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Just wondering if any Victorians got any good ozbargain type tips for the lockdown. Surely food business will be scrambling to dump stock. Where should I go (supermarket will be chaos… squared)?


  • You can wash your bum its not the end of the world. Toilet paper is optional.

    • time to use up those odd socks you have been hoarding for years

    • Toilet paper is optional.

      or just use both sides and it lasts twice as long…

    • Use a bucket and water. Better than wiping all over πŸ˜‰

      • Do you have to do a hand-stand and get someone else to pour it over?

        • Use the left hand and pour a lot of water. You know when you're done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

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    Rise early or shop late (also depends on what you are shopping)

    Don't hoard stuff - essentials will not run out, yes you might miss your favourite brand of sausage but that will not kill you.

    Try and shop on weekdays and avoid going out on weekends.

    Be patient - this is just a phase

    Pick up a new hobby if you have spare time - read a new book or catch up (on phone) with mates

    Limit alcohol to weekends

    Spend as little as possible on bakery items

    • I've been reading Viktor Frankl's - Man's Search for Meaning during lockdown. Amazing read.

      Was on the recommended books list of Jordan Peterson.

  • Don't hoard. People panic buy simply because everyone else is buying, but it's illusory. The supply issues in VIC were short-lived, and SA will likely be even smaller. If you live alone, find ways to occupy yourself or you'll get stir crazy.

  • It's unlikely there'll be stock issues on Amazon due to one small State in lockdown.

  • It's not the end of the world, a short period of minor discomforts. Make sure to exercise and keep routine as normal as possible.

  • you're only in lockdown for 5 days or something, isn't it??

    Melbourne was in lockdown for months

    • 6 days (full) + 8 days (partial). So 14 days…. unless it goes like Victoria, then see ya after xmas.

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        I wouldn't be pre-purchasing tickets to the Adelaide Oval Test match if I were you…

        Also, think twice before renewing your AFL membership…

    • Mate this isn't a pissing contest. Yes we had a longer lock down but there's no point making their lockdown seem miniscule to ours.

      I'm certainly feeling sorry for you guys. The exercise and not being able to go out seems especially harsh. But you guys have gone hard early so it seems like you'll be able to control it earlier. Hoping for the best!

      • Only worry is that reports mentioned most cases were asymptomatic. Whether that is because of early detection or mutation remains to be seen, but I hope it’s the former.

      • They're asking for advice. Length of lockdown is a valid metric when offering advice on how to approach it.

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      At least the SA state opposition party has voiced their complete support for the ruling party. The absence of political sniping and attempts at undermining those in control will help a lot with the general population coping with the situation.

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        So they agreed that this strategy works and this led to SA going into lockdown again?

        Same in Vic, we are "supposed to be free" of virus, so then why would you let people in at risk of respreading

        • Probably more a case that they are not in power in the state government, and it is better to let those who are in power run the show rather than publicly criticise every government announcement, feeding division within the population.
          Until there is a proven vaccine widely available, there will continue to be the risk of outbreaks. How those are handled is the point.

      • Total abdication of thought then. Good job, SA opposition.

  • From a Victorian just a word of support and that you'll get through it!

    Not sure if SA has a mask mandate but regardless you should be wearing one every time you go to the shops etc etc. In VIC it's second nature now to just put on a mask before going out, in fact it's weird to see people without masks.

    Go just as the shops open or an hour before ; during this time it's way quieter (ie. less risk of transmission) and more likely to be stocked should people be panic buying.

  • 6 days is nothing. You won't even notice it.

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    Covid Tips for SA from Victorians?

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  • Stick together, watch each other's backs and follow the rules. It's a sacrifice we all pay to get a better future and it's been working. Don't hoard from the supermarkets, there's no need.

    And once you get double zeros, make sure you get some donuts! (It's tradition!)

    • Stick together

      Erm isn't this the opposite of social distancing?

    • Incest worked perfect in the past. No need to spread if you can do it all locally. It will also have a side effect of the environment will be sell damaged.

  • Covid Tips for SA from Victorians?

    Don't be jv and spam public forums…

  • I recall plenty of SA members bagging Victorians while we suffered.

    My advice to them……. Karma suckers.

