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7,000 Free Vegan Fudge Slices (40 Per Store) @ The Cheesecake Shop


Instagram post -

To celebrate World Vegan Month with our friends @peta_australia we’ll be giving away FREE Vegan Fudge Slices at all our Aussie stores next Saturday 28th of November!
We encourage vegan eaters to bring a non-vegan mate and taste some vegan fudge heaven!
Swipe up on our story to register!

T&C’s: Limit of 40 slices per store. Limit of 1 free slice per person. Strictly until stocks last. Available at all The Cheesecake Shop locations in Australia on Saturday 28th November 2020.

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    Profanity peta!

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      • -7

        Wow that was a real campaign.

        Are they morons? There's no such thing as mutual exclusivity for any food.

        Do they refuse to eat honey because they aren't goddamn bees?

        Do they refuse to eat apples?

        I bet those idiots eat candy when they aren't even diabetics

        • +12

          Yes, some vegans don't eat honey.

          Apples come from trees, not sentient beings.

          Milk involves the enslavement and suffering of sentient beings who are artificially and forcefully impregnated, repeatedly, and have their calf taken away from them each time so that we can drink the milk intended for the cow's calf.

  • +19

    Only 40 per store? I should be ok, my closest store is in a renowned bogan area

    • +4

      Bogans stay off ozbargain usually, too many words to read

    • Logan represent!

    • +16

      That's why I only inhale air from a scuba tank.

      I don't trust the quality of the free air

  • I can't see the story to register. Anyone able to send a link?

    • +2

      I don't think the story is live yet. Nothing mentioned about it in the Facebook post.

      • +1

        Weird the Instagram post says to check the story and register via that

    • -1

      Why would you register and make the staff miss out on their snack ?

    • +8

      Mushroom risotto!

      • ^ this. and i normally hate mushrooms lol

        • +4

          I once had a vegan lime and coconut cake, prob the best cake I’ve ever had in my life

  • -3

    In the spirit of posting useless and mostly unrelated drivel, I'll add to the conversation by saying I'd totally be a vegan if I were rich / a celebrity that could afford a chef.

    I don't think I can afford to be a vegan.

    I have much respect for them though, and sincerely think they are far more advanced than I am in terms of evolutionary development.

    • +21

      Legumes, rice, vegetables and most fruit aren't expensive.

      • +1

        Oreos are vegan

        • +2

          Some oreos are (the classic flavour is), not all oreo flavours are though.

    • +16

      I think it totally depends on the type of diet you want to have and how much time and effort you're willing to put into cooking and food prep. I've been vegan for a year and found that my grocery bill didnt change because instead of buying animal products I just buy a heck-tonne of fruit and veggies. If you're looking to replace a standard processed omnivore diet with vegan equivalent foods (eg. Vegan cheese, 'fake' meat, etc) then it'll definitely more expensive to eat vegan.

      • +2

        If you're looking to replace a standard processed omnivore diet with vegan equivalent foods (eg. Vegan cheese, 'fake' meat, etc) then it'll definitely more expensive to eat vegan.

        Not necessarily, if you shop at the right places. Vegan cheese can be cheaper than the real thing. And I've converted a couple of bodybuilding friends from chicken for lunch each day to vegan chicken since it's half the price with a similar nutritional profile. TVP is dirt cheap too.

        Check out Cheaper Buy Miles if you're in Melbourne. Other cities probably have similar stores with ridiculous vegan bargains.

      • +2

        Veganism isn't a diet.

    • +12

      it's cheaper to buy pulses and tofu than meat, same goes for eating out. meat's pricey

    • +1

      I used to think that but these days I'm eating less and less meat just due to the cost of meat. It's also easier to prepare beans and stuff than to muck about with cuts of meat IMO. I do use honey, butter, eggs and occasionally milk though so it's more like a semi-vegetarian diet. I do still eat meat but it's nearly always when I'm out or getting takeaway.

    • +1

      Get a book on Indian recipes. There are way too many vegan options that you can twist/tweak as per your taste.

  • +3

    is this a deal or a sentence ..hmm…

  • +2

    Yeah nah ok ill try it

  • +1

    Nice, got one down the road will have to check it out next week

  • -3

    Vegan sludge

  • -2

    Any chance this can be substituted for non Vegan…..🤣🤣

    • +8

      If you eat it with ice cream made from the breast milk of cows it will no longer be vegan.

  • Is there any indication as to how large the slice is?

  • This made me smile. Cheers OP!

  • +3

    Always happy to try something new if it's free

    • +13

      You may be shocked to know that non-vegans can also consume vegan food.

