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Apple Black Friday Sale - Various ($35-$210) Apple Store Gift Cards with Hardware Purchases


Apple Gift Cards with Hardware purchases for Black Friday. None of the new devices launched in the latter half of this year are included (eg M1 Macs, HomePod Mini, iPad Air 4, etc). However if you're after some of the older devices, there may be something of interest. The gift cards are specifically the Apple Store so it can only be used towards other hardware and accessories, not subscriptions/rentals/purchases from the App Store and iTunes Store.

$35 Apple Store Gift Card
Apple Watch Series 3
AirPods with Charging Case
AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
AirPods Pro

$70 Apple Store Gift Card
iPhone SE
iPhone XR
iPhone 11
iPad mini
MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch 2020 - discontinued model)
13-Inch MacBook Pro (2020, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports - discontinued model)
Apple TV HD
Apple TV 4K
Beats (Powerbeats in Black, White, Red; Solo3 in Matt Black, Rose Gold, (PRODUCT)RED Citrus Red; Powerbeats Pro in Black, Ivory, Navy, Lava Red, Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow; Studio3 in Matt Black, Midnight Black, Shadow Grey, White, Blue, Red, Defiant Black-Red; Solo Pro in Black, Ivory, Grey)

$140 Apple Store Gift Card
11-inch iPad Pro
12.9-inch iPad Pro

$210 Apple Store Gift Card
16-inch MacBook Pro
21.5-inch iMac

For Mac hardware, you're probably better off at the 10% off Sales at Good Guys/JB etc. iPhones and iPads are rarely discounted unless on clearance, so might be useful for you there. Nice $70 on the Apple TVs too (always persistent rumours of a new model just around the corner though). $140 is pretty good on the HomePod too (almost brings it down to the $299 price it was selling for earlier this year).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Was hoping the costly magic keyboard for my iPad Pro 12.9” would be among those items that would qualify for the gift card bonus, alas, it is simply not the case.

    I might opt for the JB method by purchasing those discounted gift cards in 2 days and saving approx $90 on the $590 price tag for the magic keyboard.

    Still, criminally overpriced, but it’s literally the best in class of its kind.

    • +24

      $590 for a bluetooth keyboard on a rubber flap, dear god lol.

      I love a few of my Apples but this is just daylight robbery

      • +3

        Not to justify the high price but you’re getting the Magic Keyboard confused with the Smart Keyboard Folio.

        • Do you have a link? I can't find a keyboard even half that price on the Apple site

          • @jetblack: Found it https://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MXQU2ZA/A/magic-keyboa...

            Having trouble understanding why you'd go this over just getting a laptop

            • +3

              @jetblack: It's not cheap but for people like me who have an iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard has been transformative. iOS has its restrictions but for my casual non-work use, it's far far more enjoyable to use than my personal MacBook Pro 15" (which I now don't use anymore).

              • @ozbargainsam: Well, if one needs to be transformed that much, probably iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard is a better deal than a single MacBook Air.

    • Do you have any links for those discounted giftcards? Thanks

      • +2

        coles him her cards wednesday usable at jb hifi

  • +26

    Have to laugh what Apple consider a sale

    • +2

      thats how Apple products retain their value very well

      • Except apple tv and airpod pros

    • +1

      I took the bait. I actually thought it was a genuine sale as I am after an iPhone SE 2020 and expecting to save $70.

    • +3

      Well, the catch is you need use it to buy another Apple product. Like headphones or something else in the store.
      However, $70 for buying an Apple TV4K is pretty good I would say. The bargain of this bunch. $179 effectively for a ATV 4K 32GB has never been cheaper.

      • +1

        Yeah, can confirm the ATV 4K is the only genuine deal on the list. Others had been or are currently cheaper on third party sellers.

  • +25

    Death. Taxes. Android fans hating on Apple products on OzBargain deals.

  • Is Apple Education Store entitled for this offer?

