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$50 iTunes Card $41.99, Sony WH-1000 XM3 $279.99, Oral B Toothbrush Heads $26.99, Bodum Glass 8 Pk $39.99 @ Costco (M'ship Req)


Pre Black Friday deals at Costco starting tomorrow. Happy shopping.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Do they limit card purchases to just 1?

    • 10 is the limit.

    • Limit of 10 per member.

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    The Bodum glasses for $39.99 are a bargain. We just bought them last week for $50- so annoyed!!

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      If you bought them from Costco, you can get the difference returned within 30 days..

      • Just make sure you don't buy online.

        I got screwed on the Nutribullet, was $140 online and in store a while back. I ordered online because lockdown.

        Few weeks later they dropped the in-store price and wouldn't let me claim the difference (despite same delivered/in store price when I bought it).

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          Buy one more and return the more expansive one?

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Already been using it for a few weeks at that point and once you factor in petrol costs wasn't worth it.

            • @Shard: Depending on how much is the difference

              • @SnoozeAndLose: Difference here was $40 from memory. They just rejected the claim when I asked.

                Didn't mention anything about "we only do it if $x difference".

                I knew they didn't do it for online because of the delivery charge factored in, but because the voucher had the same price in-store as what I paid I figured they'd honor it.

        • Just wondering why would they not let you claim the price difference? What excuse did they give?

          • @RSmith: They cited a policy of not providing difference on instore discounts if the item was purchased online.

            Didn't matter that it was the same price instore at the time.

            • @Shard: Thanks. Will keep that in mind.

  • Can the iTunes gift card be used towards buying an iPhone? Looking to buy the 12 pro max

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      Nope. iTunes gift cards are solely for the purpose of buying stuff through the App Store such as subscriptions, apps and games. Apple store gift cards are a different gift card and can be used to pay for apple hardware.

    • No.

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      In Australia not. Though in USA Apple has combined iTunes and apple store cards into one. Let’s hope it gets rolled out to wider world.

  • does costco Australia normally do black friday exclusive sales?

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      Nope but they're doing a 1 a day sale this month for their online store to promote it

      • I see thank you

  • Will they deliver the tunes gift cards. Anyone know?

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      I’m assuming you’re asking about online sales. Depends on what it says on the product page, I guess. If it’s a physical card then, yes, they’ll need to post it to you. If it’s digital delivery then they’ll just email codes to you.

  • Is anyone likely to price match Costco iTunes cards as I don’t have a membership? I doubt it.

  • Is it part of their 12 days of deals or it's black friday sales?

    • Black Friday

  • officeworks price beat?

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      nope. maybe if you find someone really new but even then they would probably know not to.

    • Probably not.

  • What do people usually buy on iTunes beside iCloud monthly fee?

    • Apps from the App Store

    • Disney+ - sign up through Apple and its on the cards.

      • Does this still work? I used iTunes cards to pay for my Disney+ memebership last year and it's due to renew this year.

  • I can recommend the French Truffles and the Ghirardelli Brownie mix. The pasta maker is a good price as well.

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