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25% Off Yardstore & Storemate, Starting $176 + $85 Metro Delivery @ Spanbilt Direct Garden Sheds


Until 30th November 2020, you'll get 25% off Yardstore & Storemate Garden Sheds. View our range online www.spanbiltdirect.com.au.

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Spanbilt Sheds Direct
Spanbilt Sheds Direct

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  • Can you do 25% off on the double carports? looking at the 2.4m high double in zinc. Missed out on the Bunnings Absco ones on special previously.

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      Don't expect an answer anytime soon…

  • Wanting to buy YardStore F62-D Garden Shed 2.1m x 0.72m x 1.8m but $85 for delivery is absurd!

    Can you do anything on delivery?

    • same, but shipping doesn't make it worth it

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    Misleading title - $176… plus $85 shipping.

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      Also, if you are not home, they will charge you $85 again to re-deliver…

      • Why they can't leave a shed I don't know. Pretty freaking hard to steal without a truck.

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    Just buy from bunnings. Less hassle.

  • Wow much more expensive than Bunnings?

    • Actually we are very competitive and offer exceptional value. But thank you for taking a look.

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    Spanbilt's pricing are generally quite competitive against other suppliers but you get what you pay for. I did a bit of shopping around before I bit the bullet and bought a YardStore S53-S Garden Shed (1.76m x 1.07m x 2.03m). It came in an expected flat pack but the instructions weren't very clear and a couple of the panels/components didn't match the manual.
    I think they packed the wrong panels and the pre-drilled holes didn't match up in certain areas.
    I was hoping it'll take my bro and I half a day but it ended taking us nearly two days including a lot of time fluffing around trying to figure things out and a bit of "DIY" to make it work (drilling more holes and forcing certain screws through). Their how to video made it look too easy.

    If I knew, I would of been happy to pay a little more to get a better designed/packed shed. It's definitely not "Ikea standard". Overall the shed works and does what it needs to do. My 2c's worth.

  • Stratco have the equivalent available everyday of the week for $199 so not much of a bargain here…Easy sheds also have around 30% off sitewide and free delivery to the nearest depot with some good prices on larger sheds.

    • Easy shed (like spanbilt) going by comments on ozb, can't ever seem to pre drill holes in the right spot. And they are not self supporting structures so you may need a pair of mates.

      The latter I understand. But why the fk these companies don't have adequate quality control to get the holes in the right spot I don't know.

  • You don't even list dimensions on the smartlocker product pages!

    • WE most certainly do - if you go to the product page and look at the tab Additional Information - it is all there :)

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