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Simplehuman Round Sensor Mirror 20cm $249 (Was $329) @ Costco (Membership Required)


This Simplehuman round sensor mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches. It comes with a large 5x magnification mirror and a 10x magnification detail mirror that magnetically attaches to the front and stores on the back. Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you'll know if your makeup is flawless.

Unlike traditional makeup vanity mirrors' bulb lighting, the long lasting LEDs won't burn out or diminish. It’s cordless, so there are no messy cords cluttering up your counterspace, and it easily recharges, with one charge lasting up to five weeks. The 5x magnification is ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face at once, while the 10x magnification is ideal for close up work like tweezing or applying eye makeup.

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  • I wanted to give a make up mirror to my GF.
    Is this one worth the money or should I go with something else?
    What does this one have that others don't?

    Yes, my knowledge in this is close to zero.. :)

    • I’m wondering how this is better as well. I’m just leaving my comment here for a reply.

    • I have this myself and is pretty good quality. Can't remember what I paid as years ago. I think it is good if you GF has a desk at the right height to use the mirror with (is slightly adjustable).
      Otherwise, there is cheaper plastic mirrors in various styles on Amazon with good reviews 'Fancii makeup mirror' (around $50ish). Some of the styles were on sale with Prime day, so possibly again on Black Friday (check lightning deals closer to the time).

    • consider this instead, still very bright and good battery life

      • looks good.
        I give for granted that you charge via usb?

      • Thanks for the link. There isn’t much information in the list regarding sensor light, charging batteries and magnifying properties. Going to Costco now, will check up. Seems to be a good gift idea for Christmas.

        • Can you please post some info when back? cheers ;)

          • @ets27: it's charge via a ac to dc charger, using those 2.5x0.7mm plug.

            it has sensor so it will turn off automatically when you walk away. You can disable this function

            the bottom have a suction cup and it definitely strong enough to hold itself on the table.

            it doesn't magnify - it is extra accessories that have magnet back and stick to the mirror. Misses find that useless.

          • @ets27: Checked at Moorabbin Costco. They didn't have any in the product category. The guys knew about it and said that it is only available online.

      • Hei mate, any chances you can buy this without being a Costco member? I had no idea you needed membership

    • I just bought a Panasonic LED mirror this month online from overseas, & it costed me about 50-60 bucks plus about 10-20 bucks postage. I did some research & would like to share.
      I feel this mirror looks good quality but doesn’t give you enough information on its specifications (from the website).
      There are a few key information missing:
      1. How many percentage it reflects the true nature light and the true colour. Usually we look for something between 95-97%. That’s the most important specification or design of this kind of mirror.
      2. How many led light bulbs it has? Usually we need 32-64. If fewer than that it means it’s overpriced. It should provide at least 950 lux (a luminous unit) to be a good make up mirror. (Point 2 is linked with Point 1)
      3. How big the mirror is? We look for the working area between 6-8 inches. 8 inch is better 6 inch if she doesn’t worry a place to put it. Similarly you may consider it’s base size, height etc in terms of space.
      4. If it’s rechargeable, how big the battery is (in mA) or how many hours it will last per charge when it’s new? We need something like 2400 mA for a 6 inch mirror at least. Don’t get too fancy about cordless. In the end it becomes wired anyway when the battery is old.
      5. Same as 4 the sensor is not the most important feature as you may trigger it when sleeping if it’s in the bedroom. & the magnify mirrors are useless. Usually we only need the 5 times mag mirror, or none. The 10x one will look horrible in it.

      • What's the link for the one you got?

        Thanks :)

        • I couldn’t find the same one from eBay (as mine was purchased from overseas with a third party posting service, like how we were buying cheap US products using ShopMate years ago, if you have heard such service).
          Anyway I found a better one on eBay (brand: Amiro), more expensive than mine but still cheaper than the Costco one. I was deciding between the Panasonic one and this one & went with the cheaper one:

          If you prefer Panasonic brand the same seller has a lower model which I think totally would be enough for a girl to put on make up (but this lower model is more expensive than my better model purchasing directly from overseas):

          (My suggestion is to to get the Amiro one as it’s current price $143.14 is quite close as the price if I’d have bought from overseas)

          • @evolutionevo: Isn't it muuuch better to get the Panasonic as it's cheaper and battery operated vs the amiro that always needs a chord?
            Anyway thanks so much!!

            • @ets27: I think you are right. If you are really keen to be cordless then go for Panasonic. The Amiro one has a better illumination (Super level LED mirror lighting, 97% similarity as daylight illuminance) comparing to Panasonic’s 90%. But please remember in the end before it totally dies it will become non-rechargeable when the battery is too old (I’d expect could happen after 2-3 years).
              Anyway I haven’t got mine so can’t really provide you enough review. Perhaps you could google around to see which brand is more reliable. I’m sure your gf will be so happy to get your gift as you have spent so much time looking for it :)

  • BTW cheaper here if you count 4.2% cashback:


  • +5 votes

    I feel like if you buy this, you should hand in your OzB membership.

    • If it's for yourself, yes.

      If it's for the wife, then I guess the 'Happy wife, happy life' applies..

    • it could send you to the moon! Your misses would look just like Marilyn