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[Switch] Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity $63 (+Shipping) @ Harvey Norman


$1 cheaper than the $64 currently listed on Amazon AU. Shipping not included though, so you'll have to check if HN stores near you have it in stock.

You could also load the listing on your phone and try your luck with price matching at nearby EB Games, JB HiFi, etc.

Looks like enough people have cancelled their orders that Amazon has now price matched. Getting it from retail stores is still probably the fastest way to get the game in your hands if your order hasn't already been shipped yet.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    • -$15 with latitude pay?

    Is this a good game?

    • Either would become the most hyped one or awesome. Either way it is a Zelda themed, you can sell it easily later if you dont like it

    • +1

      The demo was great.

    • +1

      If you enjoy the Dynasty Warriors franchise (hack and slash combat game) and you like LoZ then this should be an enjoyable title for you. There's a demo on the eShop which lets you transfer progress to the full game if you buy it.

  • +3

    If only my Amazon order wasn't in shipping stage so I could cancel it. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to get it AND pay $1 more…
    Amazon is trash lately for pre-orders.

    • I was lucky enough that my Amazon order was still in processing.

      Also no problem finding stock at the nearest HN store. None was on shelf, but one of the staff check the stock system and got a copy from out back.

    • You can cancel through the Amazon app even if it's in 'preparing for shipment' stage.

      • +1

        Nah tried that. Also tried live chat. At least they gave me $2 credit lol.

    • I checked my Amazon pre-order on Wednesday and saw their BS disclaimer of "may not ship until after the release date". After Mario 3D didn't ship until later and then took 2 weeks to get to me I cancelled. I figure I'll try my luck with C&C BF deals at JB, etc.

  • Play the demo before buying. This game is not for everyone. Framerate is really low..

    • The frame rate is better than the demo and was never "really low" to the point of being unplayable.

      • +3

        Framerate fell to single digit for certain animations in the demo. Not unplayable, but does break immersion

        • exactly.

  • +1

    price matched at JB this morning for $64each for 2 copies (bday gifts).

    Could have saved $2

  • +1

    damn it, should not have ordered from amazon… they will not ship mine out until 24th next week. i ordered that last month.

    • +1

      I submitted a cnacellation as its taking too long

    • If you open your Amazon order then go to the tracking page, is it still in the tracking processing stage or shipped? If it hasn't actually gone to the shipping stage yet, you can cancel even if the button to cancel order is gone.

      1) Go to Contact Us page
      2) Select the order
      3) Select an issue: "Payments and pricing"
      4) Select issue details: "Better price found elsewhere"
      5) Use the Phone contact option

      Got a customer service rep within a couple of minutes, order cancelled without any issues within 5 minutes all together.

      • +1

        it worked. picking up from HN tomorrow

  • Got this + Cadence of Hyrule on previous HN $50 off $150 latitude deal. Was a good day.

  • I still kept my order from Amazon. $64 - $2.91 (5% cashback) - $3 (ShopBack bonus) = ~$58.10. Not much of a saving but I don't mind waiting a few days to play it.

  • So lucky I called amazon at 10am and cancelled my order, they took the money out at 8am but wasn't shipped so cancelled, went over to JB and got the game price matched at $64… Amazon has never made this an issue before all other games game same day! Arrrg

  • Tried the demo and didn't really like it.

    • Yeah got too repetitive. Even on the hardest setting the mobs basically just stand there, 100s of mobs on screen but really the switch only has enough CPU power to give the boss a proper combat AI

  • +1

    Haha, Amazon actually price match back


    We're writing to let you know we processed your refund of $1.00 for your Order 249-5924627-35606.

    This refund is for the following item(s):

    Item: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Nintendo Switch
    Quantity: 1
    Reason for refund: Pre-order price protection
    • I got it too. Good to see the competition

  • JB Hifi price match as well with Harvey

    Canclled my amazon order and got it from there

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