    • Wasn’t last year I believe

    • +2

      “ This offer cannot be combined with the Corporate Employee Purchase Program, or education or business loyalty pricing. ”

      • If you have access to those programs and are buying a computer, factor in that built-to-order products may see discounts on upgrades, as well as Apple Care pricing, if you go that route. Spec out the PC along with any upgrades and Apple Care you may be looking to get and compare. It's quite possibly going to be cheaper going through the education store and the discounts money in your pocket, not a gift card you need to spend on something else.

        • What is the eligibility requirement for Education pricing? Will high-school student's email address eligible? or should it be university email address (i.e. above 18 year old)? I only have high school students at home.
          Thank you.

  • Is this discount/ gift card applied to the transaction or is it for future use?

    • +2

      Future purchase. (Reading the T&Cs, t sounds like they add a gift card to your cart and deduct the value from the over all purchase…)

      If you're thinking of buying something and a related accessory, buy the thing eligible for the gift card first, then use the gift card against the accessory. For example, if you want an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, buy the iPad Pro first, then use the gift card on the Pencil…

  • Lame

  • +2

    Probably doesn’t matter a huge deal, but from memory in previous years when they run this up they discount the item by the amount of the gift card and the receipt then shows you paying for the card. Out of pocket it’s the same, but might impact tax deductions or duty claims.

    • Yep, same this time around. Might potentially affect future credit card price protection claims also… :-/

  • For the cowboys who are thinking of gaming the system, the gift card is invoiced as a separate purchase with original product discounted at said value of gc. So if you were to return the product by 30 days you’d get rrp - gc value.

  • +11

    You gottaaaa love how apple posts always triggers the android boyysss.

    • +2

      Like moths to a flame…

    • +3

      It is like their identity/life choices are somehow threatened.

      It’s nuts. With the demise of Ford vs Holden, in the future it will be over the brand of robot girlfriend.

      • I can see a new market for Ford and Holden there.

  • would gift card still issued out for student price purchase?

    • This offer cannot be combined with the Corporate Employee Purchase Program, or education or business loyalty pricing.

  • 2nd hand Apple TV HD's are selling for ~$130 + shipping locally.

    With this deal you get a brand new one with warranty and the $70 gift card brings it to $139 inc shipping + it also has one year of Apple TV+ subscription which is $95 for 12 months.

    Pretty decent if you're already in the Apple ecosystem.

    EDIT: It looks like you may be able to get the $70 applied to the time of purchase

    *I haven't done the price compare for the 4K. Having the HD unit is good if you have mobile internet because you can take it anywhere. Don't care about 4k when travelling.

    • +2

      The 4K works out at $179. I would go that if I was in the market for one. Maybe wait a few days and see if anyone does a similar deal.

  • Sounds like you can apply the gift card value to your purchase for instant discount:

    The Apple Store app, the Apple website and 133‑622: Customers who purchase an Eligible Product during the Promotion Period through the Apple Store app or the Apple website, or by calling 133‑622, may receive a discount equal to the value of the Promotional Product (depending on their purchase, as set forth below) on the price of the Eligible Product. Customers will be charged for all items in their cart, including the Promotional Product.

    Qualifying Apple Store locations: Customers who purchase an Eligible Product in a Qualifying Apple Store location during the Promotion Period (except for purchases made using carrier financing) may receive a discount equal to the value of the Promotional Product (depending on their purchase, as set forth below) on the price of the Eligible Product. Customers will be charged for all items in their cart, including the Promotional Product.

    • +5

      may receive a discount equal to the value of the Promotional Product (depending on their purchase, as set forth below) on the price of the Eligible Product

      In the past they haven't issued buyers a free gift card, instead they invoice the cost of the gift card and they discount the item by the value matching the card. I believe that is what the discount they are referring to above is. If so that means if you buy a $3500 MacBook and get a $200 gift card, your invoice would show $3300 for the Macbook and $200 for the gift card. In this case the promotional product is the $200 gift card and the eligible product is the Macbook, reduced by the matching amount.

