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KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Machine Stainless Steel KCM4212SX $59 (Was $199) Delivered @ Myer/eBay


eBay link - extra $5 off if you haven't used your monthly eBay plus $5 voucher

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Its easy to enjoy the smoother, richer and more satisfying taste of coffee grounds or tea leaves slowly steeped for 12-24 hours at home. Always on tap, the convenience of the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to enjoy your coffee, tea or beverage ritual every time.

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  • Great pick up, pressed go on it and look forward to its arrival.

  • I bought one of these a while back, can definitely recommend!

    • second this

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    extra $5 off if you haven't used your monthly eBay plus $5 voucher

    Hol up, what is this voucher you speak of? I've been a member for two years and haven't received jack.

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      click the eBay link, look just under "Add To Watchlist" you should see "Save AU $5.00 on this item [ Show me how ]" & it will give you a unique code to enter, or click buy it now, scroll down to "Gift cards, vouchers, coupons" at checkout & you should see the code their click to apply it

      • Can't see anything. Looks like I'm not eligible :(

        • if you have a eBay plus membership you should see it, contact eBay on chat to look into it

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            @RogueWolf: Yup, ill have a chat. I'm an eBay Plus member because I used the Black Friday code to buy a couple of things.

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          All ebay Plus users should receive a $5 voucher each month

            • @ATangk: Renewed on 18-12-19

              • @No Username: Pretty sure its a promo for those who used ebay plus trials.

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                  @ATangk: Just contacted EBay chat regarding my $5 off - I haven't seen anything up till now either. I signed up in August last year (I think I had subscribed, then cancelled and then subscribed again) - they credited me an $80 voucher ($10 per month- 1x $30 and 1x $50). Its worth contacting them if you're not getting it!

                  • @Milbo00: I joined in 2018…

                  • @Milbo00: I'm in the same boat as you. Just contacted eBay support and the best they would offer is a $10 credit. I mentioned your post about receiving multiple credits and they said they are limited to giving a $10 credit. Any suggestions?

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                      @rev0: I think it honestly depends on who you get…for me they counted each month as $10 credit x 8 months = $80. I don't get the math, but didn't argue!

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                        @Milbo00: Just chatted with eBay support and got $40 voucher (8 x $5). Thanks for the suggestion to contact eBay.

                  • @Milbo00: Thank you for the suggestion to contact. I signed up in Apr 2020 and got the $60 voucher via the chat. Awesome surprise since I paid the subscription due to the $50 voucher!

    • Only if you signed up in a certain period.

  • whats the difference between this and the KCM4212ASX model?

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    Mason jar and cheese cloth works just as well

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      So fancy! I just use whatever container I have laying around and my plunger… 😂

  • I got one of these as a gift last year - great product and very sturdy, well-made design.

    That said, never knew retail was $200. Definitely great value at $60!

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    whats the difference between this and the $12 Kmart jug?

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        the answer of the year

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          Child labour

      • well done mate

  • For making Iced coffee?

    • not only coffee you can make tea too.

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        For making iced tea?

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            @TechVisar: literally all you need is tea leaves and water

            • @ozbargainer666: Yes you are right mate, I won't put too much tea leaves as it gets stronger if it's in the water for long, and also it is different for individuals preference, Some like stronger tea taste, some doesn't

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        This might help for the members who is thinking to buy or not

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    That was a random purchase. Thanks OP

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      thats OZ bargain spirit

  • Just in time for Summer!

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      Super Sangria maker aswell!

      • =O

      • Maaaaaate

  • I bought the below a while back but haven't used it as I've been away from home, how would it compare to the above?

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      Size mainly. Also this one has some kind of perforated sediment trap at the bottom. It's way too big for my liking, esp as you need to brew it in the fridge, but looks kinda nice.

  • This or an Aeropress?

    • i find the aeropress to be awesome as a travel/camping companion, if i could pick one or the other it would be the aeropress. But I also already have an espresso machine at home.

    • Completely different use cases. One is small and versatile. The other looks good but would be a pain to travel with.

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    Nice OP, nice work reminding me about the 5 dollar plus voucher as well.

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    Thanks, Just bought one :D

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    It was $29 last time on eBay and KitchenAid site.

    All I hear about these is how messy and leaky they are.

    • Boooo?

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      looks like that was last month $44 with shipping , good thing about myer just take it back get refund if its crap

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      bah i hate not getting the cheapest price for something.

    • different model KCM4212ASX

    • Mine doesn't leak

    • Had ours for a few months, no leaks or mess

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    Literally just purchased a Hario Mitzudashi which is cheaper and doesn’t appear to have any potential leaking like others have suggested this one does.

