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Free Shipping @ Five Senses Coffee


Just got an email for free shipping at Five Senses Coffee.
I dont think its targeted because the code is pretty generic and worked when I tried on incognito mode.

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5 Senses Coffee
5 Senses Coffee

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  • Great Roaster
    I particularly like their filter roasts.

    • Any current filter blends you’d recommend? Been meaning to give them a go for a while now, looks like with free shipping now is the time.

      • I'm drinking "Boji" at the moment (Aeropress & V60)

        It's an Ethiopian single origin.
        I tend to find that I like Ethiopian beans best.. they tend to have a distinct & "fruity" flavour profile

  • It's worth a good hunt around to find something you like. I used to swear by Five Senses, but prices kept going up. I looked around, found another local roaster with free and faster shipping, about 25% cheaper and to my tastes at least, much better. I kept having quality issues with Five Senses, the courier was often blamed, ie left in the hot sun etc. But since I switched I've only had one bad bag.

    It's been a few years since I've used them so I'm sure lots has changed, price still seems at the top end though.


    Thanks OP - just ordered Crompton Road and Tightrope haven’t tried five senses before

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