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[eBay Plus] GIGABYTE AORUS PRO Wi-Fi B450I Mini ITX Motherboard $149.99 Delivered @ NinjaBuy eBay


Really good price for a decent B450 ITX board with free express shipping. Cheapest I've seen so far for this specific model

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  • I have the B550I version of this… Aorus pro is awesome, as are gigabyte in general.
    Sadly it’s waiting for a 5900X to make its life complete, it’s rather lonely.
    This board would pair well with the cheap and highly available
    Ryzen 3000’s

    • Was about to say how are you putting a 5900x into a b450…

      • You can do it with the bios updated or if the vendor ships it with the new bios.
        None of the new smart memory stuff for big Navi though I don’t think…

        • Yeah, when the bios gets released next year.

          • +5

            @ATangk: It’s a moot point.. none of us will have 5900/5950 until then anyway 😂

            • +1

              @Z80: You’re not paying attention. Lots
              of 5900 shipments have been dropping in aus retailers.

              • @ATangk: Oh, any links? UMART/JWC haven’t notified me yet :(

                • -1

                  @Z80: You need to watch reddit and whirlpool for more dedicated places. Or play the refresh game.

    • i have a 3600 should i pair this with this or a b550i or is it overkill (i already bought it but was about to build 2 pcs)

      thing is the b450i specs says it only supports 3600mhz ram if u OC

      Support for DDR4 3600(O.C.)/3466(O.C.)/3200(O.C.)/2933/2667/2400/2133 MHz memory module

      • This is fine. If youre not budgetting that high, you probably shouldnt be buying RAM that supports more than 3600 anyways.

        • i thought amd needed faster ram

          • +1

            @furythree: I think we forget that intel was using 2666 when the ryzen 3000's came out. 3600 IS faster ram. The FCLK is capped at 1800 so 3600 is the fastest you can use. Or rather, should use.

            • @ATangk: i just meant that i know the 5 series ryzens benefit from 3600 mhz ram

              does it apply to 3 series

              intel doesnt matter too much i know

              i have spare sticks of 3000mhz ram in my current intel system. but its too tall and was just about to drop cash on 3600mhz lpx after passing on dozens of lower speed deals

              dont tell me R5 3600 doesnt need it and i missed out for no reason lol

              i have a second build which im going to throw in a 3700x temporarily until 5800x prices come down

              • +2

                @furythree: 3600 can benefit from 3600. (Lol, thats confusing, Ryzen 3600 can use 3600Mhz)

                The 5000 series can use 3800Mhz and potentially 4000Mhz.

                • @ATangk: i guess i understand that higher ram speed is beneficial in general. but i keep reading about this sweetspot 1:1 thing with infinity fabric


                  • @furythree: I already factored that in.

                  • @furythree: Zen 2 and Zen 3 have the same memory controller. The general advice about memory is the same for both series

                  • @furythree: Remember that CAS latency matters just as much as speed. I'd be a bit sceptical of the article you linked since it doesn't seem to account for that at all, which could definitely skew their results. Gamer's nexus has an article that goes into much more detail about all this.

                    Unless you're going for a very high-end build, you could likely get better performance for the money by spending more on other components instead of splurging on extremely fast ram.

                    • @snep: so TLDR buy 3600mhz cas 16?

                      • @furythree: Pretty much

                        • @snep: crap i need to use lpx memory and the best i can find reasonably priced are 3600c18

                          is that going to be a waste of money

                          • +1

                            @furythree: While the lower the latency the better, but it's not going to give that much performance delta.

      • +1

        I have this motherboard with a 3600 and its fine. When it says that you need to overclock to get those ram speeds, all it means is that you have to enable XMP, which is a one-click process. Keep in mind that it will require a BIOS update for the 3600, which I got done by MSY, but if you have an older Ryzen CPU you'll be able to do it yourself.

        • that is good to know. not buying then since i dont have access to one

        • Keep in mind that it will require a BIOS update for the 3600, which I got done by MSY, but if you have an older Ryzen CPU you'll be able to do it yourself.

          You’ve made this claim twice in this thread without any information about how long ago you bought this motherboard. Considering the BIOS to support the 3000 series CPU’s was released back in May 2019, I highly doubt they’d still have stock from back then when they’re clearly advertising it as supporting the 3000 series.

          • +1

            @Porthos: Just received a response from the seller saying it can support the 3000 series but will need the BIOS update first. They couldn't help with this and said to seek help from a local tech.

            • +2

              @gcar304: Damn, that’s pretty dodgy of them to not make it clear that it’s old stock so needs a BIOS update. I know they’re just using the pictures from Gigabytes website in the ad but it should be front and centre that these require a BIOS update before supporting Ryzen 3000 when the ad says multiple times that they’re already supported.

  • +1

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/579446, this one already can use 5000 series CPU since Asrock just released the BIOS

    • +1

      that one is out of stock though

  • Can you guys pay on ebay rightnow? I tried both PayPal and credit card still failed

    • Apple Pay worked if that helps

    • i had this problem before, clear browser cache and cookies

        • Did you expand it? 😉

          But seriously which model? The standard asus, gigabyte, msi and asrock b450 itx boards are all listed with AC wifi.

  • What this seller like with warranty claims?

    • It's PC Byte, just a different account name, so it'll be fine with getting the usual local Australian warranty and consumer rights.

      • Hopefully they can help out with a BIOS flash.

