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[Android] Free: Siren Head (Was $2.09), Animal Camp: Healing Resort (Was $1.69) @ Google Play


Two more games free for a limited time.

Siren Head (Was $2.09)

It is your turn to go into a research and weapons testing base in the Nevada desert, to carry out the investigation of the project S that is destined to the front of Afghanistan to help the American troops during the war, if the elemonto "S" is Viable and reliable the investigation will be completed, otherwise the staff will have to get rid of the "S" project, but what is about to happen is an enigma.

Animal Camp: Healing Resort (Was $1.69)

Have you dreamed of escaping from ordinary life and just go farming?
Become an owner of a resort.
Run your own resort.
Collect various animal visitors,
and make your own healing resort.

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  • Thank you.

    • You beat me with AceSpeeder by about 5 seconds.

      • I am sorry. I had great difficulty posting it anyway as I still do not really understand that alternative store thing. Normally it does it automatically and there is no problem but this time Ozbargain did not like it and I had to fiddle around to make it work.
        I can send you another freebie if you like as I cannot post another one for 5 hours.

        • Just remove the website in the alternative store and you're good to go. No need to give me any deals, thanks though :)

          • @Clear: Thanks for the info. I put the name of the developer in and it worked so I was happy with that. I will do what you advise in the future though as that will be so much easier.
            This is the same reason why I do not bother with ebay deals. Tried a few times but every times it stated it was not an approved or trusted seller so I gave up.