    • +4

      And is plastic, holds a quarter of the grounds and isn't airtight which means your coffee smells like broccoli.

      • -2

        Doesn’t seem to be any complaints of smelling and at least my fridge won’t be an overflowing swimming pool.

      • It's glass, but yeah small capacity for sure.

      • I was really displeased with every single batch of cold brew I made with my Hario pot. Thinking about getting one of these to try.

        • +2

          The vessel doesn't really make much of a difference, if any. It's just ground beans steeped in cold water. Look at your ratios, bean quality, length of brew and water quality. Also expectations…

        • -1

          I found a T2 iced tea jug was a lot less muddy than the Hario.

          Now I have one of those Dripster models that do both immersion and drip. Happy with it, but I only do drip and the low capacity is a bit annoying.

    • +1

      I've had one of these for a few years, definitely don't have broccoli smelling coffee.

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    thanks OP i definately needed another expensive gadget, I couldn't figure out how to steep things in a jug of water overnight.

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      Someone’s having a bargain today on sass! 🤣

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      Imagine still calling people 'hipsters' in 2020.

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    well that's my christmas shopping done for family. Cheers OP

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    Perfect. Thanks OP. Amazing find.

  • And 1

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    Perfect. Got one. Will be great for summer for not just cold brew but also fruit cocktails with berries, mint, lemon etc etc.

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    Thanks!! Got one even when i have another cold brew thingy…
    And two more as Christmas gifts… hope my wife doesn't get upset w me.

  • Don't really need one (currently use a french press for cold brew), but why not!

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    Got one from the previous $44 deal, love it. The built quality is very good.

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    The eBay site has restocked.

  • What type of coffee is best for the machine?

    Bought one as a xmas present..

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      single origin, ground coarsely

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    What's a good grinder to go with this that can ground coarsely?

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    Where do I find this monthly eBay Plus Voucher? I think I only saw it in the 'My eBay Summary' section once - and then never again :(

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    As someone posted earlier, what's the difference in the end result over buying the $12 jug from Kmart, apart from saving $42-$47?
    I mean does it make better cold brew?

    I definitely never have enough fridge space, so if this thing is as big as it looks, then that is potentially another drawback.

    • Also curious.

    • Plastic strainer vs stainless steel. This thing also has a sediment catch at the bottom. It's big, so not so good for small fridge spaces.

      • Other than durability, a plastic strainer wouldn't be worse than stainless steel for cold brew, some would argue it's better. I mean you have people out there that wouldn't use a steel spoon to stir coffee, not that I personally place much merit on that.

        I have a different one to the Kmart one, but it has a mesh stainless steel part with plastic.

        As for the sediment catcher that might be useful, I use another jug for the filtered coffee and also run half of it through a paper filter to get a smoother and less gritty taste, don't want to filter out all of the oils of course.

        • Didn't suggest plastic is better or worse than steel - just pointed it out. However, from a number of reviews, it appears that the steel mesh in this strainer is actually much finer than any mesh I have seen. I have another thin cold brew device with a steel mesh and the kitchenaid version looks finer. I have trouble with most paper filters as I find they change the taste of the liquids that go through them, but that may be just my experience or lack thereof. :)

          • @bargainshooter: Which paper filters?

            I've heard the bleached ones are actually better to use for taste

            You could also try running hot water through one first, as a rinse

  • +5

    Great item and great find.

    I purchased one a few months ago and have been watching prices ever since, that's how good it is. I pulled the trigger on another two today to give away as Christmas gifts.

    For those asking what the difference is between it and 'x', I'd say a lot. The build quality is fantastic, it's easy to clean, it's convenient to pour straight from the fridge and it holds enough to last well over a week.

    I Initially hesitated when this was posted a few months ago because of ill informed comments making me feel as though it was a waste of money. I convinced myself to buy it and am glad I did, even at $100 it is still an awsome buy for big cold brew drinkers.

    • I think if you have the fridge space, it's an excellent buy.

    • How much coffee do you put in?

      • +1

        They nominate a weight on the instructions. If you follow what they recommend, it makes a great coffee.

        • cheers. :)

        • Bumpity. Mine arrived this morning all looks good. Takes about 300gb or so of ground coffee (urgh).

          Are you guys using the good stuff here or can you recommend some half decent pre-ground supermarket coffee?

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    eBay back in-stock

  • +1

    Thanks OP, there's 1 Christmas present sorted, and finally found a use for my $50 ebay plus code

  • I can't find it anymore in Ebay. Guess it's all gone, good deal though.
    Always wanted to do cold brew!

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