      The implication of this over getting the gift card for free is if you are claiming a tax deduction on the product, your claim is slightly reduced since you can't claim the value of the gift card on tax.

      Also means you do end up with the gift card and would need to use it on a separate purchase, unless you have a super generous sales person.

      • I called Apple today and had confirmation that a discount would not applied to eligible products and the gift card would be provided as a promotional offer only.

    • So wait a minute, if I buy an Apple TV on the official store I get a discount card of $70 and it applies on the $249 price straight away?

      Or do I pay full price and get the Apple gift card later?

      • +1

        'Was hoping they would. When I ordered online today, they added the gift card to my order, with a message to say it will deliver to my email address later. So my payment receipt shows the normal price of the item + the gift card. When I checked my credit card balance later, they charged me two amounts, the item minus the discount, and the the gift card amount.

        • So they charged you a $179 total?

          • +1

            @AJbargains: They charged two amounts, $179 and $70. Apparently they will send me the gift card in the next 24 hours.

  • +1


  • JFYI A single Homepod can now do Dolby Atmos if you have Apple TV.

    • Interesting, but how good is one speaker really going to be for a movie?

  • +1

    don't knock Apple.

    they make your dreams come true,
    but only if you have a few thousand dollars to spare
    otherwise your dreams aren't worth 5hit lol

  • No gift card for 27 inch imacs? Only 21 inch? WTF is that about?

    • The 21 inch is outdated, the 27 inch is more current and actually a bit of an AV editing beast in the right configuration. Apple doesn’t need a bit of help selling them.

  • Re this: MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch 2020 - discontinued model). What is the price?

    I phoned the Apple - no one could tell me the price of it. They also could not tell me if they even had it in stock in the Sydney store. Was told to phone the store. I did that - the store also could not tell me the price. Also then told me they could not tell me if they even had it in stock. Told me to phone the 132 number. I said "already done that, they told me to phone you". Then told I would need to make an appointment to come into the store to find out the price. FFS!! Frustrating indeed - they want to sell something but no-one can actually tell me the price of it!

    • I am curious to know too. I am looking to buy a student laptop and I thought I will pick up one if it is at the right price. I am assuming they are pushing their Intel-based MacBook Air which is the only available MacBook Air (Retina 2020)

      • I gave up. They want to sell something but the only way they can tell me the price of the product they want to sell is have me make an appointment to come into a physical store to be told the price of something they might or might not have in stock to then actually sell to me. FFS

  • Does anyone know if the Apple store gift card be used to add credit to my apple account (e.g. to pay for my monthly icloud storage) or could I use this card to buy another Apple store card on their site to then gift myself the $70 to add to my account?

    • +1

      No it can't they are two different gift card types

  • Apple seriously has no love for Mac Mini buyers, no discount here, $30 discount in the education store.

    But JB don't sell the 16GB version, so taking into account no discount and $300 to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB, I'm beginning to think that instead of spending the extra to future proof it I'll just invest the difference and buy a whole new mac mini when 8gb proves to not be enough.

  • +1

    can u use the gift card to buy stuff from edu store?

    • also wondering this. any one have any info?

  • Cant remember what I purchased on a previous Apple sale but received a gift card that gave me a discount on HomePod.

  • Apple is price matching JB's 10% sale on macbooks. Does anyone know if these Apple gift card bonuses still apply if you price-match?

    • I think you already know the answer to that. are you buying any of the macbooks that include gift card?

      • I don't, that's why I'm asking. I'm thinking of getting the Pro 256GB which would include a $210 gift card

        • Its either price match or Gift card not both

          Pro 256GB which would include a $210 gift card

          That’s the intel model, not the one release a week or so ago

        • They don't price match on M1 models, just called. Nor giftcard, per say

  • Has anyone received their gift card from their purchase?

    • 10 minutes after my purchase. Check spam

    • I did, about 24 hours after purchase.

  • What happens if you use the gift card on a second item but return item 1 within the 14 day window?

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