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FiiO BTR5 - $168.62 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


This is the cheapest I have seen it since release.

Code suggested by OzBargain for an extra $10 off for those who can use it (takes it down to $158).

Just purchased it myself as I have been hunting it for while, very low stock since the start of the pandemic as it sold out locally due to increased people purchasing these items, comes with a microphone too I believe, which is why many purchased it.

Addicted to Audio do have it on their online store for $199.

Regarded very highly among the audiophile community, reviews below:

Written Reviews: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/fiio-btr5.24178/reviews

Video Reviews:

Z Reviews: https://youtu.be/JC255ZUEte0
Juan Bagnell: https://youtu.be/7ps-XUZeTpg

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • FWIW, I got mine pre-ordered from Minidisc.com.au for $152.96 (this was 10% off, prior to the price increase). But I did have to contact them to apply the site-wide 10% sale to the pre-order! (And I guess that was prior to the release, not since release!) :)

    Great little unit!

    • Yep, it has been $199 minimum everywhere since like February until now. Well, based on what I've seen. I even have store credit here in Perth with Addicted to Audio, but they haven't had in stock for a few months, only on their online store.

  • +13

    Headphone amp.

    Googled it.

    • Yep, it's tagged under electronics - headphones - amplifier - dac - dac amplifier.

      Also instead of copy/pasting the description, it's on the Amazon page itself for those who want the detailed specs.

  • Will I still benefit from this if I listen music from iPhone 12 with Sony xm3 setups?thanks

    • No I wouldn't buy it for Bluetooth headphones. They have their own amps built-in and you won't benefit from it.

      • What about if compare sounds quality between fiio btr5 plus Audio-Technica ATH-M50x compare ath-m50xbt, which one is better ? Thanks

        • Wired M50x + BTR5 will be better than the M50xBT, if the M50xBT version uses the same drivers.

          That's because the DAC/AMP in this will be significantly better than those built-in Bluetooth Headphones.

          I don't particularly like the M50x myself, I've tested them before and never really liked their sound signature. But back in the day, they used to be good for their price.

        • It'll also depend heavily on your source material too… If you're listening to exceptionally high bitrate or full lossless source then look at get getting some sweet headphone setup. If you're listening to spotify or apple music streaming then fixing your source will have way more of an impact than fancy cans.

    • +1

      Bluetooth and amp belong to different headphone world.

  • -1

    If you're asking if this will make xx headphones sound better, chances are you won't notice it. Go use eq if you want more bass in your open headphones.

    If you don't need the Bluetooth and just have an itch thinking amp = better sound, get the Xduoo XD-05 basic/pro for a little more. Nothing else offers more power in the portable market.

    • Mate, the whole point of these is that they're a Bluetooth DAC/AMP. Predominantly used by people who own wired headphones and want to use them on the go without them connected to their device.

      Who buys this solely as a DAC/AMP to use on a PC for example over other DAC/AMP's designed for desk use. It's just nice to have that as an extra bonus for those on a tight budget who want both for example (wireless connectivity on the go + decent use when at home).

      • I use it for both and this little device is amazing. They drive my HD6xx’s with balanced cables beautifully!

        • What balanced cables do you use? They've just dropped again on Amazon and I have purchased the hxx as well. Read some reviews that some good balanced cables are highly recommended.

          • @Kevyi: I bought the massdrop balanced cables. They're by far the cheapest and they are good quality.

      • M8 didn't I put the disclaimer "if you don't need Bluetooth"? At what point did I say to use these exclusively for desk? Comprehension m8

        • "If you don't need bluetooth, don't buy a bluetooth receiver."

          Right, good to know! ;)

          • @caprimulgus: No, if you don't need Bluetooth on your portable dac/amp, get a better portable amp for similar price that can drive thousand dollar headphones.

            • @krisspy: It's a bluetooth receiver (that also functions as a portable dac/amp). Stop being obtuse.

              For someone who clearly knows a lot about audio, you demonstrate a low level of understanding about what this product is.

              • @caprimulgus: I know exactly what this is. I also oz bargain is full of people thinking adding this to xxx headphone will make it sound better. Frankly not, downgrading to Bluetooth will not make things better ldac or not.

                People will be buying this not necessarily for its Bluetooth function, but thinking it will magically make their headphones sound euphoric.

                Notice I prefaced my post for people who are just looking for improving their sound and not necessarily needing bt.

                I shouldve just posted in an ELi5 manner…

                • @krisspy: So…

                  "If you don't need bluetooth, don't buy a bluetooth receiver."

                  I was right the first time! :)

                  Btw, I didn't neg you, and I do agree with your recommendation! I was just poking fun, because I really think it's pretty obvious that if you are not looking for the bluetooth capability, this is probably not the best option for you. It's a bluetooth receiver, that happens to be a quite capable as a dac/amp as well - but if you just need a dac/amp, get a dac/amp instead. :)

  • I have this. I use it to drive my 300 ohm hd6xx’s so I can listen to them around the house or as a DAC on my pc. It’s absolutely brilliant and saved from buying a separate DAC for the pc.

  • Waiting for the Bluetooth 5.2

  • +1

    I'd recommend the qudelix for 190aud

    Or the es100 for closer to 1250aud (free delivery) on the radsone earstudio website (100aud can be had on semiregular specials they run). https://earstudio.store/collections/products/products/es100

    Comparison between three products here

    • +1 for Qudelix.
      Great support and apps

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