.

  • Hello Drinks what is going on with my orders tracking information is not even recognized by courier.

    • I'm in the same boat. Tracking info takes me to 404 error page

    • Hey mate, can you send this through to [email protected] and the team will take a look.

      The majority of orders have shipped, Couriers Please didn't have room to take the volumes on Mon/Tues, so they are sending a truck today to collect the remainder.

      Thanks for your patience.

  • +1

    Kinda get the feeling these guys bit off more than they could chew. Emails unresponded after three days and tracking details don't work after five days. Will edit/reply to this comment when things progress.

    • We certainly haven't mate, the team have out performed over the past week considering the success, and volume of orders from this promo, added on top of the crazy christmas/covid rush.

      I have responded to your email a short time ago, again due to the crazy rush, we are dealing with a high volume of tickets that the team are working through. Appreciate your understanding.

      The majority of orders have shipped, Couriers Please didn't have room to take the volumes on Mon/Tues, so they are sending a truck today to collect the remainder.

      Thanks for your patience.

      • +1

        No tracking update, what is going on

        • -2

          Orders are on way, tracking issue resolved and should update shortly, but can confirm orders went to Couriers Please yesterday.

      • My delivery is still stuck in "to be delivered". Assuming your courier didn't pick it up today?

  • +2

    Folks, crazy week getting all the orders out, brought tears to our eyes seeing all that beer go.

    Just to update, the final pallet arrived from the supplier this morning, so approx 50 cases left for sale, and then they are gone, Supplier has confirmed, we have cleared every last case.

    Thank you again for all your support.

    • +1

      1000 cases * 24 bottles * 330mL = 7,920L. wow!

  • Anyone who have got their orders can give feedback on if it tastes fine?

    • It's quite bitter and a bit sour, not my thing but not sure if it's supposed to taste like that

      • I wouldn't describe it as sour.

        I taste bananas, orange and hops.

    • +2

      Mine’s good. Tasted just like leffe is meant to taste.

  • Checked my tracking since it was due on Monday the 23rd, noticed that it is now listed as damaged with no updates from HelloDrinks nor the Courier.

    I'm so sad about this but I emailed sales/customer service this morning hoping for an update

    • +1

      Hey mate, The remaining orders were collected on Wednesday by Couriers Please, and are currently getting sorted and scanned at their depot tonight, and into tomorrow. You should start seeing scan updates tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and support.

  • +1

    Is this legit?

    I ordered two cases nine days ago, they took my money and haven't shipped them yet.

    No phone number on the website.

    I've sent two emails and they've not responded to either.

    • Same boat! Is this legit! !

      • +1

        Got mine last night

      • -1

        Yes this is legit, see response above.

    • -2

      As per original post from 9 days ago, commitment for shipping was Monday 23/11, All orders except for Couriers Please left on or before Monday, Couriers Please orders were collected on Wednesday, but we had a software glitch with tracking that was fixed earlier today. I can confirm, beers are on the way. Thanks for your patience, and support.

      • +1

        I'm sorry but this is bullshit. Two weeks and my order hasn't been picked up. It took 4 days to get a cut and paste response from your customer support email.

        Please grow a pair and publish your phone number, or at least respond to emails.

        Wher'es my order?

    • I ordered 2 cases on 18th November - shipped on 20th November and received them 27th November (Melbourne)

      Maybe they got an influx of orders…

  • I made an order on the 16th of November (I'm in Sydney Metro) and my tracking number says "In transit" since 18th of November with an estimated delivery time of 19th of November (one week ago).

    It's been 10 days since my order and still haven't received anything and I'm not getting any answers through emails.

    • +5

      @Hellodrinks - Do you not want repeat customers? Because this is how you not get repeat customers. /Archer

  • @hellodrinks - Can the code - HelloSummer - still be used for free shipping , i am getting the below errors - I cant seem to add it to the cart page when trying to order one case

    'Cannot place order, conditions not met: Max 6 cases per sku'

    or the shopify checkout page

    'Enter a valid discount code or gift card'

    • -1

      I will check and come back to you, how many cases are you looking to purchase? there is a max limit of 6 cases per sku on all beer orders

  • +3

    @hellodrinks - I requested for order cancellation by emails as soon as payment has been made.
    However, no support or response has been received from my emails.
    I am quite disappointed with your service.

    • -1

      Hi Salvador, can you message me the details at [email protected] and I will take a look into it, I do apologise for the delay, it has been a mental week with Christmas orders, Black Friday, Leffe Promo so the customer desk has been smothered with requests which they are working through the backlog. Even with extra staff on board to help, we have been hit with record numbers which we weren't expecting to be so large. We will improve this.

      • I messaged you.

    • Hey Salvador, can you reach out with your order number to [email protected]

  • Jesus. When is the best by date? Ordered nearly two weeks ago. It's been 10 bloody days in transit from Sydney to Brisbane. Cut and paste responses from Hello and Fastway. Dud experience so far.

    • December 2020

    • +1

      Ordered mine to Sydney on the 16th Nov. Still in transit. Hello's customer service has been terrible - as you say, just cut and paste responses!

      • -1

        Mine still shown as pick up - no response from CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYMORE - NEED A REFUND

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