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[eBay Plus] AOC 27G2 27" FHD LCD LED 144hz Freesync Gaming IPS Monitor $299.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


First post, please be kind - I just stumbled across this one, lowest I have seen it since March. I grabbed two during a recent deal at $339.30 so this is a much better offer. It's received pretty good reviews and I know 1080p at 27inch isn't for everyone but for a casual gamer like myself I am pretty happy with my purchase and cant fault it. Sub $300 for a 27inch IPS @ 144hz is pretty rare for 2020.

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  • Such a good monitor, but I'm waiting on the 24" version to hopefully come down soon

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    $289 at shopping express

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      Please disregard that comment.

      It’s $289 for 24inch

  • Why this, and not the much better Dell 27" fur about $260?

    • I'm all ears man

    • That one has a VA panel tho, I bought it yesterday and was wondering should I get this one instead.

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        I bought the Dell, and its fantastic. Manufacturing quality is second to none, and the picture quality is great. Have absolutely no complaints. Bought 3 (really)

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    FHD seems too low for a 27 inch screen to me. I can see the pixels on a FHD 24 inch already.

    • I envy your eyesight. If I use higher resolution screen, I have to blow my Windows 10 display to 150%. If I enjoy 4k on a 55" TV, FHD is surely ok on 27".

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      he said it, oh he said it

      • Hey I saw on a previous thread you had issues with your xm4 from jbhifi? I have the same issues with the crackling wind noise. Couldn't figure out how to PM on here. Just wondering how your replacement pair went? I'm looking to return them for a full refund and was wondering if you had experience doing so. (My pair is about 5 months old)


    • Theres always that one kid that has to say this…

  • I got this mid pandemic for about $360 and its good all round monitor. Although i mainly use it to watch shows and for general pc use. Haven't had time to game.

  • I wouldn't buy AOC ever again.
    Cheap Chinese manufacturing.
    I got one and it had multiple dead pixels off the bat.
    I'm sticking with Dell, Asus and Samsung from now on. Never let me down.

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      Pretty sure all the brands you listed use "Cheap Chinese manufacturing". You just drew the luck of the straw with AOC :)

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    Do any Dell monitors feature a VESA mount?

    • yep

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    Need 1440p pixels are too big

    • Yeh unfortunately at this price point to get 1440 you have to sacrifice either the IPS panel or the 144hz. More than happy with my purchase and honestly unless I'm 30cm away it's unnoticeable.

  • I got one of these and they're pretty sweet (only have very minor complaints about the OSD buttons being hard to press).

    If you're on a budget, I guess you'd have to pick between 1440P / 60Hz or 1080P / 144Hz - it's personal preference.

    Having had both, I wouldn't go back to 60Hz for extra res.

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    What is this, a resolution for ants?

  • How does this compare to the economy counterpart 27G2E5? Self-confessed cheapskate, are you only paying for the additional Hz?

  • buy this or the 24g2 at around 257?

    • Personal preference I suppose? I'd pay the $42 for a bigger screen but that's just me.

    • I got the G2 for 255 from ebay and it's amazing been using it since this morning and I'm blown away about it

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        Managed to buy it for 249 at shopping express too.

  • back in stock

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