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Many Chinese language textbooks are intended mainly for people who study Chinese in formal classes and are based on assumptions that are appropriate primarily for such learners.

The words and phrases such textbooks introduce in early lessons are often those that help students function in a classroom setting. Such textbooks also assume that the learners’ need to learn to read and write Chinese is as pressing as their need to speak it, so they introduce oral and written skills at the same rate.

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        • -3

          As I stated above, it's easy to see what I actually mean and as I stated earlier, I didn't mean that everyone eats dogs in China.

          Strange way of showing respect, mate.

          It's fair dinkum you've taken the privilege of judging me based on one statement that's misconstrued.

          • +9

            @CocaKoala: I'd posit your phrasing needs to be a little better thought out if you wish to throw in such sensitive topics in the future. Misunderstandings can help further propagate negative stereotypes which could lead to unwanted outcomes - like someone who already has existing hate for a group of people to act out violently to someone from that group. Sometimes we forget that words on the internet can have unexpected consequences - stemmed from a simple misunderstanding.

          • +4

            @CocaKoala: Then you do know that only a very little portion of Chinese eat dogs? But you still made that comment. This IS racism. At least be a BRAVE racist.

        • +2

          Block-quote We do not appease to political correctness like a lot of other western nations, and freely speak our mind

          I heard that a lot from trump supporters

          • @AkiraSaito: Well in a way (profanity) fair enough. I hate the media constantly putting people down for not being Politically correct. It has gone too far wnd too sensitive

    • +4

      It's not racist to hate a communist regime.

      I hate China as a country because of its leadership. The Chinese people, I feel great sorrow and pity for… both here and overseas.

      There is so much potential for China to be the next world leader, but so much fear that they will instead conquer it.

      The overtures they are making are exactly what the German's did prior to World War 2. EVERYONE underestimated them, said they were getting very powerful, resource hungry, and bullying their neighbours… but would NEVER attack anyone. By God they did!

      China is not respecting international law. Not fearful of any reprisals. Not concerned with breaking trade agreements and any other promises made. They are militarising and attempting to control passages of sea that have ALWAYS been free.

      War is coming. And the stupid thing is we are providing all the resources they desire to build their machine. Education, raw materials, food. WE are feeding and growing the very machine that threatens the world, and doing it for money. Greed will be our downfall, but unlike Germany in WW2 there will be no 'superpowers' strong enough to resist them.

  • +9

    Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1 Taiwan #1

    • hope she gets another term

      • Hope she gets 100 years like Rick and Morty

        • Taiwan should make a new law, keep her until she decides to leave.

          Anyone else will just let china take over

        • yes ofcox. eat 100 years of US pork !

  • +15

    I’m half Chinese half Aussie and I’ve been on both ends for more than 15 years. Australia is great, and for god damn sure China is not perfect, but to be frank China not only hasn’t been unfairly treated but more often demonised. Reading thru the post and you can see people making non-negative comments about China are bashed and framed as a spy, nothing good or neutral about China is allowed here or you are not welcome, really? That’s what you call freedom of speech? For the goodness sake, have an open heart, try to accept or at least understand a different culture, or take all your doubts and questions with you, hunt for a bargain here and get your ass there and see for yourself, then make a comment about China like you really know what’s going on there

    • +12

      Freedom of speech only applies if you share my world views.

      • +1

        Oh that's a good line. I've been trying to articulate that point you and Mr Bear made but that hits it right on the nail.

      • It's more like

        1. Freedom to speak

        2. Freedom of speech pending context

        Then there's the true one which is

        1. Freedom of speaking without any repercussions.
    • +3

      Like I said above its the government not the people. I know some really nice Chinese people and glad to have met them. But for a government who does some really bad shit, we shouldn't have a neutral perspective on them. Ofc every country has its fair share of bad but countries such as Russia during the soviet union, China or anything like a dictatorship kill millions of their own people. We shouldn't have a neutral perspective on them for their crimes

      • +5

        I'm just curious when white people became the arbiter of what is morally correct. How many years after the genocide of our Indigenous people? Food for thought.

        • +1

          Are the invaders still around? Did your teacher teach you to invade? Human involves, not just technology, morality too.

          • +4

            @justwii: It really speaks volumes when you try to brush off the killings of the Aboriginal people as being only during the time of the "invaders". It really highlights the failure our country has at educating our children the truth about Australia's past. I implore you to at least read up a bit on it and realise the inactions of our government are more deplorable than you think.

    • +2

      It really annoys me when they keep posting the same sh*t it's real "harvesting human organs" and "Uyghur genocide" they have no idea what is really going on there.

      The Uyghur as a race has had a more than 2 million growth in its population during the last 20 years. "harvesting human organs" is just part of the human transport crime that the government is determined to fight against.

      However, if you ever speak highly of what CCP has accomplished in the last two decades, you are just brainwashed by CCP.

      That's the political correctness in Australia

      • +3

        Are you seriously trying to justify what China is doing to the Urghur people?


