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Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition - $167.67 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Not as cheap compared to the previous deal.

Still, far more affordable when compared to local offerings ($299.00 @ Addicted To Audio).

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  • For those shopping around, put these up against the AKG K702 (open back, diffuse field), AKG K371 (closed back, Harman preferred) and Sennheiser HD6XX (mid-forward Harman/Sennheiser flat with some roll off at each end).

    Solid headphones, but the above are mid-fi, or very close to.

  • I have the standard version of these headphones. Very much enjoy them. At 167 worth every penny

    • Agreed. They fit around larger ears comfortably with no discomfort or pressure after hours of use.

  • Curious how these compare to the HD560s and HD58x? I've been eyeing the HD58x and HD6xx for a price drop, but addicted2audio says they won't even have stock until early next year…

  • I have a pair from the previous deal OP mentioned and at this price I would definitely recommend them. Very comfortable and sound quality is solid across the board. Very easy to drive, no problems plugging them straight into a phone. I did have some issues with muddy low end when plugging straight into my PC (guess my motherboard's on board sound isn't great) but was able to fix with a $10 USB sound card. I paired them up with an Antlion Modmic and use them for gaming as well as music and can't fault them. Are they as good as 6XX? No, but HD6XX are a fair bit more expensive and that's before you factor in that you'll probably want a decent DAC and amp for them as well.

    If you're looking for an entry point into the audiophile world I'd wait for a deal on HD6XX and prepare to shell out for and amp and DAC as well but if you just want a solid pair of cans for general music and/or gaming use I think these are an excellent value in this price range.

    • I'm looking to do something similar as I'm tired of cheap and awful "gaming headsets". Curious where you picked up your Mod Mic? Amazon? Did you go with the 3.5mm jack or USB option?

      • I ended up getting the 3.5mm version from Amazon since that was the cheaper option one shipping was factored in. From the reviews and demos I watched the sound quality didn't seem all that different between them and the 3.5mm is cheaper. Additionally I'm using a USB sound card that has a mic input on it anyway so it didn't make much sense to take up two USB ports when I could just use one. Overall very happy, plenty of compliments in Discord and it's nice being able to just rip it off the magnet when I don't need it rather than having it folded or coiled up like some gaming headsets I've owned in the past.

  • Can anyone confirm, if these headphones cable come with remote and mic. I know the 569 comes with one. Not sure about these.

    • These come with 2 cables, 1x 3m cable terminating in a 6.35mm plug and 1x 1.2m cable terminating in a 3.5mm plug. Both cables connect at the headphone end with a custom Sennheiser locking 2.5mm plug which can make finding replacements a little trickier than some other headsets. Neither cable has a remote or mic but there are 3rd party options available, you just need to make sure they're compatible with the aforementioned locking mechanism. A 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter is also included so you can use the longer cable with a phone or standard aux output instead of an amp.