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  • Rentals 1.50 for me… :(

  • A reminder that you can never buy a movie on a steaming service. You get to consume the content until Google gets bored and decides some version of YouTube will be good enough for you.

    • This. Am pretty livid I no longer have access to all the albums bought on Google music. Buyer beware

    • Playing devil's advocate: when buying movies on physical media, you were only purchasing a licence to view that copy of the content anyway, and the physical media would eventually wear out. Therefore the purchase from a streaming service, even if you eventually lose access, is indeed analogous to buying a movie on DVD or the like.

      Be satisfying to see that argument refuted.

      • personal backups if physical media are legal in some countries though so disc degredation may not be such a big issue.

      • You have the right to backup your physical media. That deals with the wearing out issue.

        You also have the right to sell your physical media, which you don't have with the digital (in the current regime).

  • Thanks OP.

    However, 90% of these are available on other streaming services. Can anyone point out any hidden gem if there's any?

  • Thanks! Been waiting for True Blood full series to go down in price.

    Was $99.99.
    Discounted to $54.99.
    Used my Google surveys earnings of $16.90.
    Only ended up paying $38.09!

  • Have to be honest, I’ve consistently had problems streaming Google movies. The movie often streams fine then starts jumping all over the place. I’ve gone back to Google movies on three separate occasions in case it was a one-off, but no, still happens. I even tried a cable connection in case it was a wifi issue, still didn’t fix it. I don’t have this issue on any other streaming service.

    • I usually just use YouTube to watch the movies I get on google, it definitely seems to work better.

      • Good to know. Might give it one more shot.

        • No problem! They don't make it very clear.

          When you're logged into your Google account on YouTube, go into the menu and click on PURCHASES (I think), all your google play movies will be in there.