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Logitech Driving Force G29 - $270.96 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


NOTE : The UK also uses 230v 50 Hz power. However, you will need a UK to AU adapter.

Also, delivery without prime is $96.40, which means this is not a great deal for non prime members.

EDIT : G920 now available with prime free delivery to aus,

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +3

    Good deal; note that Logitch recently released a newer model G923; reviews say there is almost no difference between the two

    • +2

      this is a bloody good deal. buying another one just for the sake of the cheaper price.

  • I just sold my G29 after keeping it for 2 years @ $360.

    • Sold mine for $300 :/

      • Where did you guys sell yours. I want to sell my g920 to get a g29

        • I sold it on facebook marketplace

    • So many on gumtree and ebay, you have to wonder what the hell is wrong with these wheels? The common description is "used a couple of times, near new".

      People are buying these wheels, then very quickly regretting the decision.

      Maybe it seems appealing at first, until you actually buy one and start "driving" in front of your screen!

      • +1

        Had mine for years. It's fun as hell. FPS mode, 75" TV, wheel stand and gaming chair… beautiful!!

      • You probably have to be in to driving games in the first place, not the other way around. For me I love dirt rally games and always have and I got one of these today after waiting for a deal. Can't wait to set this up!

      • +2

        I would say it’s exactly that. Just a pain to set up unless you have a dedicated spot for it. I recently some my PS VR (for a profit mind you as I bought it cheap) because it’s just too much of a pain to set up for a gaming session.

      • I bought one almost two months ago and haven't used it for weeks, just too lazy to set it up every time and take it off after. This is a lot of peoples first wheel and after getting one, they realise they don't enjoy sim racing or whatever too much. Nothing wrong with the wheel itself.

      • "Maybe it seems appealing at first, until you actually buy one and start "driving" in front of your screen!

        Pretty much. Unless you have a decent setup / full race chair they're a pain in the arse.
        Have to set it all up, clip it in, etc etc. I had mine on the side of my desk, just became a space waster and the $ to usage ratio just wasn't there. If I had more room for a race chair (sim) I definitely would have kept it.

        They're ok. (Especially at this price point). Got a mate at work who has literally spent thousands on his wheel and hydraulic pedal setup.

      • I was in the same boat. Used it legit 2 times.
        The issue being that I didn't simply have the space to setup a seat + VR + Computer in the house. Using it on a table on an ultrawide was Okish but the setup to clamp it down and then making sure it works in a Windows game was getting quite annoying.
        On top of that its really only fun when your mates have a similar setup so you can enjoy online together.
        Once I get a bigger place I'll def be getting one again.

  • +7

    Also, delivery without prime is $96.40, which means this is not a great deal for non prime members.

    Worst case scenario, pay $6.99 for a month of Prime and get free shipping.

    Out of stock in UK though, might be a wait before it actually ships despite what the AU site says.
    Pity is listed under Automotive/Car Care for some reason, which means miss out on potential cashback from CR Electronics or Personal Computing categories @ 4%.

    Shifter is $50.81 also, though not much cheaper than JB @ $59 right now.

  • +1

    Wow that's an amazing price, they've not been this cheap in the past 12 months… and half the price of the G923!

  • Harvey NotNormal selling for $500

  • Is this working with ps5?
    Thank you

    • I’ve done some research and looks like it is

    • +1

      Yes it does, I have a PS5 and G29

  • +2

    Don't need a converter as the cable from the power brick to the power plug in your wall is removable. Hit up Jaycar or similar for a new cable.

    I bought one for $429 on amazon last week :(

    • Don't need a new cable as the cable from the power brick to the power plug in your wall can be converted. Hit up Jaycar or similar for a new converter.

      • Is it just a figure 8 cable like PlayStation/Xbox etc?

        • +1

          Yes that's what I meant by new cable, any figure 8 AU plug cable will do.

    • Refund and buy this one

      • +5

        Opened and installed on a mount. You win some you lose some.

        • So instead of
          refund and buy this one
          buy this one and refund the old one

          For $158.04 I know what I would be doing …

    • What are the specs of the power brick? I've got a g29 but never plugged it in, was going to setup this weekend but realised i dont have power brick for it.

      • +2

        24 V ⎓ 1.75 A

        • Thanks Kurisa, appreciate that. Now to find the powerpack buried here somewhere (i moved about 10mo ago) or buy a new one.

      • does it not come with a compatible power brick?

    • Yeap, you just need to change the IEC-C7 cable (those printer cable type) from the wall to the power brick.

      • Is it the same one on the ps4 base and xbox one slim and ps4 slim powercable?

    • +1

      Or raid your old cable box there's usually a figure 8 cable there, or pull it out of your old cassette radio that you don't use no more.
      Or just type in "figure 8 cable au" on eBay and you'll find a cable delivered for under $8 or as cheap as $3.75 from one seller.

  • Ehhh, with that delivery you might as well goin prime and you are still saving about 40 bucks…

    • +3

      Prime can be done monthly for ~7 - saving 90 on shipping and cancel 1st month.

