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TLC Latex Pillows - Extra 20% off Sitewide (eg The Classic $64, The King $96) + Free Shipping


Annual Christmas sale is on again. An extra 20% off sale prices with the code SLEEPYSANTA at the checkout. With FREE shipping Australia wide. Entire site on sale.

'The Classic' Talalay latex pillow: RRP119.00. On sale at $64.00 delivered
'The Therapeutic' Talalay latex pillow: RRP139.00. On sale $72.00 delivered
'The Seniors' Talalay latex pillow: RRP119.00. On sale at $64.00 delivered
'The High & Soft' Talalay latex pillow: RRP149.00. On sale $76.00 delivered

Plus Junior, Soft, The Low Therapeutic, The King & Travel pillows, quilts & pillow protectors.
There is a Christmas gift here for everyone in your family.

There will be a TLC representative on Ozbargain for much of the day should you have any questions.

Sleep well.

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TLC Latex Pillows
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    Can confirm that SLEEPYSATAN also works

  • I put in an order during the sale last Friday. Was looking forward to enjoying my new pillow sometime this week because "FAST AND FREE DELIVERY Australia wide".

    Apart from the order confirmation email last Friday I haven't heard anything since.

    Tomorrow I was going to send an email asking what's up (???).

    • Hi Shard - you should have received 3 emails from us (and auto-generated order conf, a personally addressed order conf and then an auto-generated email with your parcel tracking number on it). Perhaps check your Junkmail?? We despatch orders the same day they are placed, so it would have been sent Friday. Send me your order number or order name and I will send you your tracking advice. You can private message me here, or email at [email protected]

      • I only received the auto-generated order conf at the time I placed the order. Checked my spam folders, nothing.

        I'll send you an email with my order number.

        • Please do. And don't stress, if you got the initial order confirmaiton email then I am 100% confident the order is on its way to you.

        • I've looked into it - and the parcel is due to arrive to your place today. Sleep well!

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            @Sp8472: Thanks for that!

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              @Shard: Just arrived. Must… resist… taking… afternoon… nap…

              • @Shard: Ha! I am a firm supporter of the afternoon nap.

  • Hi, have you removed all the double pillow packs from the sale?

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      Hi A4444 - I'm afraid we have. The reduced price of the 2 packs, plus the extra 20% off plus the cost of shipping actually runs at a $ loss for us. Sorry.

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    Darn it! I literally just placed a purchase 2 days ago! haha.

  • Hi, looking at the "Medium Therapeutic" or the "Stop Snore". Is the only difference the Stop Snore is Med/Soft whereas the Therapeutic is medium?
    Or are they a different shape? Thanks.

    • Hi Schniz2 - these 2 pillows are indeed very similar. They are the same length & height - the only difference between them is the density. 'The Therapeutic' is firmer, to provide greater therapeutic head & neck support & better alignment. 'The Stop Snore' is softer and is designed hold the head in such a position that it opens up the airways as you sleep. I do hope this explanation helps assisting your pillow choice.

      • Thanks for the quick response.
        I currently use a medium contour (cheap $50ish latex so probably not great quality) but I have found myself stealing my wife's softer contour pillow when she's not looking :P.
        I use a cpap and usually sleep on my side - find myself swapping sides all night though because my neck and shoulders aren't comfy.
        Would you say your "medium" is similar to cheaper "medium" latex pillows or a bit more soft/comfortable because its natural rubber with more air in it?
        Also looking at the pillow protectors - do they reduce the comfort/feel of the pillow or are they soft/thin?

        • I think you will feel a big difference between what you are sleeping on and our pillows. Our pillows are all natural latex (less expensive latex pillows are almost always synthetic latex) made using the Talalay process. This process does a lot of things, but its main benefit is the open cell structure. It makes for a pillow that sleeps cool and that has more & evenly distributed air bubbles. This open cell strucutre is what makes Talalay latex often describes as 'soft but supportive'. They feel soft to sleep on, but provide the head & neck support of a firmer pillow.

          Based on the advice you have shared I woould recommend 'The Stop Snore'. I think you will love it (and so will your wife :-)).

  • Hi OP

    I brought The Therapeutic pillow a while ago and loving it.

    My wife said it to soft for her. Is there any pillow bit harder then the Therapeutic?

    • Hmm, your comment makes me overthink my decision and whether to get the therapeutic instead. Worst decision maker. Ever.
      Do you find it is already softer than other "medium" contour latex pillows?

    • We do not have a contour pillow firmer than 'The Therapeutic'. Our 'The High & Firm' is certainly firmer, but it is a traditional shaped pillow.

  • It's surprisingly difficult to find unbiased information (information not provided by a pillow seller/manufacturer/sponsored article) regarding whether cotton or latex is a better material for kids' pillows. Can anyone please chime in?

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      Hi Shiny Mew - I am by no means an unbiased contributor but I did want to say that both both natural latex and cotton are organic materials, so both are a great options for a kids pillow. You really then just need to consider their comfort & support. A good, unbiased site is
      If you enter 'pillows' into their search bar there are quite a few good, unbiased articles that touch on your query. I hope this helps.

  • Will you have sales for Black Friday?

    • +1

      No we wont be having a sale for Black Friday. You can be confident that this 'extra 20% off everything plus free shipping' sale is going to be the best deal we have for 2020.

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    Just ordered a classic as the dunlopillo I bought a few years ago is already nearly worn out (so much for their 10 year guarantee). I hope I like it!

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    Bought a Therapeutic a couple of years ago and it is easily the best pillow I've ever used. Just bought a low-contour one here for my wife to try.

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      Thank for your support mickeyjuiceman - much appreciated.

  • Hi OP, when will this deal finish?

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      It has been very popular so we hve decided to extend it to 1 December.

  • Any deal on boxing day?

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      Hi Buffet Squirrel - we will not being doing a Boxing Day sale beyond what we have on sale on our website currently (eg: 'The King' 2 packs, 'The Classuc Plus' 2 packs, the MORESLEEP $10 off cart discount code, free shipping Australia wide, etc).

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