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Western Digital My Cloud 24TB EX2 Ultra 2-Bay NAS, Black $931.49 + Postage, Free with Prime @ Amazon UK via AU


Officeworks charges $889 for the 12TB version, so Amazon selling the 24TB version for 931.49, with free delivery for Prime members, seems like a good deal.

High-performance 1.3 GHz dual-core processor to help minimize lag while streaming
1GB of DDR3 memory to multitask with ease
Centralised network storage and access from anywhere
Automatic file synching across all your computers
Simplified file and folder sharing

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  • $38/TB but it does include a NAS worth about $250?
    Which brings it down to $28/TB.

    How good//fast is the NAS?
    It is 24 GB no raid?
    What happens if one of the disk dies?
    Will Plex work?

  • You could buy a pair of 12Tb drives for $300 each, and a refurb Optiplex for $200, and not only would it be cheaper - it'd be faster/have more RAM/inbuilt DisplayPort as a media server.

    • This comment appears in every nas deal…

      Not saying you're wrong but there's something nice about having a tidy all in one nas. I can't vouch for this brand and looking at those specs you have a good case argument actually. I'm onto my 3rd Synology now and will never go back however that's a completely different beast. This will still suit some.

      Back on topic, I assume it can run RAID 1 so people need to know they're getting 12tb not 24. You'd be crazy to run RAID 0 mirrorless unless you have an awesome backup already in play and won't mind when all 24tb goes down one day.

      • You'd be crazy to run RAID 0 mirrorless unless you have an awesome backup already in play

        Now I'm hoping for a Black Friday deal on 18,103,129 floppy disks (3.5 inch).

        • Me too! I have cleared out the garage in anticipation.

          Side note, I've been helping a friend learn computers for his business. He sent me a meme the other day comparing a 128GB USB to 3.5" Floppy's. I sent him back a photo of a 1TB MicroSD card. He couldn't believe it.

    • Power consumption would be the issue with a refurb Dell running 24/7

  • Amazon reviews don't look good for this unit.

  • "1GB of DDR3 memory to multitask with ease"
    What are we, 1998?

    • A good NAS can get by without much RAM but I agree 1GB is pretty lacking.

      My Synology DS1621+ has its stock 4GB RAM and before installing apps from its ecosystem (lacking on this WD unit) it's purrs along happily using just 7% memory (280MB). So 1GB should be fine if the OS has been refined for it.

  • I had an 8tb version of this year's ago, it was slow and from memory it didn't have app support, you got the basics… I ended up pulling the drives out and putting them in my Synology. It was easy to use, and is small, it was passively cooled, so noise was low, but it got hot.

  • This is not a good deal because you can find better -higher specs on similarly priced products.