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[Prime] Sennheiser HD599 Open Back SE $153.74 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Really great price, part of Amazon Prime day. Is the Special Edition which is black and looks better imo.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • I would rather the beige/brown ones, but $153 is a really good price on them :/ Been looking at them for the last week

  • Good deal. This is very cheap.

  • Great deal, cheers OP!

  • Fantastic price. Would have copped if it had a mic.

    • At this price, buy the razer usb mic!

    • Hey man, just buy a $15 XLR condensor desk microphone from Ebay and a $20 48v phantom power box to power it. It will sound better than literally any headset mic.

      Any good motherboard will also have good impedance to drive it and enhancements you can toggle to remove all noise so you can run high boost if you wish… Never using a headset mic or clip on again.

  • Was looking out on a deal for the ATH-R70X this sale, unfortunately looking a bit dry.

  • Nice one op

    Half the price of the retailers here

    What’s with amazon uk doing all the tech deals?

  • +2 votes

    According to rtings these seem to be very similar to the HD58X but at a much better price and availability.

    • Scored 1.7/10 for phone calls.
      That's right, they got points for phone calls even though they lack a microphone.

      Was that 17/100 for a no-duplex conversation during their test? Beware reviewers having a good day- maybe they are awarding points because they like the 70's colours?

  • mistake, yatzi

  • I have the Sennheiser 598, which I've had for about 10 years, still going strong tbh.

    Not sure if I need to buy this…..

  • That's awesome

  • at half price i don't understand why this isn't sold out.

    • Aging recommendation, now competing against the AKG K371 (even though it's a closed back) the Fidelio X2HR, and the Sennheiser HD 6XX.

      There's also the 500 series successor, the HD 560S just released, which looks set to beat every 500 headphone before it unless you want a very warm signature, though its opening price point is $319.

      It's just a really good time for audio in that $100-$300 range, and this is starting to show its age.

      • would have thought sound, literally sounds the same.

        • no bluetooth

        • I'm sure that sounded more clever and less condescending in your head.

          As research, manufacturing and consumer knowledge has advanced, something stuck in its place falls behind and seems dated. This is true in a lot of electronics, and most headphones are no exception. The HD 599 is one such thing, amongst many.

          Good dynamic driver headphones can be had for $70 these days if you know what you're looking at, so between automated assembly, as well as acoustic and materials engineering it won't be long before they're entirely mastered and you're getting the zenith of what this technology can do, and other technologies will see far more R&D (as we're now seeing with planar, ribbon and AMT drivers).

          At this price, get the AKG K371.

          • @jasswolf: wasn't meant to be condescending at all. more so how far can we improve the sound quality when most of what people are listening to is 192-256kbps off youtube or onboard audio crappy dacs.

            i just got a soundblaster g5 from an extreme music - bit of an improvement, miles over any onboard audio

            K371 is nearly double price though - though it looks miles better, did you mean the K361?

            I've still have alessandro ms1 and audiotechnica ath300s - duck taped the fake leather falling off from the ear muffs and the head piece foam has withered away lol.

            • @Gallifr3y:

              how far can we improve the sound quality when most of what people are listening to is 192-256kbps off youtube or onboard audio crappy dacs.

              Sound quality and the basic standard offerings improve over time as well, and compression improves. We're about to see big updates to Bluetooth thanks to 5.2 and LC3 compression standard, and there will be changes relating to audio and video codecs as we progress towards full AV1 adoption.

              Bandwidth improvements - both NBN/mobile and bluetooth - also afford quality increases.

              K371 is nearly double price though - though it looks miles better, did you mean the K361?

              K371 is regularly priced on Amazon at $180-$190 through deals via Amazon UK and US, but is currently sold through. If there isn't a flash sale in the next 20 hours or so that's even lower than that, expect one at around $150-$160 in November (subject to exchange rates).

              alessandro ms1

              Great pair of open backs! The HD 599 haven't held up as well against the competition, sadly.

      • Does the 560s have a better sound signature? It seems to be similar?

        • I mean it's a similar enclosure and the same 500 series basic goals: soundstage, diffuse field neutral with decent bass kick for an open back headphone, but it's an improved driver with improved technicalities leading to an improved execution of the intended signature.

          I think it's been 10 years since the 500 series has had a genuine update, so unless you were 100% on getting the HD58X, I'd be focussing on the HD 6XX or a price drop on the 560S.

          Here's a good analysis of it: https://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/headphones/measurements...

          Pay attention to the HD58X, 599, 600 and 650/6XX graphs to see the benefits: less muddy/warmth in the lower mids, better treble execution. Comes down to what you're after, but this touches at what the 600 and 660s try to do while having the aforementioned 500 series goals.

  • My regular headphones are the HD58X but I picked up a pair of these anyway. With all these mid-range headphones I could've bought a really high end pair but they're just too good to pass up, especially at this price.

    • I have both HD58x and HD599 and my preference is the HD599. It's more comfortable and has a slightly wider sound stage than the HD58x.