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G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB DDR4 3600MHz (2x16GB) CL16 (16-19-19-39) A$222.80 Delivered @ (Amazon US)

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Height: 42mm Module
Colour: Classic Black
XMP: 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready
Limited Lifetime Warranty
SPD Speed: 2133MHz
SPD Voltage: 1.20V
Tested Speed: 3600MHz
Tested Latency: 16-19-19-39
Tested Voltage: 1.35V
Multi-Channel Kit: Dual Channel Kit

G.Skill website shows this ram is not on QVL list for AMD 5000 CPU series across Gigabyte and ASRock x570, B550 motherboards.
QVL might be out of date - if anyone can advise below if they are using it in their system and what those specs are.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Maybe include the speed in the title

    • +1

      Done - thanks!

  • This isn't a deal, is it? It's just "how much they cost", yeah?

  • +2

    If you can get a set of the Crucial Ballistix for $220 or better they are worth it.
    I got a set of the 2 x 16GB mentioned in @ATangk post and they run 3800 16-18-16-16 1.35V stable with very little tweaking.

  • @Austrian Oak That g-skill kit is a pretty average b-die kit as it's only CL18 @3600.It should be at least CL16 @3600 to be a decent kit. Doesn't mean it can't o/c ok but less likely.

    Not sure why yours won't run @ XMP, unless it's not compatible with your motherboard, which would a bit strange. Usual things try resetting your BIOS to default then try XMP or check if there's a BIOS update for your motherboard.

    • Nah i was talking about the crucial ballstix kit 32gb CL16 3600. The batch i received was not Micron E-die but micron B-die and i have had all sorts of issues.

      • Ahh ok, sorry I should have read your link in that post properly. Did not know that, I assumed they were all E-die. I'm doubly thankful I got an E-die kit then.
        Sorry u got the B-die kit.

        Mine were mfg September 21-25/Week 39, 2020
        Yours also manufactured in Boise USA?
        Seems strange there doing different lines for the same kit, I assume they would need a different PCB as well.

  • This is the info from my sticks

    Purchased from this deal


  • Either I was lucky or you were unlucky as that's the exact same deal I got mine from at Amazon UK.

    Interesting to compare the chips between them.


    Manufacturer : Micron Technology
    Part Number : C9BKV (CT40A1G8SA-55M:E)
    Package : Standard Monolithic 78-ball FBGA
    Die Density / Count : 8 Gb E-die (Z11B / 19 nm) / 1 die
    Composition : 1024Mb x8 (64Mb x8 x 16 banks)
    Input Clock Frequency : 1333 MHz (0.750 ns)
    Minimum Timing Delays : 19-19-19-43-62
    Read Latencies Supported : 20T, 19T, 18T, 17T, 16T, 15T, 14T…
    Supply Voltage : 1.20 V
    XMP Certified : 1802 MHz / 16-18-18-38-58 / 1.35 V
    XMP Extreme : Not programmed
    SPD Revision : 1.1 / September 2015

    XMP Revision : 2.0 / December 2013

    As you pointed out already different chips on yours. Seems they are a newer revision, density made on 17nm process as compared to the E-die 19nm.
    I know it's always about saving money with companies but why do they have to go and F with a good thing when what they replace it with is shit.

    • I hear ya buddy, i'm furious because these were on the QVL list for my motherboard but those are for the DS-E revision not the SS-B revision.

  • Can you try for a return/refund?

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