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Sony STRDN1080.CEK 7.2 CH 4K UHD AV Receiver $765.68 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Cheap deal on the Sony receiver from Amazon UK, only issue is the wait time (delivery date - Jan 21). Unsure of the warranty status and I'm 85% sure UK power output is 220v - 240v. Check it out, could be what you're looking for!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Shows $769.26 for me.

  • Need to change the plug, or use a pin adapter- voltage is a match

  • Is this a "professional" amp for guitars and instruments or can I use it for a HT system?

  • It was cheaper during Amazon Prime - $736.48 for me but this remains a very good price and who knows if/when it will become available again?

    I'll be interested to see how it performs against some of my other (Yamaha) gear but most reviews are very positive. Not sure it will have anything like the shear grunt of my old DSP-A1 though…

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQJSyAMdda0

    It's a HT receiver. The review is above ^

  • Is there any way of getting a ATMOS/DTSX 7.2.2 system for under $1,000?

    It seems like you can get 5.2.2 system easily but then massive jump over $1500 when adding two extra channels for 7.2.2

    • Nope. Not that I’ve found yet.

    • Look for second hand speakers. Usually can find premium brands for under half of retail cost. Plus most high end speakers last for ages! It's the receivers that are hard to find for a good price for Atmos / DTS-X, as most people have bought them half recently so wouldn't need to sell them. With people losing their jobs they might need to find money, so could have a chance of finding something new these days.

  • Great receiver with an annoying software bug. Doesn't play nice with non-Sony TVs. Will always revert to the amp menu when selecting one of the HDMI channels. Not a massive issue but annoying.

    • Mine does the same with my LG C8. I'm used to it now after 6 months but it's just annoying having to chose which input you want each time you turn on the damn tv!

      • Grab a harmony remote and let the remote do it for you

        • I don't thnk that would work. Or it wouldn't be easy to program. It seems you have to wait a bit before the menu comes up then you have to use the menu to actually select the input. I think that would be a pain in the butt to set up and take just as long as doing it yourself.

          • @krammis76: I don’t have any issues with my Harmony remote with my LG C7. It has a delay already preset and individual options for each input. So set your input when setting up the activity, and it works just fine.

            • @davidoh: Sorry i don't think i was clear, i connect my devices to my amp then the amp to the tv. So the issues i'm having is with changing inputs on the amp and not the tv.

              • @krammis76: Ah, I meant that my Harmony changes my inputs on the DN1080, so even though it resets the input each time it turns on, the remote switches the amp to the needed input without issue.

                It doesn’t take much effort to set up a Harmony to take care of it. It’ll wait the appropriate amount of time for the amp to be ready to take the input request, and because each input is assigned a seperate button to set it, it doesn’t need to be set to scroll through an input list.

              • @krammis76: That exactly what the harmony remote will do.

  • It's in stock now. Delivery: 2 - 7 Dec

  • I had this receiver previously and it is good for the price.

    Few things of note for potential buyer.

    Sony's Engineered EQ curve in auto calibration boosts too much deep bass (Below 30hz). If you are using subwoofer and mains are set as small than it is no issue as those frequencies are sent to sub, but if your fronts are full range and using them as large, you may want to use a different EQ. Easy fix is to use off or flat EQ.

    I found the bass auto calibration not that great, I ended up with high peak and null at certain frequency in the room. In other words, the receiver is not that great in dealing with bass standing waves. If your speakers or subwoofer goes below 40hz, it may end up being a problem as you may find yourself in a situation where you may have to turn down the sub volume due to that peak.

    Amp can get bit noisy and lose coherence at near reference level volume (That is quite loud specially in home settings). Not that anyone would listen at this level in home other than testing few demos.

    In saying that though, this unit was much better than compare to previous Denon and Marantz receiver I had been using at similar price point.

    • Setup is always hit and miss (mainly miss for optimal performance) subwoofer is the toughest one to do. Doesn't matter if it's Audyssey or any other model. Always better off manually gauging the distance and frequencies needed to where you'll be sitting.

  • Concerned re Warranty here.

    If my unit is faulty - will it need to be sent back to the UK? (at my expense!)

    Anyone have any experience with this and Sony.

  • This is now $739.95 however says usually ships within 1-2 months.