Recommend Me a Phone under $300

I know there is a poll for budget phones under $300 but I still can't come to conclusions.

I need something with minimum 4gb ram, 128gb storage, NFC, good battery life, OS and a good camera. It also needs to last for 2 years + (software and durability wise). Please suggest something definitely under $300 price point and preferably purchasable from Australia. I'm fine with grey importers but I don't want international adapters unless if the phone comes with AU plug (built-in).

Oppo A52
Oppo A72*
Nokia 5.3
Motorola Moto G9 Play
Poco X3**
Realme C3
Xiaomi Redmi phones?

*Oppo A72 can be bought cheaper than the A52 from Optus with $20 off, so $279 and then unlocked for free with the "Long-Time Customer" trick/method. It also has better camera, higher storage and a few other specifications than the A52.

**I know Poco X3 is around $350 from TobyDeals and all, and it has international plug. But I've read great reviews about it though the ads issue is putting me off. Only considering it, but if recommended, may think about it.

Thanks Guys!

EDIT: Changed 64gb to 128gb

Poll Options

  • 2
    Oppo A52
  • 1
    Oppo A72
  • 1
    Nokia 5.3
  • 5
    Motorola Moto G9 Play
  • 0
    Poco X3*
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    Realme C3
  • 4
    Xiaomi Redmi phones?
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  • Waiting on my X3 from the 11/11 sale, nothing really competes with it at the price point imo 6.67" 120hz IPS, stereo speakers, IP53, 3.5mm jack, sd card etc. All the phones you mentioned are capable midrange phones in their own rights so it comes down to what you personally consider important. The X3 ads are easily removed from the settings -

    • did you get your x3? and any reviews please?

      Does android auto work with x3

      • and does iit support 5G? the specs look so good for that price

        • Yeah got the x3 pretty happy with it so far, I moved/upgraded from an s8 so first impressions are holy crap it's a big boy. I have big hands but even for me its uncomfortable to reach my thumb to the other side of the screen so the phone is a lot more suited to 2 hand operation. The only issue I have is sometimes it doesn't automatically connect to my head unit via bluetooth but plugging in my phone for android auto works just fine never had an issue. Biggest plus so far is the battery life is insane with light usage you could easily go 2-3 days without charging it, 120hz is quite nice everything feels smoother vs my s8. Don't think there is 5G support.

  • Nokia has 2-3 years free system/ security updates

  • I had similar requirements and went with the Nokia 5.3. Happy so far! Great battery life too

  • Oppo A52, ticks the boxes, and has 2 year Aus warranty. Usually $299, but sometimes discounted to $250.

  • If you are not in a rush, wait for black Friday or Christmas and get whichever one goes on an insane sale.

  • I have the Moto G9 play. Got it with the wireless buds included for $270 at JBs. I asked the store attendant what was their best price. Best tech buy I've ever made. Came from a G5 Plus, before that an iPhone 7.

    I was amazed at the buds. I have Bose QC35ii's but they're just too hot on my head to wear in summer. The included buds are almost as good. I kid you not.

  • Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

  • g9 play is currently $239 and comes with bonus motorolla tws earbuds. only real downside is the screen resolution(720p). the oppo a52 has 1080p.

  • OP did you end up choosing a phone? Currently doing some research on these for my budget. Any reviews would be appreciated! :)

    • No I haven't unfortunately, still deciding. I've been watching a lot of Tech Spurt youtube reviews, they seem genuine. I'll let you know what I've chosen.

      • I'm on the same boat haha out of all those I'm tempted to pick one of the Oppo range.

      • OP found some links for you

        Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB/128GB US$231.33 (~A$313.16)

        OPPO A9 2020 $211.59 + Delivery($0 with Prime)

        Motorola G9 Play 64GB for $239 (Includes Moto Buds Charge)

        • Thanks for the links. I'm planning to go for a phone with 128gb storage as I was originally fine with 64gb because I was planning on using Google Photos free unlimited photo storage for my photos. But since Google is stopping the unlimited photo storage, I will be choosing a phone with 128gb. I'll let you know soon. Cheers!

          • @joelthomas: You can always get a SD card instead of compromising your phone choice haha

          • @joelthomas: You can get 128gb micro sd cards for $20 now and all those phones have the slot for it unless you plan on using dual sims.

            • @moojuice: @nshelee and @moojuice. But the thing about Micro SD cards is that it has limits on what you can put in it and speed can be much slower than built-in phone storage.

              • @joelthomas: I've run a 256gb card for probably the past 5 years, maybe more that stores all my photos, videos etc. No issue in speed in accessing/saving to the card as long as it's a high speed card (don't go too cheap), definitely quicker than loading bulk photos from the cloud when you change phones. If that's mostly what you're using it for, you won't notice the difference between inbuilt storage and SD card.

  • Slightly over budget but the Moto G9 Plus would fit the bill and I'd say is a much better option than the G9 Play…It is pre-order though so you'll likely have to pay the $4.99 delivery