        It's not some baseless conspiracy theory that the western media is making up. If you honestly believe that, then I'm afraid you HAVE been brainwashed by CCP propaganda. Facts are facts.

        No question China has achieved a lot over the last few decades. But its where they are headed now that's most concerning. Their goals were seemingly confined domestically, but now its clearly global ambitions. Australia is a sovereign nation, and we are being told by China to basically shut up.. and if we don't we will punish you.

        That's NOT diplomacy. And the whole world can see that.

        • +2

          Let's not point fingers. Anyone that is old enough knows what the Australian government and other institutions did to Australians for over 60 years.

          • +2

            @whooah1979: I don't remember them putting us in concentration camps over the past 60 years. Where as China yes i have so idk what you are talking about 🤔

            • @RetroMetro: You probably have a differnet skin tone.

              • +1

                @whooah1979: You talking about the Aboriginals? Well they are treated better than those in concentration camps in China. Also we gave so much of their land back. If we were China we wouldn't have given anything back to the natives cause its all about the state.

                • +5

                  @RetroMetro: with all respect mate, the media here in Australia could be a lot more biased than you think, and to some extent, I even pity some people here as I think they are actually the ones getting brainwashed without knowing anything about it and yet feel so good and proud of the system that tricks their mind.

                  One example which I couldn't forget over years, is during the 2008 Beijing Olympic time, the local medias, and I'm talking about channel 7, channel 10, the big ones, were broadcasting scenes that a whole bunch of Chinese police bashing Tibetan protesters and making very harsh comments throughout the program like it's all so real, again and again, but I can easily tell the letters on their uniform are not even in Chinese and this video is later revealed as a footage with Nepalian police force bashing Tibetan protesters in Nepal. And there's another instance where they described an ambo as a military vehicle. Take a look this link ( http://new.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceun/eng/xw/t417811.htm ) and you will be amazed on how far the western media can go to demonise a country, or a regime, by turning black and white upside down.

                  There's not much to ask here, really, if you are only hearing stories from one side, it's probably wise to get out there and see for yourself. Nothing could be just "trusted" these days, not even the Chinese media, oh hell no, but the more you see, the more angles you will examine, the closer you will get to the truth

        • +3

          And you believe everything you see on the media is unbiased fact? Lol.

        • +2

          Of course, Australia will be told to shut up for it's trying to interfere with China's domestic politics. If China tells Australians to return their land to the natives, I don't believe Australians will remain silent and just bear with it.

    • +2

      The fact that people can be critical of each other and the government verbally online without the police breaking down your door is freedom of speech.

      In contrast with China, how can you have freedom of speech when a speech aren't allowed in the first place? For example, the Chinese authority immediately deleted online posts of the parents looking for their missing 14 year old girl, because it contains "negative energy" and makes the police look bad.

      When there is smoke, there is a fire. In the case of the Party, there's an explosion lol.

      • @Edward Snowden

  • +4

    No thank you / 不,谢谢

  • +3

    These threads are always very entertaining.

  • +6

    Just look at this Screenshot of the book, I understand this is a book that teaches Chinese (which I can't comment on), but the Chinglish translation, really? Nothing political, but I have a good reason to neg.

    • Bahahahahhaha!

      To be fair though. Perhaps literal translation?

    • +1

      that is the literal translation to help you to understand the grammar…..

  • https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1208463840138203136?s=19

    Some pretty handy phrases are translated in this video. You can learn how to apologise to the police for having the wrong opinions about them online.

    • +4

      At least he's not killed by the knee LOL

  • +3

    Whats the word for Covid ?

    • -2

      Trump Virus

  • +2

    You guys really need to refine your racism. The comments section has been dry and boring.

    • +1

      Advance Australian Racism!

      • Pretty sure Mainland Chinese are more racist than Australians. So I dunno what you're talking about.

    • +2

      I believe most of the hate is towards to the Chinese government and not the Chinese people.

      • +3

        And the Chinese people who doesn't agree with their point of view on the Chinese government

        • According to a Harvard University research, 95% of Chinese support CCP.

          • @salin: they will tell you it's brainwash

            • @AkiraSaito: The way U.S. gov did to Australia is far more worse that brainwash.

  • +1

    FMD ….. it's threads like this that make you reconsider whether OzB is really worth persisting with.

    It's about a FREE eBOOK folks, not your febrile thoughts on the goodness, or otherwise, of the political system in China.

  • In the context of the post about the mainland Chinese language, can someone tell me how to say:
    "Hail Xi Jiping!"?
    That will come in handy one day.

    • +1

      Just say "Zhong Hua Ren min gong wo guo, wan sui, wan sui".

      It's basically saying that the Communist party will live and reign for 10,000 years. Also can be read as "Hail to the Communist party"

      Like the connotation that they'll be in power for a long time (a long life span)

  • +1

    English translations in this are clearly written by someone who does not speak English as their first language.

    B: 这儿不可以停车。我在前面停吧
    zhè ér bù kě yǐ tíng chē. wǒ zài qián miàn tíng ba
    Here not permitted stop taxi. I at ahead stop car, how’s that?


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