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10% Cashback on All Gift Card Purchases from The Card Network (eBay Card OOS) @ Cashrewards


Just noticed the banner on Cashrewards.

(1) Cashback is ineligible on purchases via The Card Network (TCN) App.
(2) Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
(3) You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • are there any limitations to these cards? I buy a $100 instore card, get 10bucks back on cashrewards? no limit to how many I can order?

    • Tried ordering - max limit 2, it seems.

  • Anyone can confirm how long for TCN cashback to track and approve ?

    • Tracking is minutes. Approval is up to 95 days.

  • Most of people buy ebay and JB HIFI and TGG gift cards?

  • +4

    Seems the online gift cards (ebay) are sold out….

    • Yeah I found the same, was after the eBay card …

    • They have been for many weeks now.

      • oh damn, I tried to refresh the page constantly hoping they will be back in stock, give up now

  • +13

    How does a digital gift card go out of stock exactly?

  • +8

    Warning, The TCN do not return phone calls.
    Redeemed a $50 Jb Gift Card yesterday which has not been sent to my email.
    Buyers beware

    • I had a problem over the weekend, phone lines not operating, but to my surprise they fixed it extremely quickly by email.

    • Worked instantly for me. They probably don't have much of a phone support staff. The margins wouldn't be that high for this kind of business.

    • I managed to call them a couple of times and they dealt with the issues very promptly. Both times I had the same lady attending the call. Probably very few staff or just one person managing the support?

    • Agreed, dont trust their customer service….very poor one. My order was still pending from 2 weeks ago!!!
      And they asked to send bank card and driving license is not a wise choose these days on line in terms of web security.

  • Is there any limits to how many I can purchase? Thinking of buying $1000 his/her card

    • looks like they limit to only $200 max

      unless you wanna do 5 * $200

      • Thanks. Just realised I can only purchase $200 per transaction..
        Will try purchasing them in five different transactions

        • it's weird that you can select $500 for a digital gift card but cannot buy over $200

        • Did all your 5 transactions track?

          • +2

            @TheBargainShopper: I only got four trackings out of five. Still waiting on the last one.

            • @tyvod: Cheers, looking to do a few transactions as well.

            • @tyvod: Same for me. Did 5 transactions and only 4 tracked so far. Have been waiting a couple hours now.

              • @awesomedude: Got my last one after an hour or so. Hopefully you get your tracking soon

  • Can you use gift cards on good guys commercial website?

  • Just bought $100 gift card. Let's wait and see whether the cashback is solid 10% or the dodgy excl.GST 9.1%.

    • +2

      There's no GST payable on gift cards.

      • +1

        Thanks mate.
        My cashback just got tracked. Solid 10%.

        • How long did it take for the gift card to arrive in your inbox?

  • Dang, went for the 7% yesterday. Tracked fine in about 20 mins.

  • damn looks like online card sold out

  • no restaurant card

    • restaurant card is 10% off on agl rewards

      • Yes but they take at least a day to arrive plus 1% CC surcharge :-(

    • If you are after Restaurant Card, just use code" FB10" to get 10 % off

  • Online card is sold out

  • Can we use JB HI FI card online on JB website ?

    • Yep

    • Yes and I don’t think there’s a limit. I used like 8 last week in one transaction.

      • How did you use it online?

        • +1

          Get to the payment page. Once you enter one gift card, you would just get a new subtracted total and a new gift card field if you wanna enter another gift card.

  • +3

    Don’t count on getting cash back. I followed instructions to the “t” and still got denied. Cash back didn’t track.

    • +2

      Hehe that rhymes

  • Gift cards void cashback generally, do which companies are they best used for?

    • +3

      JB Hifi -> Nintendo 10% off eshop cards between boxing day and new years. The double stack means 19% off the eshop cards.

      Once day they'll stop it and I'm sure I'll get burnt, but so far it's been at least 3 years straight if not more. And you could flog the gift card at 10% discount anyway if JB shuts down the deal.

      Having said that, EB and Big W also run the 10% discount two or three times a year each and you can buy their discounted gift cards for 3-10% IIRC (if you have the right memberships).

  • I can’t find the restaurant cards on the website. Are they eligible for cash back? How can we find them?

  • Can you get cashback on digital gift cards?

    • I hope so, didn't realise it was limited to physical gift cards only? Can someone who's done a similar deal before confirm please?

      • +2

        Cashback works for the digital too

  • lol i just bought 3k yesterday… oh well guess i will get more for black friday

    • +1

      what do you do for a living?

      • +7

        Professional ozbargainer

  • +1

    How long for physical ones to arrive? I'm probably on the other side of the country. Their FAQ does not help. I found a link to their Shipping policy at checkout and I'll quote their entire policy: "."

  • newbie question about TCN. Can one TCN gift card be converted into separate store GCs? (e.g. $200 TCN to $100 JB & $100 Adidas)

    • +2

      For a $200 egc, you may choose from $50, $100 and $200

  • +1

    Anyone knows how many e-gift card can I use on TGG online?

    • +1

      "the website will allow up to 2 eGift cards or gift cards to be redeemed per order. More than 2 eGift cards or Gift Cards can be used in-store."