      • +12

        it even says in the blurb:

        We encourage vegan eaters to bring a non-vegan mate

        but we musn't let that fact get in the way of a good whinge

  • +28

    wow…what is it about vegan food that gets people so triggered? even when there's no preaching from militant vegans, the snowflakes still manage to have a meltdown

    • +17

      Deep down they recognise the systemic exploitation and abuse of animals is wrong, so whenever veganism is mentioned it triggers their guilty conscience and they feel the need to defend their morally reprehensible behaviour.

      I can relate - I felt that way before I went vegan. Now when I eat dinner, I don't have to worry an animal lived a life of abject despair before being slaughtered in horrific circumstances just for it.

      • +1

        What about the poor field mice that get ground up in combine harvesters?

        • +13

          I'm glad you brought up this oft-overlooked and unfortunate impact of modern harvesting practices. If it is something you truly care about, you may be interested to know that livestock are the largest consumers of crops, and thus, a vegan lifestyle is the most practical way to minimize these unfortunate crop deaths. Whereas non-vegans (carnists) are responsible for the direct and intentional enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals, crop deaths are an indirect and unintended consequence of harvesting crops in the modern era.

          • -3

            @hypebull: Tl;dr

            It's ok to overlook something against your principles if it benefits you

            • +9

              @customundo: That clearly isn't what the poster said. If you had bothered to read those three whole sentences, you would have discovered most of the crops produced in Australia are fed to livestock. So those who eat meat are even more responsible for the collateral death of wild animals in agriculture than those living a plant-based diet.

              Not only do you directly support the inhumane animal agricultural industry, but you're also responsible for the inadvertent deaths of wild animals though the production of your food's food.

              This is only going to get worse as our cattle industry increasingly adopts the American feed lot system. It takes 7kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef in this system. Why not save unfathomable suffering, negative health consequences, and serious environmental impacts by just eating the crops ourselves instead?

              • -1

                @DisabledUser130521: With record crop harvest year by year it would be a waste of grain that would have probably been dumped into a landfill. In the meantime a majority of Australian cattle remains grass fed.

                Pledging to only eat grass-fed beef is a great way to reduce animal suffering, and has a greater effectiveness than switching to a plant based diet. Also only buying free-range eggs also helps.

                Field mice can also be gassed, mauled to death by a cat, dog, or ferret. All deliberately actions of cruelty. Or the millions birds that are pumped with lead pellets each year simply because they wanted some fruit.

                One study showed that eating plants over grass fed beef would result in 18 animals suffering instead of one cow.

                I think all vegans need to consider supplementing grass fed beef to their diet to reduce the amount of deliberate animal cruelty in growing crops for human consumption.

    • +3

      I dunno, every time a vegan deal is posted people go apeshit in the comments lol.

      • +1

        They are quite the defensive lot 😅

    • +3

      Yeah idgi either. Fudge sounds pretty easy to make vegan so not sure what the deal is. At this rate, it sounds like people would get all up in arms about water being vegan too.

      And no I'm not vegan….

      • +3

        what…water is vegan?! has the world gone mad?? :D

        • It's not even plant-based.

    • +9

      It's always bogans man.

      They equate consumption of meat with some derivative national pride and sense of identity.

      And by not eating meat you are attacking their character.

      I'm not a vegan btw, I don't see why y'all shouldn't enjoy your choices and have delicious (albeit still unhealthy) options.

      • +1

        Congratulations on however it is you managed to increase your IQ by 50 points within 5 minutes between here and above via oreos.

        • +1

          Those comments don't contradict each other at all.

          PETA can and should go (profanity) itself. And starting bizarre ad campaigns about milk are just one of many stupid nonsense attacks PETA takes on regular people.

          In fact if you paid attention you'd realise they are in inline with the same ideology…that people should be allowed choice.
          But as per the typical self-masturbatory dig at people not up to your ideological standard, you can keep stealing milk off the shelves champ.

          • @Telios:

            But as per the typical self-masturbatory dig

            I didn't come when I dropped that comment but after reading your response I need to get a whole box of tissues. Thanks!

  • 40 each store surely this doesn't last past the first hr if the staff haven't had a party :)

  • +11

    Oh another day of Vegan fear. <yawn> Why do some people always have to try and take the piss? Maybe they are closet wannabe Vegans or just wannabe’s. Someone said there are no no bogans in Ozbargain because there is too much to read. But here they are. Again.

  • Do we need for registrar, I see mention of it but see no link.

  • Yes up the vegans

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up @dealbot :) I'm not vegan but a family member is lactose intolerant so this was a great freebie for him.

    FYI it's a VERY small piece of cheesecake.

  • +1

    You have to register AND there is only 40 per store anyway? I was going to go, but.. nah.

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