  • Pity it doesn't come with the shifter, that would be a real bargain

    • description says "Logitech Driving Force G29 (Race Wheel, Force Feedback Steering Wheel and Force Shifter for PS4/PS3/PC)"

      so it comes with the Force Shifter no?

      • That's very confusing indeed. I'd like to know also.

        • yeah normally these things dont come with the shifter so it's a little weird

    • According to the title it also comes with the shifter.

      • I wonder! Bought one, will wait and see. I wonder what Amazon will do if it doesn't. As you pointed out the title says it is included..

  • thanks! Great find!

  • +4

    This is not good at all. How am I gonna explain this to the missus????

    • +13

      You need to be a wheely wheely good liar.

  • +1

    Is warranty on this international?

  • +2

    Do I need this? no, did I buy this? yes….. Atleast will make a decent gift for the nephews even after all the things I already got them 😳🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bought thanks, it works with PS5.

    • +1

      Confirmed it works?

  • No love for the g920? :(

  • Do you also need to buy a racing wheel stand to mount this on? I've been told if you set it up at a normal desk your chair will keep getting pushed back when you step on the pedals. Tempted by the deal but buying a stand will push this way over my budget…

    • it can mount too a desk aslong as the desk is not too thick

      • i read this wrong but unless your pushing way to hard on the pedals you should be fine

    • +1

      I've been told if you set it up at a normal desk your chair will keep getting pushed back when you step on the pedals.

      This is a fault of your chair, not a normal desk. A chair with wheels will need to be secured. Use a brick, or play on carpet.

    • Are you talking about a desk chair on wheels? That would probably move.
      i read that people couldnt even get reach 100% braking by stomping on the pedal as hard as they could so it is possible chair might move. There is a brake mod that makes it easier apparently.

    • You'll at least need a seat without wheels.

      Brake pedal can be quite stiff out of the box and you will push yourself backwards.

      I grabbed the Next Level Racing Stand Lite which works well. Nice and sturdy and also gives you the ability to adjust pedal angle and wheel height.

  • dear local retailers please take note we want this on sale instead of once a year, ty - every ozbargainer waiting for these to go on sale

    • +3

      Bought mine through JB hifi today. They were happy to price match. Local product and local warranty =)

  • +1

    Why can't they make a quality wheel for both platforms? I like Gran Turismo and Forza (on Xbox, not PC)

    • +1

      Double the wheels, double the profits

  • Cheap

  • Cheers OP. Been waiting for a deal on this. Bought one.

  • how does this compare to older versions

    • Mate this is old model. New version came out not long ago. I have this and had the g27, I found they were pretty much the same aside from some very minor changes. The new g923 is supposed to have better pedals which is sorely lacking with the g27/g29.

  • -1

    Not supporting xbox..what a shame.

  • Thanks, been waiting for one to go on sale.

  • confirmed does not come with stick shifter as in one of the reviews he says this:

    I have this wheel set connected to a ps4 and I am totally satisfied that I made the right choice. I recommend this wheel.
    I also purchased the optional stick shifter and again it's very easy to connect and gives a totally rellistic simulation.
    I can't fault this product.

    i know this is exciting but idk if ill use it for a week or 2 and than leave it untouched for years

  • Thanks OP, bought one

  • Does anyone know of a good seat to buy along with this? Looking at Playseat Evolution but it's not cheap at over $500. Maybe there'll be some deals for Black Friday?

    • +1

      Yell out if you spot something good. I’ll do the same!

  • Amazon UK huh. Would there be warranty with this?

    • yes, if you want to post it back to UK

  • Very tempted, but the fact that it doesn't work with Xbox sucks. The new gen g923 does both. But if you are just PS and PC it's great value, but I'm considering owning both consoles this gen

    • +1

      Careful… there are two g923 models, one for xbox and one for ps4.

      • Crap, I was wrong then, thanks. In that case there really arent any affordable options that do both, makes sense to get this. Logitech website makes this a bit confusing.

    • G920 now with prime free delivery from uk,

  • +2

    welp i fomo'd in and bought it, time to download and prepare some forza games, legally ofcourse not like im gonna torrent it or anything..

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Purchased. Now that's it's 99.9% confirmed to work for PS5 I was looking at 2nd hand units for around $220, so it was a timely no brainer. At the same time I signed up for cash rewards, though I'm not sure exactly how much I'll get back.

    • Sadly not eligible for cashback on Cashrewards or ShopBack because it is listed in a 0% category, that being Video Games.

  • i just watched a video of a guy doing a drift video with this but he had a handbrake functional, does anyone know what the name is?

  • Can i use it with PC?

    • Yes

    • +7

      Really dude. Did you not read a single thing on this post before you posted this comment 😩 like not even the bold parts in the description?

  • I found a similar G920 (Xbox and PC), but it doesn't come with free shipping for Prime members. Anyone else able to get the G920 for the same price?

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