    • Fair cop, I always said it was just pure luck. Humans cant quarantine for suspended time, they just can't..we are too much creatures of habbit. The whole time here people are literally standing on top of each other on escalators (every time you give the person behind you 'the stare'), trams are packed..maybe 100 kids crammed together crossing the lights when school closed. Even in hospital the nurses were constantly hugging each other between shifts etc and yep I listened to a lady enter a packed lift in the hospital saying how much better people were in SA than Vic.. So yep, suffer in our jocks!!. Covid is here to stay people, everyone will get their turn… we aren't smart enough to get through it.

        • ethnicity is irrelevant …the state you reside…irrelevant…Covid doesn't care…You got 23 pairs of chromosomes…give or take a few (yep that includes some bats), you're in trouble.

          There are no hardline 'rules' per se for a virus. It gets back to basic numbers. There are too many of the 23 chromosome variety, and nature has it's ways to balance the ledger.

          You can take just about every precaution you want, but it's too small (and questionable if you can kill something that isn't even alive).

          But yes, as I said above…to be human is to be complacent…ole mother nature is counting on it!

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            ethnicity is irrelevant

            Not really.

            Apart from the language barrier (which can be addressed), there are cultural barriers that are very hard to address, especially when there is a lack of willingness within the leaders of those communities to address these.
            There are also attitudes to authority that exacerbate the problem.

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              @jv: Or an alternate view:
              Ireland: casualised labour leads to covid spread
              US: casualised labour leads to covid spread
              UK: casualised labour leads to covid spread
              VIC: casualised labour leads to covid spread
              SA: casualised labour leads to covid spread

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                @GG57: The vast majority of the clusters have been predominately spread via family groups, not work…

                Been seeing lots of people coming/going (probably illegally) between houses, ignoring the rules, during the lockdown…

                • @jv: The Casey VIC cluster is a great example of this, not only did they breach 5km rules they were also breaching the house visits rules and all hanging out together, near 40 cases out of that alone, sadly no lessons learnt as not a single fine was handed out as Dan was scared they'd not tell them everything about where else they'd been which could have spread it further.
                  It's a fine line between not understanding the situation due to language barriers and understanding but believing you're exempt as you don't respect anyone with Authority here.
                  A few people I know have come out with (after the lockdowns) oh X and Y and I were hanging out every week during lockdown, or they'd come around as our kids were bored and wanted to play or we'd not seen each other in so long (weeks even!) but it was ok we were safe and who was gonna know, fvck them (government and everyone else isolating) we're not gonna get it…
                  If I named an ethnicity i'd be downvoted, if a drew a cartoon I'd be beheaded.

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                    as Dan was scared they'd not tell them everything about where else they'd been which could have spread it further.

                    More concerned with losing votes in marginal seats is a more likely reason…

                  • @91rs: I had those same conversations, but the people telling me what they had done were white, middle-aged, middle class, professionals.
                    Plenty of people did it; ethnicity is not the commonality.

              • @GG57: Wuhan: Casualised pangolin eating tasted so great!!

                A.A: that is why we should join a union and refuse non unionised jobs!

            • @jv: St kilda Beach just after restrictions were lifted…. Many large groups of (what appeared to be) people from "Mediterranean" countries… Greeting each other by hugging and kissing. It's their culture to greet like that and it's hard to change.

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                Greeting each other by hugging and kissing. It's their culture to greet like that and it's hard to change.

                It is, and it's the main reason the virus has been spreading so much, yet the politicians are scared to call it out…

            • @jv: Ah so you mean bogans and hillbillies.

  • Don't be a Karen.

  • Listen less to the politicians and the right-wing media prophets of doom, and more to sound medical advice, and your family and friends.
    Eat well, drink well, be well. If you have a choice, support your local small businesses, the big supermarket chains will be just fine.

    • Uncle Scomo sitting in a room full of masks yesterday…no mask.

    • No worries with ScoMo the Shonky here, same blue team. We could be exposing babies on Mount Lofty and it would be all good, same as whatever the red states do is all bad……
      I think that our lot are doing the right thing here in SA even though the last few days has been a bit of a logistical nightmare for everyone. Seems that lots of cases translates to some dead South Aussies, and we are mostly willing to put up with some inconvenience if it means someone gets to avoid dying……
      Appreciate the positive support from interstaters….πŸ‘

  • I wish adjacent states could send a rapid response teams ( like 20% of capacity ) for testing as the Federal Gov tends to act too slowly . Obviously multiple donut days testing is not so essential as the hot spot .
    Makes me sick seeing 11 hr queues when this is the biggest hotspot that can effect all of us . Yes we are Australian not State tribes .