        • I purchased my B350 board from them (two or three years back) and they did it for me. Just shoot them a message as soon as you've made the purchase (if you're buying), and of course be aware the board will come pre-opened (in order for them to flash).

          • @zrmx: Dropped them a line last night.

          • @zrmx: The eBay seller got back to me and said they don't do it.

            • @scottb721: hmmm =S

              which CPU do you have? If the motherboard isn't really old stock, it should work with most Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. Alternatively if you don't want to risk it, then probably eBay Plus returning it for free is also an option.

              • @zrmx: I don't have any CPUs that would suit. I was only buying this to try out the itx world.

                Maybe I could switch to the ASRock J4105 with its included CPU

                • @scottb721: Hmm, what case were you planning to pair the motherboard with? Also what usage scenario are you planning for the ITX build?

                  The ASRock J4105 is Atom grade hardware which will be quite underwhelming for anything other than very light PC usage.

                  • @zrmx: Didn't have a case in mind yet, or a even a use. I would probably get my son to give it a bash as his Audacity rig for his digital piano. He currently uses an old laptop.

                    I watched a good YT vid last week based on a J4105 build.

                    I do have an AMD APU mATX media centre that's a few years old that could be replaced with something smaller.

                    • +1

                      @scottb721: If you want to build a rig with integrated graphics in the end, the B450 board still has really good potential with eventually a Ryzen 2400G/3400G as ultimate option (and more if you want to use it for dedicated graphics later).

                      If the Audacity rig doesn't actually need anything powerful, pairing the B450 with an Athlon 3000G (~$85 delivered currently on Amazon US via AU, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0815JGFQ8) will be a good placeholder until something more powerful is needed (the Athlon 3000G will be 1.5-2x the performance of the J4105). The AM4 platform has heaps more upgrade option later on compare to J4105. Of course, this all depends on the spec of the laptop your son is currently using as well lol

                      • +1

                        @zrmx: Thank you very much for this input. Much appreciated.

                        The laptop - an ex-gf's old one so nothing fancy I'm sure ;-)

                        Edit - I've already been refunded but looks like the MB has sold out.

      • The seller says they're not associated with PC Byte

        • You're right, Ninja.buy is OZB Enterprise in South Australia.

  • What’s the fastest cpu you can put in this?

    • Up to an 8 core should be fine, so a 5800x (pending bios support becoming available)

      • How to update bios without a cpu?

        • You don't unfortunately but you can try asking the store to do it for you or go through the Short Term Memory Bootkit Loan via AMD but that might take ages. Much like the previous commenter , pending BIOS update from manufacturer to support 5000 series chips.

      • pretty sure these can handle a 16 core aswell considering these are packed with 50a IR3556 vrms. pretty beefy stuff for a mITX. provided there's good airflow within the case.

  • Does this support ryzen 3000 out of the box

    • It didn't for me

      • Well i hope it does support it. Says on that page it has otherwise that will be annoying.

        • It will work after a bios update, but you'll need an older Ryzen processor to install that. Might be worth asking the seller if they will do it for you.

      • How long ago was this ?

    • +1

      If you were buying this 1.5 years ago I’d be thinking it might not support Ryzen 3000 out of the box, but it has supported them since bios F40 which was released 16/05/2019.

      It would have to be incredibly old stock to not support it when their listing clearly says it does.

      • Yeah thought so thanks :D

  • How would this fair for a cyberpunk 3080 rig

    • Would be just fine along with the correct supported CPU and memory

  • So tempting to build another ITX rig lol

    • I know, I like my ATX HTPC looking case, not like I move it around or that it's on display but still so tempted

  • +4

    Just a PSA for anyone looking to a new build with this board. You can have two m.2 storage devices attached (front and back) but one has to be SATA and one nvme. Can't have both of each.

    • Super handy to know, i was checking and thought this only had 1 M.2 slot

    • I'm pretty sure you're thinking about a different motherboard, this one only has the one m.2 slot on the front.

    • +1

      I have this motherboard and can confirm it only has 1 m.2 on the front.

  • Not a fan of this eBay store though. Had RAM that needed warranty replacement and it took 3 months plus having to convince them that they can't just push me over to the manufacturer. Had to send a screenshot of ACCC's website.

    Regarding the board, if Smart Fan 5 hasn't had any updates/improvements since my Gigabyte Z270-Gaming K3, I'm not touching Gigabyte.

  • Great deal, just copped the 550i,

  • Anyone seen any deals on a lga1200 itx board?

  • Are there any CPUs that will definitely work out of the box for integrated video?
    Thinking of building a basic machine to try out this ITX stuff.

  • This board may be a good option if you want to build your own mITX NAS or appliance based on ZFS and prefer to have ECC RAM for peace of mind.

    Support for DDR4 3600(O.C.)/3466(O.C.)/3200(O.C.)/2933/2667/2400/2133 MHz memory modules
    Support for ECC Un-buffered DIMM 1Rx8/2Rx8 memory modules
    * ECC is only supported with AMD Ryzen™ and Athlon™ of PRO-series CPU.

    This board is the missing piece in my NAS with Plex build.

  • +3

    Don't need another PC but bought anyway.

    • Sell it in ozb classifieds

      • I refunded when I found out the 3200G wouldn't work.
        Gigabyte were good. Got back to me with a S/N range that would work with newer CPUs.

  • Added a Ryzen 3200G (while I can still get one), RAM and an NVMe drive. Let the fun begin,

  • +1

    Links to a scooter when u click on go to deal, ok

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