      • -1

        Yes I read that too. But I would like to confirm whether it's outdated or not.
        TCN only allows $200/gift card, $400 max is not enough for buying white goods :(

        • +1

          Someone in a previous deal mentioned buying larger denomination JB-hifi giftcards with multiple smaller ones.
          You may be able to do something similar to consolidate them.

        • Hey mate. What do you mean by white goods.

  • I just had a read of the FAQs, I'm confused what the different is between the gift card and 'e-gift voucher' is. Can someone shed light to this. Thanks

    • +2

      gift card is physical. It gets posted to you. e-gift voucher is digital.

  • It would be great it tightarse could confirm if we can do multiple cashbacks (without the claim being rejected later)?

    I know I was looking for $300 of JB credit.

    OTOH I'm also considering buying a fridge and might need a lot more!

  • +1

    Seems you can only buy 1x$200 gc each transaction.
    Anyone know if you get the cashback if you repeat the process (go through cashback) and make multiple purchases? ie 5x$200 purchases?

    • +1

      Yes you do

      • +1

        i just did 3 seperate ones and got each one tracked almost 5 mins later

    • Anyone can share how this would work when you have multiple cards and decide to shop in-store? (say jb-hifi)
      First-time TCN user got the app looks like a virtual MasterCard. If I get 2x$200, will I have one 400$ card shown on the app or two separate cards 200$ each?

      • +1

        I used my TCN last week for ip12. When I converted it to be used in store, I added it to my apple wallet and it worked like apple pay. I just had a dilemma on which is which amount so better memorise the ending number for specific amount so the counter person won’t be pissed. :)

        • +1

          Yes. The google pay app also offers ZERO feedback on card balance. It's a nightmare.

          • @justtoreply: Are you saying you to remember which card is used/being used?
            I am thinking of an iPhone, that's a few cards there.

            • +1

              @cheapguy: I used TCN to JB and just printed out the online GC instead of the whole apple wallet thing. Easier to track this way. Hand in each GC to the counter as they process it

              • +1

                @tpan: Maybe a silly question but how exactly did you do this ?


            • @cheapguy: Yeah. It's so bad.

              Buy all in the same denomination means you only need to track which ones are used, not how much the balance is.

              Maybe delete them as you use them too.

              I only just used Google pay for the first time myself. I was shocked Google pay didn't have such basic capability.

              This time I've gone for physical cards since I don't need them for 5 weeks

  • Shopback could never, thanks guys :)

  • How does this work? You buy one of the Him, her, online, active, etc cards, then you have to swap it to be used at ebay?
    If you want to use it at JB hifi, do you have to swap it or do you use the Him card instore without needing to swap anything?

    How do we know ebay is OOS as well? I might have i missed it but couldnt see how to tell that is the case before buying a TCN card

    • +3

      If you want to use at ebay you need the Online one which is out of stock.

      JB hifi is available from Him, Her, Home and some others.

      You buy the TCN card, which is available for a number of retailers and then redeem that card through the TCN website for the retailer you want - eg JB hifi. This answer applies to online egift cards. I have not used them instore before and that process is different.

  • Showing as sold out for the online ones

  • Just Ordered 6x$200 for home cards and got the cashreward of 6x$20 in my account pretty quickly, guess in less than 5min for each order. Now just wait for TCN to send the digital gift cards to me. Anyone knows how it normally take for TCN to send out the digital cards?

    • That's the same amount that I'm looking at getting… did you buy them in 6 transactions? I can see the option to do $200 x 6 quantity on the purchase screen but have not progressed further..

      • +1

        You can select anything more than $200 worth but it won’t let you actually check out, I don’t know why. It says the maximum value is $200 in one transaction. So I suppose it would have to be done in separate transactions.

  • +1

    Bought 6*200 in 6 transactions each time went through cash rewards . All of them tracked and received online cards as well .

    Now I am not sure whether to select instore or online gift card ? can they be used vice versa ? I mean online gift card can be used in instore ?

    • +1

      Online can be used instore. I just used it yesterday.

      What I'm curious is if there are any limits to gift cards if buying online. Does anyone know?

      There's no limit instore except the patience of the staff.

      • +1

        If you mean JB, I used 8 last week online for a total of $1600, no problem. Once you enter one gift card, you would just get a new subtracted total and a new gift card field if you wanna enter another gift card.

        • i hope this doesn't change.

          I tried purchasing iphone on Big W and was surprised to see Wish gift cards not usable! Funny thing is i just purchased 2 iphones last week with wish so they must have just changed it recently.

  • Ordered 7 gift cards around the same time, only 6 tracked… anything I can do?

    • When redeeming "Do you want to use your gift card In-Store or Online?"
      Chosed In-store, anyone knows how to change it back to Online so I can use it for jb hi online?

  • Anyone getting max of $100 purchase at a time now?

    • $100 max at a time now.

  • +3

    I really wish they didn't limit it to $100 per transaction. I would have gotten a lot more if it was higher but the whole process is just pure effort in any increments larger than $100

    • yeh idk why they even have the options of anything above $100…

  • Getting out of stock on all cards now.

    Also have placed orders for 5 cards which triggered a fraud warning email to be sent through from tcnpayments.com and after authorising those, haven't received cards for those 5 payments.

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